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Red's Hearty Diary

Red Heart

Back on the Dukan wagon!
Hello All,
Well after 4 weeks on Dukan I have decided to take the plunge and start a diary thread.
I hope it won't be too boring and someone will read it! :eek:

Yesterday was my first real test since starting the diet as we were meeting my Mum and step-dad and having lunch out. As they are away camping at the moment the area was not known to any of us so it was pot luck with regards where to eat.
We chose a local pub and I did consider the Sunday Roast - they had lamb, pork or beef - but in the end settled for a chicken and bacon salad. The salad was supposed to be dressed with a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing but I asked for this on the side (although I didn't have any of it!). I know the bacon isn't strictly Dukan but I cut off all the fat and it was the most Dukan friendly dish they had. I was so glad I hadn't got my heart set on a roast as they ran out of beef after we had ordered so I'd have not been able to eat pork or lamb anyway.

Anyway, I really enjoyed my meal but an hour later I got a stomach ache and had the most dreadful squits!
It was not fun having to use a public toilet on a campsite, I can tell you! I pitied the poor ladies in the other cubicles! :eek: TMI, I know but it was terrible. I've no idea what caused it as I hadn't had a fatty meal.
TBH I used to have diarrohea twice a week before Dukan so twice in a month isn't bad.

Later they all had Cornettos or Magnums so I bought a can of diet Pepsi so I could sip on that. What surprised me the most was that I didn't even feel deprived.

I was hoping my Mum would notice the weight loss but she didn't but then nobody has just yet.
Here's hoping it won't be too long.

Red xx

PS I promise my next post won't be toilet related!!! :rolleyes: :D
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I like a toilet related post :) Makes me feel less alone. Well done on the meal though. I hate the fuss of trying to ensure I eat Dukan and have only done it once out (Nando's by recommendation). Next meal out will be a gala meal so I don't want to waste it.

Your mum probably noticed something different but can't quite put her finger on it. How long to you next see them?


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Glad you have a diary now! :)

You did so well yesterday! Fantastic! Pity about the dodgy tummy though :(

I have to lose a very signigicant amount of weight for my family to make any comment now - which is a good thing really as that goes the other way, too! Still no comment and I am 21 lbs down. My friends started noticing after about 10lbs though but I guess they see me more often.
Your honesty made me giggle, we have a caravan but I can't use the toilets on site as couldn't bear to be heard ;)
hope you tum is feeling better and well done for making such wise choices

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Red Heart

Back on the Dukan wagon!
Afternoon All! :)
Thank you for responding to my post - at least I'm not talking to myself! :eek:

Well, yesterday was Test 2 (Test 1 being the meal out on Sunday).
I went to the cinema with friends.
Now usually I have a regular bag of sweet popcorn and take my own diet Pepsi (concealed in my bag!).
I knew I'd not be able to have the popcorn so instead opted for a large Diet Pepsi which I bought from the cinema. It felt more of a treat having it with ice than if I had taken my own! :eek:
The smell of the popcorn was devine but surprisingly I didn't crave it! :eek: I truly thought I would miss it but I was happy sipping my Pepsi through the film.
Oh just one downside... I had to go to the loo during the film so missed some of it. Never had to do that before, but I suppose it's a small price to pay. :rolleyes:

I started my diet on 13th June, so as it's a month in I thought I'd measure myself again for the first time since I started.
I have to nip upstairs and get my list of measurements so I'll post them soon...


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You have done well to resist your tests :) Feels good to be able to do it. I think my worst cravings were to do with the totm.
Well done you :) I have my first test this sunday when going to a birthday party but I will pass!! Oh the confidence lol but I want to lose weight more than giving in to naughty food!!
It will be my first pv day so hopefully make it easier to have salad and meat :)
Hope the inches lost are good xx

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Red Heart

Back on the Dukan wagon!
Sorry, I didn't expect to be gone so long, but the 'phone rang!

Well so far I've lost 13lbs (as per last weigh in on Sat) and I've lost 12 inches in total.
I'm really pleased with that.
I won't bore you with a complete breakdown of how much and where from but, in summary, I lost 2.5 inches from my waist and 1.5 inches from my hips! BUT the biggest surprise was that I've lost 2 inches off each thigh! :eek:
I am a typical pear shape so I am thrilled to lose from there. I have not missed a single day walking since starting this diet and I am so pleased it has paid off. :D

Oh and I fitted in a skirt today that I cannot remember wearing for at least a year as it was too tight.
Hope someone notices soon... ;)


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Excellent, have you found the cellulite (assuming you had some) improve? He says in his book about it but I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes!

Red Heart

Back on the Dukan wagon!
Poppy, I'm a pear shape so I've lots of cellulite! :cry: I *think* it may have improved a little, but there is still a long way to go. :(

Well, I had my weigh in this morning :scale: and I am finally in the 10 stones! :) I've lost 2.4lbs so I'm pleased with that, as Dr D says 2lbs a week so I'm still on target.
I'm still doing my 30 mins brisk walk per day, some days more. Yesterday I had to wait for a break in the rain and then go for it and luckily I timed it well!
I think I may dust off my legmaster today and start using that too.
Have a great Dukan Day everyone xx :heartpump:
hi, I am starting attack for a couple of days. I did 5 days of attack at begining of June and lost 5 lbs. Went on to cruise but missed fruit so much didn't keep it up so have been really a bit stuck. Lost 1 lb in weeks. :cry:

Sooo, back to attack and see how it goes.

Have to admit I very stupidly did not have the book and did not have the bran!! Got v constipated unsurprisingly!!

You are doing so well!!

Red Heart

Back on the Dukan wagon!
TOM due this week and yesterday I was craving BIG time!!! It was the hardest day so far. I wanted choc, crisps and cheese BUT I resisted! I knew that if I got the taste, I wouldn't stop at 1 bar, 1 packet, 1 chunk and I thought about the 15lbs I've already lost. TBH in the past on other diets, I've got as far as the fridge/cupboard but I didn't even attempt to go near the goodies.
I'm feeling quite proud of myself even if I do say so myself! :angel09:

Have a good day everyone.
Red :heartpump: xx
well done on resisting temptation, wish I could say the same:sigh:Yesterday due to my totm cravings I succumbed to a slice of banoffee pie:eek: We don't usually have that kind of food in the house anymore but it was my sons birthday treat. I need to be really strict now as I'm supposed to be reaching my goal on Monday and still have 3lbs to go


** Chief WITCH **
Well done RH on resisting. Some ladies prepare special Dukan desserts for these awkward times of the month so that at least any sweet cravings can be met within the diet.

Louschu! hmm! You don't do things by half! Good luck on getting back in the saddle!


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Well done Red Heart. I had my worst cravings yesterday and despite my favourite cake sat on the counter, staring at me, I managed to not devour it. Gave a slice to the 3 year old and got it back by cuddles :)

Do you find it is just the one day of cravings?

Red Heart

Back on the Dukan wagon!
Thanks everyone. :)
Today had been better but still craving more than usual.
Yesterday I had SF jelly which helped.
I usually have a max of 1 glass of Diet Pepsi a day (actually usually just maybe 3 or 4 glasses per week) but whilst I have these cravings I am having 2 glasses of day if needed. I know it's not ideal but if it gets me through without cheating then I shall do it.
What IS keeping me on the straight and narrow is that if I stick to this diet I should reach goal at the start of November so should be on Conso at Christmas but if I deviate then I may still be on Cruise at Christmas which I really don't want, as I want my Gala Meal to be my Christmas dinner! :eek:

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