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Restarting with 790 *Sigh

Sigh, I'm finally back after so much ups and downs with CD SS previously. Truth be told, I'm close to giving up and I know that's not exactly the best way to go about thinking especially when I'm only just starting, but I'm just so jaded from trying too hard and too long.

Will be starting on 790 tomorrow seeing how everyone's been experiencing wonderful results with it as well. Hope anyone out there who's ever been on 790 could drop by and leave a message to let me know how it's like so far and all, especially regarding the weight loss.

Will update soon. Only 40lbs more to go.. Someone tell me I can do it :innocent0001:
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Just have some faith in yourself, stay positive and keep focusing on all the reasons you want to drop the weight. C'mon hun, you've taken the first steps - all you need to do is stick with it.



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Best of luck with starting 790 CD plan tomorrow.

You can do this.

I am finding it much easier to do, ...5lbs. first week and 3lbs. this week.

Love Mini xxx
Godd luck hun, you can do it. Try to stay positive and keep busy, i found that to be the best way. When i was on 790 i had losses of about 3-4lbs a week, so i am sure you will have great losses.

xx :)
Good luck.

THe only problem I have found with 790 is that I don't like any green veg apart from lettuce and after 80 days I am all lettuced out !
You so can do this!!!!

Welcome to the 790 club chick :)

79 saved my bacon (skinless chicken?!) It's something I can stick to and it's working. Losing about 3 lb a week, though that's slowing as I'm nearing target. Much better to lose a pound or two less a month and get there, than beat yourself up trying to SS if you're head's not in that place and lose ****** all!
Hiya, I'm starting the 790 programme on Monday.

I did CD last year, but did Sole Source. I only lasted 15 days, as I found it so hard, I did lose 21lbs in that time though.

This year I am going to do it all properly with maintenance as well.

Good Luck Royal Purple.

P.S is there a thread on here for the 790's ? I found one last night, but it hadn't been posted on for a few weeks.

Hayley x

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