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  1. Wicked Witch

    Wicked Witch Full Member

    After the sucess of my new size 12 knickers.
    I'm selling all my size 18 stuff on ebay!
    Trouble is I have made a pact with my husband not to buy anything new in any size bigger than a 14!
    Sooo for the next month I shall be mostly wearing my PJs - good job I work at home isn't it.
    Yippeeee skinny shops here I come!
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  3. Isis

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    You go girl!!!!...even in your PJ's!!!!....lol :p :D
  4. shellyamber

    shellyamber Full Member

    meal replacement
  5. angelxx

    angelxx Full Member

    lighter life
    Wicked witch, at least you have got nice knixckers!!! well done!!!
  6. fatpossum

    fatpossum Silver Member

    I am avoiding buying anthing new too. I have had to ditch much of my wardrobe at this stage but luckily I did keep some of my clothes from before I became a 'porker' so I am back in those.

    But I am desperate for a lovely 'shop-up' and to come home with several bags full of nothing bigger than a size 12.

    I went into Monsoon today and tried on some of their lovely size 14 dresses but NO HOPE - yet (two or three more weeks, I think!!). Even so I refused to even consider looking at size 16!

    I am a funny shape though - slim from head to mid torso and then I get bigger until my knees when I am slim again - what's that all about? I think God was having an off day when he put me together! So when I shop for dresses, what fits on top is a dead loss on the bottom.

    Hopefully it will all even out eventually.
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  7. AmandaJayne

    AmandaJayne Trainee Maintainer

    Ooops WW, as I don't wear PJs I would have a problem....
  8. Incywincy

    Incywincy Full Member

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    I went through a large wardrobe session last night and was parading in front of my mirror. Thank god no-one was looking, as was acting like a bloody supermodel LOL

    Eventhough I have only dropped 2 stone so far I have dropped several dress sizes from an 18 to a 12. So many of the clothes that I have been dying to get into are actually now too blinkin big, but somehow I am quite pleased about that.

    Others that I was one time bursting out of are now fitting me to a tee, so I have been buying some lovely clothes on Ebay in a size 10, these are my inspiration clothes and as my dream goal weight is 8.5 stone and my realistic goal weight is 9 stone, I am hoping to be able to wear these be August.

    So well done Wicked Witch, well done me (bit of a stroke there) and well done to all the others who are thrundering onwards to their goal.
  9. In search of me

    In search of me Silver Member

    Well done girls! Must feel fab to be so much smaller! I'm gettin there but I'm a bit gutted cos my fave PJ's (I live in mine when at home!) are literally falling off!! Will have to come up with cunning plan to take them in somehow! Any ideas?! Keep up the good work! Alas I also only have fat clothes as it was so long ago that I was thin! Tesco for me I think!
  10. Cherry Plum

    Cherry Plum One day at a time

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    lighter life
    WW Well done with the size 12 knickers, I bet your OH only said that about the size 14's to make you walk around in your underwear, LOL.
    Fatpossom I'm the same, I always lose my weight from the top first, so I'm now a 16 up top & just starting to come out of my 18 trousers.
    I also saved some clothes from when I was on the way up, mostly 16's though, so I will have to buy lots of new things when I get to a 14. (I think that probably tells me that I've been a 16/18 for a long time)
    Then I stopped smoking & went up to a 22, but that is in the past now thank god.

    I've been clearing out my wardrobe & attic as well, I think I need 5 recycling boxes this week.LOL

    Incywincy how on earth have you managed to get into a size 12 from an 18 after losing 2 stone, thats amazing, well done.

    ISOM, my grandad used to swear by string. LOL
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