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Returning to CD - I can't wait !!!

I am off to see a counsellor tonight - after nearly a year of uhming and ahing, I am ready. I officially start on monday 1 October, and need to lose between 3-3.5 stone. Gulp. I am hoping I will achieve this by the end of the year.

I know the first week will be the hardest, but when I get on the scales at the end of that week, it will be well worth it:jelous:
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Well done on taking that step!!!
I see my CDC on Monday night, so will start next Tuesday. I have roughly 12 stone to loose, but will take a day at a time!

Good luck!
So it looks like we have some stones to lose between us. I agree that the end of the year is a good target. I cannot imagine I will be the weight I want to be by the end of December but am going to give it a good try. I am not telling any friends or family what I am doing so need your support and in return promise to support you too. Have a holiday this week so it is a good way to start. Good luck to all of us.
:gen157:Living in this country (Norway)where eveyone seems to be tall, skinny and gorgeous does make me feel a bit isolated.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Awww, you poor thing!
You are never alone on Minimins Hun.

I have masses of weight to loose, so we can do our journey together. How far along are you now?
Ihave started today, so I have a long way to go, but sheer determination will get me there!
I think I have about 40 kilos to lose times that by 2.2 that is 88lbs what is that in stone, I can never remember is there 16 or 14 lbs to a stone. Anyway I know it is a lot. It all seems to be around my middle, chin and seem to be growing an extra boob under and around one of my arms (that is the boob fat growing) have gone up from a 36c cup to a 38ff. Would be extremely glamorous if no other part of my body had grown. Even put weight on my fingers as my mums ring is now tight and been moved from my middle finger to the 2nd finger. This has really been a gradual thing, too much food and wine. What about you two, gradual or what?

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi Norwegian Girl,

There are 14 pounds in a stone, so 88 lbs would be just over 6 stone.
I weighed at the CDC's house last night and I have 10stone 11lbs that I want to shift!!
I am not looking at it like that though, as I know I will reach for the :eatdrink051:in shame and disappointment.
I am going to set myself 1 stone targets and treat myself when I loose each stone.
I will never be a bikini babe (too many stretch marks for that!), but I want to look good in an all in one, without Green Peace waiting to throw me back in.
Well that is a lot of weight I have got to lose when we put it in stones. Ok have started so will keep on going. I know that this time I can do it and hope that you will travel the long and winding road with me. Along with lots of othr people. Am going out for a walk now in this nice weather.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Enjoy the walk!
I have rain here in Hampshire! :(

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