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Rhi's weight journey...

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by rhee89, 9 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. rhee89

    rhee89 Full Member

    So, today was my first day on s&s. started day off with a 30 min cross trainer session and a protein shake. (I've worked out the protein, so deduct it from my evening meal)

    The parcel didn't come until after brekky so started with the mild curry for lunch. It was quite tasty.. sort of like a pot noodle, not totally disgusting.

    Kept myself busy, quite easy when you have an almost 6 month old baby! Then had dark choc coconut bar with a cup of tea and few mls of my allowed milk. Yum!

    Then supper, I made myself grilled chicken on a bed of swede and some asparagus. Sticking to the allowed weights. If I could eat that every evening I'd be fine!

    In between all this, plenty of water and green tea. Oh, also took a multi-vit with my evening meal.
    Then ha another cup of tea and drank the rest of my allowed milk, whilst watching a Sarah Millican dvd.

    Feeling ok after day 1. Am awake now for the night feeding of my baby and having slight hunger pains but nothing too serious. Looking forward to going into day 2. I think the best trick is to keep busy...

    I have a total of 4 stone 5 lbs to lose to take me to 9st7lbs and would like to maintain a weight of 10ish stone. I'm a couple of lbs lighter atm than when I was preggers full term!

    Wish me luck... X
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  3. rhee89

    rhee89 Full Member

    Day 2 almost over..

    Sitting with a cup of tea and a lemon/yoghurt/white choc bar. Yum!

    Started with a shake this morning which was delicious! Had cottage pie for lunch (again totally yum) and a tuna salad for evening meal.

    Have cleaned the bathroom, inside of my car, made some plum puree for Menna and descaled my kettle! All inbetween being a top mum! ;)

    Not feeling too bad today, felt a bit light headed just as I was making my salad but soon went. Plenty of water drunk, and a half hour session on cross trainer this morning.

    Put Menna down for the night and the boyf isn't home from work yet so gonna get in the bath before bed.

    Seriously hope the scales are kind to me next tues!! X
  4. WillpowerWoman

    WillpowerWoman Gold Member

    Hi welcome, how u finding it so far?
  5. rhee89

    rhee89 Full Member


    So far, it's not too bad. Woken up not feeling hungry at all. And I feel full of energy!
    How are you getting on with it? X
  6. WillpowerWoman

    WillpowerWoman Gold Member

    Fantastic, sounds like ketosis land :) I'm doing good thanks still motivated and positive working hard on reining possible overeating in :)
  7. rhee89

    rhee89 Full Member

    Does ketosis kick in that quick?? Feeling a bit dry-mouthed today but keeping on top of the water drinking. And I find green tea really helps! X
  8. WillpowerWoman

    WillpowerWoman Gold Member

    It can do the average is prob day 3 or 4 but there r people who go straight into it ESP u haven't eaten many carbs / cut down before starting, is that what u did?
  9. rhee89

    rhee89 Full Member

    My diet wasn't too bad before starting really.(Although I wouldn't be in this position if it was good, would I?! ;)) Does the hungry feeling completely stop when in ketosis? X
  10. rhee89

    rhee89 Full Member

    Day 3 is almost done.

    Porridge for brekky, wasn't too sure about it to start but couple of mouthfuls in and was ok. Chilli con carne for lunch and 1egg omelette for evening meal with tiny bit of chicken. With plenty of allowed veg. Oh and choc truffa bar just now with a cuppa.

    Feeling good today. Didn't go on the cross trainer but will be back on tomorrow. Went to Tesco and ordered some zero noodles. Not sure where the time has gone! Got enough milk for a cuppa before bed.

    Have hidden both sets of weighing scales as I jump on them at every opportunity! Xx
  11. WillpowerWoman

    WillpowerWoman Gold Member

    It does yes but u still get 'mental' hunger. Some people slow down ie eat salads before starting and that can make ketosis happen faster.
  12. rhee89

    rhee89 Full Member

    Good to know. Do you lose the weight faster in Ketosis then? Need to google it I think..! X
  13. WillpowerWoman

    WillpowerWoman Gold Member

    Yeah I'm no expert google is good. It certainly helps with the diet as u don't feel physical hunger :)
  14. rhee89

    rhee89 Full Member

    Day 4 done. And I'm feeling rather good so far.

    Started with caramel shake for brekky, spag Bol for lunch and turkey breast and veg for supper. Followed by almond choc bar with a cuppa.

    Kept myself busy by cleaning the kitchen! I even washed down the skirting board!! Mental.

    Did 20 mins on the cross trainer. Scared of over doing it and body eating my muscle!!

    Still jumping on scales at every opportunity. They are showing a loss which is good. Trying to resist the tape measure until Tuesday.. Xx
  15. rhee89

    rhee89 Full Member

    Almost at the end of day 5. Time has gone fast!

    Started with vanilla cereal shake or breakfast, not too keen on vanilla flavour but it was bearable! Mac cheese for lunch, again not a fan of cheesy sauces but found this fine. Had tuna salad for supper with a boiled egg and a naughty half slice of bread. (Oh dear, I felt awful as I was eating it, but it was totally lush!!) I will do extra 5 mins on cross trainer in the morning!!

    Have just put baby Menna down so going to have my choccy praline bar, then bed.

    Last edited: 13 January 2013
  16. rhee89

    rhee89 Full Member

    Just been to tesco. Never ha food looked so good! To top if off the OH has gone via KFC!! Arghhhh! Weigh day tomorrow so I don't even wanna chance eating anything naughty!
  17. v12345

    v12345 Silver Member

    Good luck for tomoro Hun. You will have a good loss.

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  18. rhee89

    rhee89 Full Member

    Thanks, will update in the morning! X
  19. rhee89

    rhee89 Full Member

    So I had my weigh on this morning, with a 9lb loss and total 13.5 inches gone! Brilliant! Really gives a boost seeing that.

    Am finding it all rather easy, luckily my OH is very supportive, he even gave the big tin of roses to next door so he wouldn't eat them in front of me. He did have KFC last night but I'll forgive him.

    Still on the 3 packs and a meal and its working great for me! Haven't had any bad side effects so all positive for me! Xx
  20. lorraineA

    lorraineA Silver Member

    Well done!

    13.5 inches!! Fabulous result!
    Where did you take your measurements from? I only did bust waist and hips but may be modding a trick ?
  21. rhee89

    rhee89 Full Member

    Every where! I used the sheet s&s sent me with first order. 2.5 from waist, 1 from each thigh, 1.5 from each bicep etc. still think I look the same in the mirror though! I find inch loss is really encouraging xx

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