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Really not feeling well today :(

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I was very lucky to avoid all the bad side effects of LT even in the early days.

I`m just into week 3 and not doing anything different, But every time I stand up my head spins and I feel like I`m going to pass out :(

Even just sitting here I feel really flaky :(

How long does this tend to last before it passes? (presuming it`s down to the LT?).

Sorry for the whingy post :( I just feel SO rubbish! :(

Hope everyone else is having a great day

LiSe Xxxx
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Awww bless ya Lise... <<<hugzzzz>>> x

The only thing I can suggest is some pampering you time... have a long soak & an early night & hopefully you'll feel better & more energised tomorrow x
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I'm sorry to hear that. I get those sorts of spells on & off - yesterday I got up went into the bathroom & fell into the wall, so went back to bed for a bit & felt fine when I got up again.

The water generally helps ease this a bit & a shake. Other than that, I can't advise much apart from making sure you stand up slowly/don't do too much until you feel better. It does go though, so I wouldn't worry too much :)

Hope you feel better soon!



Life is not a Rehersal!
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Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit flaky....the dizzy spells are part and parcel with LT although I know I used to get it more when I got out of bed, or if I did something like digging, etc...just went really faint and hot and sweaty.

It is all to do with blood sugars so I think it will happen as you continue with LT, but not sure whether it should make you feel the way you feel....sure you are not coming down with something as well????

Just ensure you are not dehydrated, as this can cause you to feel a bit iffy as well.

But, most importantly, be kind to yourself tonight......just relax and dont do anything that doesnt need doing.....I wouldnt have a hot bath though...esp if you are feeling dizzy...maybe just sit and do nothing and relax.....

Hope you feel much better soon..you are doing so well as well!

Take care


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yes I had 'wobbly' times. Take it easy, drink lots and if it doesn't ease off get your blood pressure checked out
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I often feel light-headed when I get up too quickly coz I have low BP. Try not to overdo things and always get up slowly. Look after yourself and if you feel worried at any time see your GP.

Take care.



Positivity is the key
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Hi Lise,
hope you are feeling better tonight, hope the dizziness passes. Take the advice offered and speak to your doctor or chemist to put your mind at ease if you need to. Wishing you all the best.


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Hope you feel better, but it does pass, side effect im afraid, just take it easy x


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aw sorry to hear you're feeling rubbish! also pleased to hear that this passes - although i think it varies for some people - last time i did it i had the dizzy spells al the way to the end - but you learn to manage them, if you're laying down, sit up first then get up and you stop jumping up from anything.

also i get incredibly dizzy and sick and hot & sweaty when i do yoga but i've found that i recover if i just lean on the wall for a minute or two.

hope it passes for you, but it doesnt for me so it may not.

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Hope you feel better, I haven't experienced the dizzy spells yet, I hope I haven't got them to come, as I need to be alert in my job.


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There does seem to be a common theme of week 3 being a bit tricky for many on LT.

Hope you're feeling better today - the dizzy spells may stay with you, i get them.

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