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roosnanny wombles back :-)

ok now this is the second time writing this,as i went to deleat something and i pushed the wrong button doh!:D
well i'm not sure if i'm doing this right,and please forgive me in advance for the selfish "oh poor me" but i guess i need to get that out of the way,
i'm fed up with the lack of self control,i mean what gives,i can tell the kids no,but me...ohhhhhhhhh nooo i get my hubby to got to tesco and "get me the usual"then sit in my room and blah,blah you know where i'm going with that !
what's wrong with my mind,would hypnotherapy work/help.
i start off with all good intentions,begining to enjoy the benifits then it's almost like i have to sabotarge(sp)what i've done ? why do that ?
i don't understand.
i can't go another summer of wearing a jacket i really can't,this week has been so lovely and warm,i almost feel fear of whats to come,but it's not enough if you know what i mean........i feel like i want to go to somewhere like solatary confinement where there are no carby foods,then i wouldn't be able to eat them,but why so drastic,i've tried different diets,lighter life,cambrage,sacred heart,lost the weight, enjoyed the feeling that comes with slimsville...then it goes out the window,and i go back to wearing black,
"oh darling wearing black for a change":(
and try to melt into my jeans,and disguise the muffin top with baggy jumpers,that make me look bigger.
am i trying to make excuses because i'm unhappy,poor selfimage,and all the rest of it,am i using this as another "see i new you couln't do it" put yourself down excuse ?
gosh,i'm getting on my own nerves.:p
please santa,i would like to get out of bed in the morning and think ooooo i'm going to look nice in that today.
where am i going wrong. ?
any cd's or anything like that anyone thinks work ?
well thankie if you managed to get to the end of my ramble.
if you dare to come back,hopefully i'll be a bit brighter.
i'm going shopping today,and i'm going to get the stuff in that i need otherwise tonight the takeway menue will come out and i shall devour a cripsy aromatic duck!
i'm actually craving some Walls linconshire sausages or even the cumberland ones,guess i'll go have a couple off eggs.....
ok lainey....press the button and commit to showing everyone what i've done and what i'm thinking....
gosh i feel like a little kid.....123 goooo
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Sorry your feeling so down. We all sabotage our diets at some point. Mine is usually 3 weeks into it. Just push past that and maybe make mini goals so it's not so overwhelming.

Don't be too hard on yourself. I'm back on atkins but not the induction, I've skipped onto ongoing weight loss and I'm happy with that.

Good luck and keep posting.
hi,and thanks.
need to skip past the feeling sorry for myself,and jump straight back in like i never left.


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Trust me, you're not the only one who feels sorry for themselves. And I can identify with lots of what you say. I've done all the diets before now, too, only really lost with Atkins and Cambridge, and though I lost several stone on those I have never been to 'slimsville' or anywhere close. Right now I am the lowest weight of my adult life, and still classed as obese. Which is better than being morbidly obese, as I was.

However much weight I manage to lose, this will be another summer stuck in cardigans for me - I'm only 29 and have the bingo wings of a 90 year old, not to mention all the other saggy bits. But at least I can maybe get to a point where I look or feel presentable in clothes.

You've been there, done it, lost the weight. Regains are so common, they're not something to be ashamed of anymore. You're back, you're giving it another go and you know you can do it because you've done it before. That's something to be proud of. Use your previous times as a learning experience - you know what not to do once you hit goal, and read up about Atkins maintenance while you're here. Yes you're on another diet, but this could be the last one you'll ever need. Well done for starting.
thank you so much.
i just need that mind set back that i had.
surley if i can stop smoking i can lose weight right ? :D
maybe i need to get a bit angry insetead
of feeling down ? lol might blow off a few more calories :)


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Well done starting your diary - see not so difficult:)

I think your signature says it all - try to see this as a way of eating and life. That way when you get a sts or fall off the wagon which most people do - it's ok - you can get straight back on. In the meantime there have been minutes, hours, days, weeks perhaps where you HAVEN'T been eating too much of the wrong stuff. WOW - how great is that;). I'm seriously thinking about tracking all the food i haven't eaten lol as that makes me feel good

Good luck :D
what a good idea,never thought of trying that,gosh i think there is actually lots of things i could have eaten but haven't
the sun is shinning and i feel good today !
maybe coz hubbys coming home lol
watching some old time music on utube
50's and 60's.......locomotion,twist,that
sort of thing,lifted me up a little and gave me a push for the day.
going to clean the fish tank,it's 4ft long
and up on a cabinet so i have to go up and down a little step ladder lol.
might give the bearded dragon a bath too.
saying for today........
pick yourself up,brush yourself off,and start all over again.


