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Reckon i'll be disappointed

On Day 10 today and see my CDC tonight. My goal was to lose around 9lbs, but my own scales show nothing like that. After a day of H2O and my 3 sachets, there is no way i shall be any lighter tonight.
Really disappointed by the small loss. My skirt is looser but i am expecting too much.
Have really been good, but not easy is it???:cry:
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They only say that you will loose 1stone on average per 4 weeks... so as long as you are above 3lb a week, then you shouldn't be disappointed.. and remember, that it wont be the same loss each week, it will even itself out. good luck!
Nibbles, I know some of us lose a lot in our first week, but remember most of that IS water!
Don't punish yourself, just relax and enjoy being in control. Like others have said around this forum, this diet HAS to work! So if you are doing the plan you will lose too.
Even though I had been weighing myself over the last few days and expected a drop, I was terrified about standing on the scales this morning!
And as scrittenden said, it's the average monthly weightloss that matters. This week could have just fallen on your normal water retaining part of the month so if you have a smaller loss, then look forward to what you'll get next week!
WE CAN ALL do this xxx
Please dont be disheartened. I lost only 2lb last week and couldnt understand why and then this week Ive lost 4lb so it does alter. It will catch up though. Stick with it! x

Shall carry on:wave_cry: Haven't given up yet.
Hi Nibbles on this diet you are guarnateed to lose the weight, the only thing we dont know for sure is how much each week. Have my fingers X for you, good luck tonight, let us know how you do :0)
Please dont be disheartened. I lost only 2lb last week and couldnt understand why and then this week Ive lost 4lb so it does alter. It will catch up though. Stick with it! x
We're pretty much after the same weight loss. And similar starting point, apart form the fact that i am only on day 9. Well done for you success so far and kind words.:happy096:


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Nibbles, your skirt is looser! Woo hoo!!!!
Keep going, you maybe losing inches rather than specific weight this week. Don't lose heart, any loss is loss. Don't ruin it. You can do this, one day at a time. Step by step, you'll look and feel fantastic!

You've done the right thing, instead of getting out a mars bar thinking sod it, you've been open and honest on here and just look what its generated! All this support!

Good luck girl!xxxx
Dont feel down. if your skirt is already loose then you are changing shape and also you dont know exactly what the scales are going to say yet. My scales at home are a lot different to my cdc's however unfortunatley mine say I have lost more than hers do lol! And as all the others have said every week is different so keep going you are doing great x
Well !! Went to my CDC tonight and i have lost 7 lbs in my first 9 days.
So i am actually quite happy now.

It might actually be a pound or two more, because i spent 10 days in Spain eating and drinking to excess, in preparation for CD and didn't actually re-weigh myself on my return from hols. Couldn't face my weight plus the holiday gain. LOL.
I posponed starting CD until after my return home.
I should have weighed myself on Day One of CD and not taken the weight from mid August, when i had my first CDC meeting.

Here's to the next 7 days. Think i can do it now!!!!
well done nibbles! im chuffed 4 you and good luck 4 next week.xx
Thanks again.
7lbs less
Here's to the next week for all of us.
Hope to rid of another 5lbs by next Friday weigh-in.
Well to you give you some inspiration I'm now fitting into size 12 jeans - its been years since Ive been that size, always a 14/16!! Keep me posted how you are getting on. LOL Sxxx
hi nibbles im on day 10 too & we have roughly about the same weight goals i only lost 3lb on my first weigh in... keep at it hon.. i posted a thread called "a weigh in wonder?? "explaining what happened to me maybe that will help.. good luck xx

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