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Refeeding early....


Says it as it is!!!
:DI have decided i am starting refeeding tomorrow!
I have reached and gone below (just) my original goal of 9st 6 and we are off camping on thursday... tbh i could do with the social side of having a couple of drinks on the friday & sat evenings. While there i will be sticking to low carb, but enough carb to wack me out of ketosis first (won't be hard lol)
Then on returning i wll do 2 more weeks of LT, then refeed, then atkins and i should be very very very close to goal by then yay!!!! :D:D:D
Once at goal i will never diet again, but will be living by the principles of Low GL healthy eating for life xxxx
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Good for you - I like a woman with a plan - sounds like fun to be had too:D


Says it as it is!!!
Don't you just love it when a plan comes together!!! xxx Cheers hunni xxxx
Oh yes..... great fun.. i havent drank since dec so i will be a cheap date haha ... promise to take pics!!!
That's great news, good for you hun! Have a great time camping, hope the weather holds!! xx


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Enoy your drinks Nic, as you say, a cheap date! you'll be well away after two;)!
Bravo for camping in this weather, hope it clears up for you. Enjoy the refeed :drool::drool:


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You sound so in control hun. Good on ya!!

I had my plans to stick to low carb once at goal, but have found it tough. I gained about 4/5lbs, then took it off by low carb, but to maintain is hard going. I know TracyJ and Harriet have found it tough too.

Stick to your plan, keep your exercise up and I know you'll achieve your goals. x


Says it as it is!!!
Cheers Guys... i was going to cancel it due to the weather..but the boys were mortified!!!!! So c'est la vie! Fingers crossed we have a heat wave!
Cheers guys
Shazpaz - you do realy well 4/5lbs is neither her not there like you say a couple of weks reducing your carbs and its banished.... its all a juggling act
Yeah, maintaining is the hard part...but, i intend not to eat any sugary foods for a good while so i dont get addicted again! I have done it before...so i am sure it can be done again x
Good attitude as always ;)


Says it as it is!!!
Lol, i try to stay off here when i am feeling negative... you just dont see it hahhahahahha


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Good plan and I hope you have a nice holiday camping, it has to stop raining soon..right:sigh:

Love Mini xxx
hi can i just ask you all what foods can you eat that will keep you in keotosis (sorry about spelling) dont really understand the re-feed part of it xx
Just started a thread for you with the refeed info as quoted by Mini. Hope that helps baps x
hey babe! enjoy ur refeed... im starting on wednesday! :D

You deffo deserve a drink nic - ur a wee star and i love ya to bits! :)



Says it as it is!!!
Thank you baby doll.... love ya too xxx i will enjoy my 2 drinks ....just before i flake out lol xxx

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