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really hungry

ive been on exante since wednesday, ive been 100% everyday and i was doing lipotrim for a few days before exante and im starving!!!!!!! i dont understand why!! i spilt my shakes im drinking loads of water and im keeping myself busy but my tummy is still rumbling and the hunger pangs just wont go away"! ive never felt like this when ive done lipotrim in the past. whats wrong with me : (
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Hey I started last Wednesday too. I too split my shakes I start the day with a big bottle of water then after half hour have a half shake then another big water before next half. I hear the gumbling tummy but I'm running after a 2.5 year old and decorating so just keeping busy. I normally save my dr pepper zero for the evening with my bar but I've had a glass already as it's so warm and my tummy getting louder! I hope it's just a stage of ketosis and it passes quick xxx


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Lol it will eventually!!! I'm having a mini party with my daughter as her toys setting up the iPod dock for her anything to avoid the bad things as that is my downfall xx
right well all day ive been starving again!!!! got home from work and now im not hungry at all! its very odd. its almost like there is something in the air at work that makes me ravenous!!!! i drink loads of water and im constantly filling my pint glass!!! does anyone else have this or am i just odd? xe
I'm on day 5 now and have good bits of the day and not so good! I think ketosis has kicked in (according to the ketostix), but maybe it's still a bit early doors right now. One minute I feel great, not hungry, really positive, then the next I get the shakes and feel I need to eat. I'm hoping it'll settle to the good feelings soon. Had a sneaky weigh in this morning and had lost 8lbs after 4 days though, so I'll be sticking with it!:D
We made it weigh in tomorrow!!! Good luck! I'm just heading off to bed with a big bottle of water as I keep getting really dehydrated think it's my flat though gets sun all day from the second its up and in total I have 5 3msquare windows so sauna central. Think my little one is coming down with something too she normally sleeps all through but been up twice she's a bit warm to touch as sweating buckets. Got fans on in the bedrooms so there at right temp (probably another ear infection as she's quite prone to them)

Well nighty night from me hopefully will have good news in morning xxxx
Aww hope baba is better soon and well done for sticking it out good luck for weigh in xxx

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