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What are you going to give yourself as a reward for losing weight?? (either the next stone/half stone, getting into the next stone down or reaching maintenance etc)

When I get to 9 stone 13, I am going to get a new tattoo!!!!

Erm, but it won't say - "under 10 stone" altho that's really a rather good idea! Couldn't put all the weight back on THEN, could I? LOL

Nice one Izzy! As I've still got a long way to go, I just reward myself with little things to keep me going.

It might be something like a nice piece of Chocolate Cake or a Danish pastry ........

AHHHHH got you going!!!!

I like to treat myself to a fancy shower or hair product (instead of Asda's 'Smart Price'! :D ) and for dropping a dress size I like to get some new undies - hubby is all for that one!

I'm going to think of something special for when I get out of the teens ... in just over stone's time :)

Debbie x
I want a tatt but am a coward. Thought about having my girls initials but it spells out S.I.N. - hmmmm, tricky to explain to people!! :rolleyes:
Seriously, I had to let my ears close because the second piercings hurt so much!! When I got them done (at 23) they asked me to calm down cos I was scaring the other customers!! :p
Aw bless ya! I love having new tats and piercings! I live off the adrenelin for days!! Altho my latest one in my right ear cartilege is 'glowing' a bit right now lol
Isobel .....Wat tats have ye got ??Ive got 2 as on my leg and one on my booby actually getting another small one on going with a friend who really wants one but has chickened out till gonna get own there while she's still brave..lo....gonna have another quite big one done soon as well..
its gonna be a celtic design and include my 3 kids names in it..dunno how its gonna look i have to talk to the guy whos gonna design it for me :D
I had my nipple pierced for my 30th!!! and a tattoo for my 31st!!
But strangly enough I hate pain, although Id have another tattoo never a piercing again!
Ah now - I thought about getting my nipple done but was told that it really, really hurt so didn't really relish the thought of it.

How long did it take to heal up?
Given the subject matter, it would be too remiss of me not to suggest it....

What do you say to a picture gallery of the tattoos and piercings of you good ladieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss.
[Said with a Benny Hill (Fred Scuttle) grin on face].
Actually, while talking about Tats. I had mine done in the same place as Britney Spears, on the Strip in Vegas. So there.:p :p :p