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Rickys food diary

I've just finished my first week and have lost 4lbs. Not a bad start and I've not really struggled too much.

My highs of the week are probably sw pizza, quorn meatballs in pasta sauce, Discovering that choccy twisters are only 2 syns and winning our opening Sunday league match 7-1.

Lows of the week are not having a beer after football and not being able to shake off this flipping cold.
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Second weigh in and another 2lbs lost.

Had a pretty good week apart from one day where I had a choccy pig out. I restricted my syns for the rest of the week and it seems to have worked. Did some fab quorn meatballs again, they went down well with the other half as well.

I'm also loving the Ainsley Cous Cous, having a pack for lunch every day at the moment.


soon to be skinny minnie
Well done on your loss this week, that is fab. I haven't tried the cous cous yet, i will need to give it a go. There is some fab recipies on the recipe thread, my favorite is the syn free chicken curry, it is a family favorite in my house x
Hi betty, the cous cous is definitely worth a go, makes a nice and easy lunch. I've made the mushy pea curry sauce which was a big hit in my house, we do like our curry lol.


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi betty, the cous cous is definitely worth a go, makes a nice and easy lunch. I've made the mushy pea curry sauce which was a big hit in my house, we do like our curry lol.
Oh not tried the mushy pea curry sauce, will be giving that a go too, i take it it is also in the recipe thread
Just the 1 1/2 lbs off for me this week. I know exactly where I went wrong though so I know I can put it right. I had fajitas on Friday night without really knowing how many syns were in the bread wraps. I also had a friends birthday on the weekend so had a few bottles of lager, limited myself to 4 and drank diet come the rest of the night....... Was I mocked lol!!!!!!!

Holiday this week but I'm going to try to stick to plan.
Hi guys. Sorry I've not been about for a while, I went on holiday last week and really blew he healthy eating out of the water, when I got back I was more determined than ever to get back on track. I'm pleased to report a 1lbs loss this week. I didn't weigh last week after the hol so not sure how much I put on lol.

Still got a long way to go but I'm really positive at the mo and convinced I'm going to have a good week this week. Changed my weigh day from Monday to Friday as well. We always go for Sunday dinner at the inlaws on a Sunday so always a bit tricky to be spot on with the sw plan.


Mad as a Hatter
Morning Ricky

Just doing my morning sweep of all the diaries and thought that I would drop by and see how you were doing today ?

The sun is shining and the rain has stopped so it can only get better

Have a good one
Hi Madferret (lol, that's a classic username)

I've had a really good week, just hope it shows when I weigh on Friday morning. Been sticking to the meals that I know I like so it's been lots of quorn and spuds and all green days this week.

I've just downloaded a new app on my iphone to give me a bit of a boost as I want to go out running. It'll track my distance and times so it'll give me something to target during each run. Going to try to go for my first run after work tonight...could be interesting!!


Mad as a Hatter
Oh sounds cool - let me know how you get on with your running..

I bought a book a couple of weeks ago - all about womens running - and it's still sat on my bedside cabinet..... LOL haven't got any further than reading the preface
Ooh, good luck with the running - I'm very jealous as I'd love an iphone! :( Lol.

What are the quorn meatballs like? Do you buy them or make them yourself?
Hi Amy. The quorn meatballs are found in the freezer section at the supermarket. I then just make up a pasta sauce by chucking some onion, garlick, chopped tomoatoes, passata, basil, garlic, and oregano in the blender for a few minutes. I then fry a little more onion in fry light, add the sauce and the meatballs and allow to simmer while the sauce thickens.

One pack of meatballs usually does 4 good size meals, I tned to freeze a couple for quick meals during the week.

Didnt make it out for a run in the end, just got a bit manic at work. I did however have a game of football last night so did get a bit of exercise in. Jumped on the scales this morning and I've lost another 2 lbs. Quite pleased as its another loss, takes me up to an 11 lbs loss in total now and edging ever closer to my target.

Just a few notes from my week, I did cave in and have a couple of sausages and a few chips after football on Sunday. We always go back to the pub that sponsors us and they put food on. I have refrained until now but I was really hungry after footy. Also had a roast dinner with the inlaws so Sunday was a pretty bad day all in all lol. Another thing for me to rememebr is that pure fruit juice is not syn free. For some reason I was always under the impression that 100% pure juice was ok, only found out this week that it isnt.

Now finally I have a question for any of the techies out there. I'd love to add a few pics to various threads, ie 'before and after pics' and pics of food I've prepared. Hows the best way of doing this. Apologies if the instructions are elsewhere but I've not spotted them as of yet.
Hi Ricky, the meatballs sound a quick and easy option, will definitely look out for them. Good to see you managed a 2lb loss despite falling by the wayside on Sunday. We are only human after all :D

I avoid fruit juices altogether. I think the syns are added as a way of protecting ourselves from having juice instead of the whole fruit which the body has to work harder digesting. It's also not as satisfying and filling, that's how I read it anyway. Can't quite understand why pineapple in its own juice in a can is a syn but I'm sure I'll find out along the way.

Good luck and hope it's going well for you this week..

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