RTM same group?


I will do this!
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Hi guys, I'm about 7 weeks off RTM but been thinking about it recently and asking questions in order to prepare. I asked my LLC today when RTM group is and she told me she doesn't have a separate group and we just stay in the same groups for RTM. However, the people in my group all have different amounts to lose and I am not sure how this will work as me and perhaps 1 other will be in RTM and the others still in abstinence. I was wondering if any of you experienced something similar?
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Mine isn't similar, but it may help. When I moved from development to RTM it was a different group. I must admit that I was very dissapointed with RTM as it seemed that all our group did was was chat!!! We very rarely did any activities I think it is mainly because of the fact that everyone is at a different level. Some starting RTM, some half way through and some already maintaining. It was like we were left to our own devises, which for me I don't think I was ready for and why I should have got to goal before moving to RTM but that was my own fault.

Anyway, it might be because she doesn't have anyone in RTM at the moment and all the other people that are maintaining just don't go to group anymore. You still have a few weeks to go though so please don't worry about it. I'm sure your LLC has it all under control.

But as you say, if they are still on abstinence it will make it harder for you to discuss your problems in group as she propbly has a 'no food talk' policy (like mine). On the other hand, it may help being with the same people that you started with in the first place. I know in our group, she didn't like us talking about food, but we still did as we all knew each other well enough to do so. Also, it masy help as they will still be doing CBT and like I said about ours, it seemed to be very lacking in RTM.

You have still got us though Gemma, so don't be afraid to post any questions on here at all.

Not sure if I have helped at all but good luck with the rest of your journey x x

I would give it a few more weeks and see what she says.