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  1. nikki_k

    nikki_k Full Member

    Hi all, I would really appreciate some help/advice to getting on track with losing weight, I really need to find some motivation from somewhere or how I can change my way of thinking about food, dieting etc.....I seem to have got stuck in a rut, eating too much, drinking too much and my weight is getting out of control, I have always been on the dieting yoyo but am at my heaviest ever just now and have a serious lack of motivation.

    My big brother was killed nearly 6 months ago and I am annoyed with myself that why can't I use that to give myself a kick up the arse to do something to sort out my weight, feel really annoyed with myself.

    Thanks for reading and any advice would be very gratefully received xx
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  3. Claire Taylor

    Claire Taylor New Member

    Hi there, so sorry to hear about the loss of your brother! It seems to me that you are going through a tough time atm, you are still grieving, so is completely understandable that you are resulting in comfort eating. When we experience a loss in our family, our weight loss goes right out the window, and is the last thing on our minds. So really, no one can tell you what you should/shouldn't be doing, because you will continue with your weight loss when you feel you are ready to focus again. If you feel you are ready now, then just take things slow, start from the beginning again, retrain your mind in to thinking about what healthy choices you can make, plan your meals ahead, take it each half a stone at a time. And still have the odd treat every now and then! If you feel ready, you can do it, take the first step to feeling good again! :) x
  4. nikki_k

    nikki_k Full Member

    Thanks Claire, I really do need to start doing something about the weight as it is also making me miserable. You have done so well! I'm thinking of doing slimming world too as I found it one of the best in the past. x

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