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Russian Doll------Porridge

Russian Doll, You are my guardian angel, i've just had a big bowl of 'porridge'--toffee and walnut to be exact and it was really lovely and very filling. I did what you said, about 400mls of very hot water blended with the Cambridge sachet, poured into a big bowl. Then i added 2 dessert spoons of pure psyllium husks and stirred them in for quite a while and it resulted in lovely porridge.

can't wait to see the results in the poo department either.

will keep you all updated!

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Glad to be of help Davina :)

I just had my porrige this morning and feel fit to burst! LOL It's amazing how you can get such a big filling bowful out of one little sachet isn't it!

As for the poo dept ... you're now well on the way to toilet bliss!! :D

(Can you believe how we talk about this stuff? LOL)


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Sorry to jump you thread but my thanks too RD. I followed your tips and last night put 2 tsp in a vanilla shake which was delish and this morning - result!!! Better than on conventional food(TMI sorry!!)
what i love is i'm doing nothing illegal. Psyllium husks have no calories, carbs or fat so as they pass straight through the body you feel wonderfully full and if anything should feel better from all accounts as the 'poo' shouldn't stay so long in the body and get 'old' so as to speak. Once again Russian Doll, i feel the best i've felt today and its day 32 for me.



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i have been awaiting this recipe for ages...thank god u posted this lol.


You get the psyllium husks from a health food shop or online, just make sure they are pure and natural with nothing added to them. Mine are in a 300g tub.

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WOW! Thanks! I tried it the other way round (husks in the hot water then adding the pack) DO NOT DO THIS! - it ended up a lumpy slimey mess. This way round is yummy! For the fist time since doing this diet.... I am so full!!!!!
It may sound daft but something this simple, knowing you can now have a filling breakfast or lunch or dinner, could mean all the difference between a person carrying on with the diet or giving up before reaching goal. I appreciate this kind of food is not for everyone but if anyone is missing something really 'carby' tasting and in texture but without the calories or carbs, i really urge them to try this and experiment with all the different flavours,

S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
i have just been on the website and ordered some p. rusks, I am going to to make some porrige.

whats the nicest flavour shake to make into porrige?

thanks everyone!

x x
S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
In my opinion toffee & walnut is the best ... especially with a bit of cinnamon powder sprinkled on top.

Vanilla is also nice and I've made it with chocolate too.
Ooo I gotta try it.

Does it actually taste like flavoured porridge? Only I think my hubby could do with a bowl as he's missing food (but I'm proud to say he hasn't caved in and we're nearly at the end of week 4!) but he doesn't like porridge.

P. :cool:
I have ordered some husks I bet the website owner on wonders what the hell is going on with all us ladies ordering rusks! LOL



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OMG!!! I feel as if I'm missing out!!! :eek: Gonna have to try this tomorrow morning even though I'm not doing SS at the moment!!
I agree with Russian Doll about the toffee and walnut and i had vanilla this am with cinnamon sprinkled on top. I'm looking forward to trying the chocolate and banana flavours too and even butterscotch or cappuccino. I now get to lunchtime without feeling hungry as all that fibre really fills you up.

Russian doll

do you think it's taking the p--- to use the psyllium husks twice a day on the 790 plan? How often do you do that and has your weight slowed down at all. i would only do it on 'hungry days'




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Can this be used on the Sole Source program?
I have ordered some psyllium husks ready!

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