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Redcurrants/blackcurrants ...

Seeing as I got caught out last week with the whole rhubarb thing (I dint know it counted as a syn once it was cooked - which is a bit daft as what else do u do with it) - anyway, I am assuming it was a syn cos it was a 'mushy' fruit, if that makes sense, as opposed to a hard, crisp fruit..?? The other day, I bought a frozen container from Iceland of raspberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants, I let 'em all defrost and stuck 'em in the fridge - they taste great and I have 'em with either Muller or Total 0% Greek Yogurt - they do give off a lotta juice so now I'm wondering if I screwed up there too??? Is it just the 'freshly picked' kinda b + r currants that are free????? Plse let me know asap cos the pot is winking at me to eat it and I wanna save any syns for red wine... (hic)...
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Nah i think the juice is just water hun so dont worry, but instead of posting new threads ask the question on your previous thread.....saves you time and stop the front page becoming overloaded.
Well done on your 2lb loss you must be well pleased....i on the other hand ended up putting 2 on! ive got my star week coming up so it explains alot !

Hope your enjoying the diet and keep up the good work

Ruthy xxxx;)
Ah no worries!!! we've all done it, hope i didnt offend ya.
Ruthy xxx
Yes i loves it and everyone is gr8 esp if you need advice and some motivation.
So you finding the diet ok?
Yes I do, itz like a miracle as I'm sure we've all thought - but I do miss dipping my finger in a jar of crunchy peanut butter, sitting down to watch tv with a bag of Nobbys nuts and gettin ratted at the pub ... need I say more...? But, as 'diets'/'food optimising' goes - u can't beat this ... and we have the bonus of knowing that itz doin us sum gud .... BTW:- butternut phallic squash: free on red and green hun??? xxx
Yes its free
Ruthy xxx