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RubyMoss's Weight Loss Diary!


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I've decided to start a weight loss diary, pretty much as motivation for myself, and to give me a place to write down all the (often) crazy thoughts that are going on in my head!

I've seen in other diaries that people have written a little bit about themselves, so here goes:

I'm Laura-Jayne, 21, and I'm about to graduate from University of Salford with a BA(Hons) in English Literature with English Language. I'm a huge Manchester City fan, and have a crazy obsession with a band called Coheed and Cambria (who are, incidentally, amazing), which has taken me to lovely places such as New York and soon to be France whilst stalking them!

I've attempted the Slimming World diet twice prior to this, but I've never fully had the support I really needed off my boyfriend (not that he doesn't support me, he just encourages me to get Nando's too much so he doesn't feel guilty about getting it!). It's not his fault, he's stick thin and has only just come to realise that eating a burger and chips in front of a dieting girl during 'time of the month' munchies might be slight torture.

But this time; this time is different.

I'm exercising, meal-planning and most of all, enjoying it!

So here's where I'll be talking to myself a lot and writing everything and anything, either related to my weight loss, or otherwise simply keeping me sane!

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Well, it's 3am and apparently I'm not going to sleep, so I thought I'd make a start on this!

I decided on Tuesday to get back into the SW plan, this time 100%. Tuesday was hard, because it was mainly a day for me familiarising myself with the plan again. Thus, Tuesday didn't end up being 100%,

I didn't really stick to plan, and as my following food diary shows, I didn't really grasp the diet again straight away:

1 x White Bread (Medium) – (4 syns)

2 x Matteson’s Turkey Rashers (smoked) – (3 syns)
250g (raw) McCain’s Rustic Oven Chips – (2 ½ syns)
3 x Eggs (2 scrambled, one fried)
220g tin of Branston’s Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce

Vanilla Mini Milk Ice Lolly – (1 ½ syns)
2 x 70g bags of Fruitini Crinkly Apple Slices
2 x Ryvita Original – (HEXB)

And then...

30 syns on VODKA.

Oh, well done Laura-Jayne. Not.

Still, I didn't let that get me down (I lie, I was really angry for about 5 minutes the next day until I realised I didn't have a hangover and then I was happy again!). I'd started the "Couch to 10k" iPhone application, which was 40 minutes of alternating running for 30 seconds followed by walking 4:30 minutes. Made life a little harder for myself by running up and down hills on the meadows, but it made me feel a little bit better about all the syns I'd drank!

Wednesday was much better (mainly through lack of alcohol). Decided to have my first 'proper' Green Day.

2 x Ryvita – (HEXB)
2 x Dairylea Light Triangles – (HEXA)

295g tin of WW Chicken Noodle Soup – (2 ½ syns)

3x Quorn Sausages
220g tin of Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce
2 x Frylight Fried Egg
200g McCain’s Rustic Oven Chips – (2 syns)

80g Asda Great Stuff Apple & Grape Snack Pack
500ml Volvic Touch of Fruit – (5 syns)

Thing is - and this is probably because I've never stuck to Slimming World more than a couple of weeks - it seems a lot of food. I usually barely eat, I just eat the wrong things, but I'm forcing myself to eat more, and use my syns (which I never did before). Am I heading in the right direction or am I going off on a tangent?

Well, there you have it. First real post down, which means first major waffle to myself down.

Hi Rubymoss, thanks for popping in to my diary.

I can totally sympathise with you on having a boyfriend who can eat what he wants and never put on an ounce!
I also seem to use lots of my syns on vodka...

I have done slimming world before last year (lost about 10lb which I have since put back on) and I have to say that the weeks when I lost the most weight were the weeks when I was eating loads of free food.

good luck with your weightloss x


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Thank you very much xpinkladyx - I'm going to have to reevaluate my free and superfree food situation! :)

Food plan for today: RED DAY

2 x WW Brown Danish Bread – (HEXB)
2 x Turkey Rashers
Mullerlight Toffee Yoghurt


2 x Mini Babybel Light Cheddar Cheese’s – (HEXA)
2 x Quorn Sausages
Fried Egg
Fish with batter removed

Asda Great Stuff Grape and Melon Fruit Bag
2 x 142ml Lambrini Light - (5 syns)
1/2 tbsp Tomato Ketchup - (1/2 syn)
2 x Mikado - (1 syn)
Grape Bag - Asda Good For You
2 x Ryvita original - (HEXB)
Low Fat Natural Cottage Cheese - (0.5 syns)


This, once again, seems like a lot of food, and a lot of syns.
Am I just worrying too much? Lol.

The biggest temptation will be tonight with the football; I decided against going to the pub to watch it because a lot of the places that I go to have drinks offers, such as Double Vodka and Diet Coke for £1.50, which would tempt me to stray from singles, and probably over indulge on my syns. So I'm staying at home with the family and allowing myself half a bottle of Lambrini Light, mixed with Diet Lemonade to make it last longer! :)

Today's my first day in work while back on plan, so I better go and eat now before I get tempted by the lovely food in the shopping centre!


P.S For anyone who reads this Weight Loss Diary, I apologise for how much I waffle - I talk too much in real life, too!
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I'm really nervous!

