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Redsters 1st day on SW

I joined SW last night and it is taking me a while to get my head around the diet as I am so use to ww points. Can someone have a look at my day and tell me if its ok?

Breakfast - melon & 2 mullerlight yoghurts
Lunch - pasta with tomato sauce (made from aubergines, onions, mushrooms, passata)
Dinner - Rice & chicken breast with soy sauce
Dessert - Raspberries & Strawberries with homemade syn free ice cream
Snack - banana

I feel so full but I am conscious that I have not had my heathly A or B yet.
also I bought tesco healthy option fat free, fromage frais, natural yoghurt. Are these the ones that you all buy? If I dont eat my syns will I lose weight faster?

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