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Hi Lainey, I just found your diary, good luck and I'll be follwing this thread
hi Jim :)
well apart from the dodgy start to the breakfast,i think i'll be ok today.
was freezing yesterday right up to the tip of my nose, thank heavens for fleecy blankets !!
didn't think much of my stuffed peppers last night :( chopped up some mushrooms added some garlic butter,then right at the end added this cheese i bought from tesco,it's a smoked one with ham in it,as i'm not a cheeser
i find it a little hard to be tempted into eating it,but the smoked part i guess disguises the cheesy taste.
i really quite fancy some collie today,
so might make a soupie thing,and chuck in some chicken,i did put a menue in the "what are we eating today" thread,however i may change it a little along the way.
bit grey outside today,dosen't lift the heart as much as the sunshine does, does it ? but will wrap up warm and i'm sure i'll be fine,lol hardley the artic,however nothing worse than feeling cold.


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S: 14st10lb C: 13st0lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 33.3 Loss: 1st10lb(11.65%)
I'm cold aaall the time thesedays. I live in jumpers and try to appreciate it as when I was bigger I was hot all the time. Can't wait for a good solid warm spell though.


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S: 25st0lb C: 13st1lb G: 13st1lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 11st13lb(47.71%)
Ah yes, i remember that, always hot and bothered Rose.

Lainey, those pepper things sound quite nice to me, what didn't you like?

i do peppers stuffed with savoury mince or bacon lrdons aometimes
seem to have thawed out a little.:D
i used red bell peppers,cut in half then put chopped mushrooms inside with some garlic butter,placed them on a tray and put in the oven to bake,as they were at the end of cooking time
i added the Bavarian smoked cheese with ham.a bit overly sweet it turned out,so i only ate one half of the pepper.


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S: 25st0lb C: 13st1lb G: 13st1lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 11st13lb(47.71%)
OK, still sounds really nice to me lainey, but I do like bell peppers :)

It's wet and miserable here today :(
hay :)
cold and wet here blah........
still on the upside i have dragon breath,so the ketones are there which can only be a good thing.
little naughty today had a KFC bit of chicken:eek:,however i did only have the one bit;) and i made a sald with mayo to go with it............
drinking plenty of water,i wasn't going to last night,but i did say to myself,you wanna be this size forever.......
so i went forth to the kitchen and filled my pint glass with the clear stuff.
i'm cleaning out a cupboard in doors today,so keeping busy,and i popped to tesco today and got somemore chicken wings yum.
well best get back at it,and anyone who wambles past,hope you're having a good day.


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S: 25st0lb C: 13st1lb G: 13st1lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 11st13lb(47.71%)
Hi lainey :)
morning :D
well 5lb down today,nice result,and
managed to fit into something instead of melting into it.
i think to myself at the moment "fit for Florida" as i'm going away in Augaust.
and it spurs me on.........this isn't a flash in the pan diet it can't be.....i can't keep doing this to
A.my body
me,me,me lol
but i don't want to spend the next 10years on being this way,i'm wasting my life,you know what i mean,i don't like being led into what i feel i have to wear.
the insecure little girl inside who says"you're not going out like that,you're too fat for that,everyone will stare at you"
so roll this blob of dough out,and lets see what we actually have to work with:D
i'm going shopping today,and i'm going to buy myself something pretty and something not black !
oooo i have a question....any one know how long it would take for the muscle burns to stop when doing callenetics ?
if i persevered(sp)would it get less umm
"oh my,i'm aching in places i never knew i had ? "
or does it always feel like that,i know it works for a fact,it's just the starting puts me off....anyhooooo
best go get ready.
and hope everyone can have a nice day.


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S: 25st0lb C: 13st1lb G: 13st1lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 11st13lb(47.71%)
That's a really good loss lainey, well done, if you keep this up you'll be skinny minny in Florida :D


This is for life
S: 17st8.9lb C: 12st12.8lb G: 12st6.2lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 4st10.1lb(26.77%)
Well done on your loss:D
S: 155lb C: 136lb G: 131lb Loss: 19lb(12.26%)
Great loss, well done.

I love doing callenetics and you will stop hurting soon lol. I find I can go down one whole size by doing them, very effective. love it!!

Are you using a dvd or going to a class?

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