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red day lunches....


Now to maintain.....
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RED DAY HELP!!! LUNCHES!!!! those of you who do or have done red.....what do you have for lunch???? i dont want to use my a's and b's as i know where i want to use them!!!
i had the iceland beef and gravy for lunch today with a platefull of veg but i donrt think i should have that two days running??? tea tonight was mix...ed grill(bacon medallions,sausages,steak) and salad....tomorrow i have planned chicken cacciatore from last mag for tea but stuck for lunch.
red days arent natural to me.......please help!!!
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well my lunch today was ee but would have been fine for red day, i had some chicken, 3 hard boiled eggs and lots of salad and 50g of reduced fat coleslaw 2syns and it was yum
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I think that it would be some form of meat with some vegetables. Perhaps chicken with roasted vegetables, or an assortment of meats, again with vegetables or salad.
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I love the slimming world quiche for lunch. You can pput anything in it that's free on a red- I usually put diced bacon, leek, onion, tomato, spinach and peppers in mine. Mix all that with x2/3 eggs and a pot of very low fat cottage cheese. Top with HB cheese (optional) and bake in oven until set.
Alternatively if you don't like cottage cheese, just turn it into an omlette!

V.filling, syn free and tastes gorgeous!
I have discovered some bbq chicken pieces at tesco - really nice heated up with salad and have 1/2 syn per pack.

The chinese mini fillet breasts are nice (but smell the office out) and have no syns.
No reason why you can't have the beef two days running if that is what you fancy.

I tend to have "neutral" lunches and decide at dinner time what sort of day it is going to be. I have eggs or cheese, and salad or a vegetable soup in the winter.

Today I had a salad of shredded lettuce, sliced cucumber, sliced peppers, small tomatoes, 2 chopped hard boiled eggs, a tiny amount of olive oil (synned) and some grated cheese on the top. It was very filling!


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I usually have chicken and cottage cheese with huge mixed salad.
for afters mixed fruit and yogurt - fills me up all the time..


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If you have the chance, have a look at my Food diary. I have 5 days Red and now 2 days EE a week.


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Im having a tuna pate on ryvita, if I dont want to use HEx , I use melba toast 1/2 syn per slice
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I usually go for something like a ham and egg salad, or chicken and salad as I don't feel the need for carbs with salady stuff. If its cold I always have huge pans of veggie soup going that I freeze in to portions too.


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What about:
Chicken Ceaser Salad
Prawn Cocktail
Salmon with Salad
Steak with Onions and Peppers
Prawn and Courgette Curry (in recipes section)
Kebabs and Coleslaw
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have you got a microwave? i often take homemade curry or bolognese or chilli, warm it up, and then have a bag of grated carrot to put it on instead of rice or pasta, it works really well! x

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