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Robsterswife Food Diary

Thought I would follow the trend and start jotting down what I eat each day.
So far today (EE)I have had

28g of fruit and fibre with skimmed milk from hea

Ham salad ,4 slices of lean ham ,2 tbsp e/l mayo (1 syn), jacket spud with 1tsp marg (1 syn) and 14g of cheese (3 syns) lettuce,cucumber and cherry tomatoes.
Followed by yoghurt ,an apple and french fries crisps (4 syns).

3 Linda McCartney sauages (6 syns) with roasted new potatoes ,cauliflower and broccoli.
2 ff yoghurts and a banana.

More cherry tomatoes.
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Fruit and fibre 28g Hea milk
2 tsp sugar in tea at friends (2 syns)
Heb bread sandwich ,hea cheese .5 tbsp elm (.5 syns) lettuce ,cherry tomatoes.
Fibre plus bar (5.5 syns) Weight Watchers Doritos (4 syns)
2 quorn sausages ,2 Lm sausages ( 4 syns) (really need to go shopping tomorrow lol !!) jacket and beans.
2 yoghurts ,which I thought were free but were 3 syns each :( :eek: makes 22 syns today :( sad sad sad
2 bananas ,lettuce,cherry tomatoes.
Orange and a jammy dodger = 26 syns ,damn I am normally so good ,back from holiday and my cupboards and pockets are empty ,tomorrow = shopping for alpen lights lol !!!
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Breakfast Large orange and alpen light (3 syns)
Roast Dinner Chicken,sw roasties ,stuffing (2 syns) yorkshire pud (3.5 syns) 4tbsp gravy from meat juice (3 syns) cauliflower ,broccoli,peas.
Muller light.

snacks apples,clementines,cherry tomatoes , 3 alpen lights (3 syns + heb).

Cold chicken ,hea milk for tea and drink.
Sugar free vimto.
14.5 syns
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Shreddies 28g (5 syns) with milk from hea.
Alpen light 3 syns,apple.
Lunch toastie (heb bread) ham(1.5) and cheese (hea 2 ) and lighter choices coleslaw (3.5)
Alpen light 3 syns

Chilli with rice (beef mince heb2) sweetcorn ,kidney beans,baked beans,onion,peppers.
Muller light.

15 syns.
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Breakfast 28g shreddies (5 syns) milk from hea
Lunch sw quiche ,pasta n sauce ,ham ,vlf cottage cheese,peppers ,onions,peas,topped with 28g cheese (6 syns) Tomato ketchup (1 syn)
Snack 2 x alpen lights HEB 3 satsumas
Dinner Courgette bake ( sweetcorn,tinned tomatoes,onions ,topped with courgettes ,with pork and beef meatballs and 200g mccain rustic chips (2 syns)
14 syns
breakfast oatsosimple (heb) with hea milk
Lunch chilli jacket potato (>1/3 superfree)
Snack 2 satsumas ,apple,banana.
Muller light ,20g of seaside rock (4 syns)

2 Alpen light 6 syns

Macaroni cheese with 2 quorn sausages and salad (1/3 superfree) used a schwartz cheddar cheese sauce 7 syns per sachet made up with water not milk,of which I had 1/4 (<2 syns) and 14g of cheddar (3 syns)
Muller light.
Apple ,2 satsumas.
15 syns.
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Saturday (Red)
Breakfast 2 alpen lights and fruit (6)
Lunch Ham Mayo sandwich (HEB) ,1tsp marg (1) elm (.5 syn)cherry tomatoes ,fruit.
McDonalds Ice Cream (6.5 syns)
Jacket potato (Heb)with Tuna and mayo (.5syn) and hea cheese.
Jaffa cake 2 syns.
16.5 syns.
B) 2 alpen lights (heb)
L) sw quiche ,prawn salad (1/3 sf) (3 syns for dressing)
D) Chicken chow mein (free)
Mars bar ice cream xtra (10 syns)
Snacks ,banana ,bluberries,cherry tomatoes.
Ryvita pumpkin (2.5 syns)
15.5 syns.
Breakfast 2 satsumas ,banana,apple.
Ham and cheese,onion toastie (heb bread hea cheese)
1.5 hobnob flapjacks (12 syns)
Chilli con carne ( 3 syns for kidney beans ) and heb jacket pot.
Muller light x2
Breakfast 42g fruit n fibre (heb ,hea milk and 2.5 syns)
Lunch leftover chilli (free)
snacks 2 slices ham 2 minstrels 1.5 syns ( 15 in 10.5 syn packet and I done the maths lol) Curly Wurly 6 syns
Dinner golden savoury rice ,quorn sausage,salad.
Breakfast heb alpen lights
lunch fried egg sandwich ( heb bread + 3 syns)
10g toffee popcorn (2 syns)
2 malted milks 4 syns
Dinner pasta (free)
Curly wurly at the cinema 6 syns.
Banana and heb cheese before bed.
No 5 a day *slaps wrist*
15 syns
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Breakfast heb fruit n fibre hea milk
lunch jacket with tuna mayo and salad (2.5 syns marg and elm)
Snack alpen light (3 syns)
Dinner beef , pots ,carrots ,greens ,2 yorkshires (6 syns)
Jelly (.5 syns) and squirty cream 12 tbsp (3 syns)
Breakfast fruit and yoghurt
Lunch ham ,hea cheese, ryvita (2 syns) elm (.5 syns)
Hob nob flapjack (8 syns) Rhubarb and Custard sweet (1.5 syns)
Spaghetti Bolognese , 2x heb used for pasta.
Will have an alpen light later for my other 3 syns.
Hea milk for tea.

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