I'm weighing myself for the first time tomorrow, and I'm hoping for some pretty positive results because I've been pretty good sticking to the diet this week. However, I also go away for three days tomorrow to see my favourite band Coheed and Cambria in Glasgow, Newcastle and London. We're running on pretty tight schedules what with trains and check-in times, and there are a lot of early starts.

I'm worried, because I know that it'll be harder to plan my meals when I'm constantly on the go!
I was thinking maybe having a couple of red days, it's easy to pick up cooked chicken, or cold chicken and snack on that. But what about Green Days? I love Tesco's Pastas, but how're you supposed to work out syn values?

I really don't want to jeopardise my weightloss, and I don't want to starve either! :(



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Well, weighed in this morning, and lost 2lbs! :D

Very happy with that, considering my 'blunder' night were I had 30 syns of Vodka >.<

I hope I manage to sty pretty good over the next couple of days, I plan to try and stick to the diet as much as I can, but write everything down and syn it all when I get home so I know where I stand for the rest of the week!

The plan was McDonald's breakfast every morning, but I'm not letting that happen! :D



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Well, the first gig was amazing!
Absolutely moshed at the front, so got a fair bit of exercise!

Not been too bad foodwise:

Ham and Mustard Wholemeal Sandwich
Apple Bag
Chicken Tikka Pieces
Low Fat Healthy Living Ham & Cheese Sandwich (Tesco)
3 x Vodka and Diet Coke.

So far resisted the pints. Having a sausage and bacon bap now but hopefully that's not too bad.



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Weigh-in Week 2, and I lost 1.4lbs!

Might not seem like much, but after the week I've had, I'm really happy!

Last week, due to travelling and going to gigs, I went way over my syn limit. I drank pints, I had sausage and eggs barms, I even had a BBQ on Sunday, and ate about 10 packets of crisps!
All I can imagine is that all that moshing at the gigs burnt some valuable calories! :D

Here's to be being on track an hopefully a better week ahead (although I'm going to France on Thurs...)



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Oh dear.

I am DREADING weigh-in tomorrow.

Ate farrr too much crap in France, and they didn't have Diet Coke in bars, so I ended up drinking Vodka and normal Coke. Here's guessing I've put about 5lb on.



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Am sure you'll be fine! Good to see someone else in the same boat with a man who thinks a chicken burger is something 'not too bad' cause it has salad in it XD

Good luck :)


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Hehe yeh always gonna think it could be worse, just get straight back on track :) am sure with Uni over you'll be celebrating for the Summer.


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So here we go!

Day 2 of the week that will get me back on track!
Finding it easier to plan my food diaries now I've been following plan for 2 weeks. I've never had much of a varied diet, I like to stick to certain foods, so I'm hoping this won't cause problems. I've introduced more fruit and veg into my diet where possible, so fingers crossed this works.

I don't know if this is remotely relevant, or just me imagining things, but I've never had nails that grow very well, they're always brittle. But since eating healthier and having my Healthy Extras, my nails have grown both longer and stronger, very quickly!



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Had Chickpea Dahl for my tea - it was absolutely amazing!
Also, resisted Takeaway whilst ordering from two different places for the family!
AND resisted alcohol, knowing I'll be using my saved syns for my night out tomorrow!

If I carry on like this, all should go well!



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I decided that going out tonight I'd allow myself 60 syns - I know that's a LOT but I barely go out with my friends (but when i do, we go crazy!) I've pretty much stuck to vodka all night, but I ended up getting a chicken tikka subway (BAD LAURA!)

Hopefully if I have MINIMAL syns all week I'll still lose weight! xxxxx


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I knew this would happen.

It's been a real bad week for me thus far, was at my sisters birthday BBQ yesterday and ended up having 2 burgers and god knows how many crisps :(

Now tomorrow I'm going to Nando's for her birthday meal, then I'm at a gig, which will probably end up with me drinking pints. I don't know whether to force myself to not do these things, or just start with a fresh frame of mind from Tuesday (my weigh-in day) xxx


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Well, I've had a confusing week, SW-wise. I've decided to properly start again from today, so I weighed-in, and I've lost 2lbs :) so pretty happy about that! Unfortunately, looks like the coming week is my * week, so not expecting much from my next weigh-in. Still, onwards and downwards!

I understand - I think everybody has good intentions at the start, then something always comes up in your life, for example, bad day, social event etc etc.
I turned 30 last month and something clicked in my head, I had my 1st child at 23 yrs old and we share the same birthday - I sat there and thought I have spent 7 yrs being unhappy with myself (with my 2nd child I stayed the same weight!!) and im not getting any younger, I have spent pretty much my twenties wishing I looked good in the latest fashion or avoiding going out as felt a mess!!
I am a strong person in every other way - im a single parent starting my third year of uni in sept, so I have self motivation etc - its just food that one thing that has such control over me.
If you would like a diet buddy to help I would be glad to help - we can help each other!!
My 1st weigh in is tomorrow night and im dreading it as the extra easy plan really confuses me!!!! but seems the most convenient way with fitting in with my family.
hope to speak soon - as you can tell im a waffler too lol.:)


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Thank you for replying on here!
You definitely do seem like a strong person - and a diet buddy sounds like such a good idea!

I've never actually attempted the Extra Easy diet until today... I'm not really a huge fan of vegetables so the only real superfree food I can have is fruit :/

Absolutely best of luck with your weigh-in tomorrow night, please make sure you let me know how you got on!

Look forward to speaking to you soon! :) xxxxx

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