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Hopefully I've found you!

I am longing to know how you got on last week! How did it all go? Are you really excited or a bit daunted by all the reading? What are you fellow students like - and what are the lecturers like??

And, of course, how is your VLCD going?? I've been off the diet for a little while - my partner and I are splitting up and it's all been quite stressful - once it's all resolved I hope to get back onto it!

Hopefully we can meet up for a coffee soon - when are your lectures?

We've been back 3 weeks now, already the pressures of assessments are looming - 2 due in in 2 weeks time, eek, and I haven't done nearly enough reading!

Take care and enjoy!

Kangy x
Hi Kangy
Remind me - your at Chi ... yes?
What about all that rain yesterday?? Where you there? The square between the canteen and the chapel was transformed into a swimming pool!!

It was a strange week. I had my first three lectures in Heritage studies, English Language & Victorian Literature. The heritage one was the most tedious, not because of the subject but because the tutor banged on about the module itself and just read through the module handbook for two hours! I thought "Cut us a break: I learned to read when I was about 5 and could do this at home!!"

I've got my first creative writing lecture on Tuesday and am looking forward to that.
The amount of reading and the looming first assessments are a bit daunting to say the least. Our formative assignment in heritage studies is a group presentation so we're supposed to form into small groups ASAP and get that sorted. Logistics may be a problem though as it's a small class consisting mostly of youngsters who are residential - oh well, I'll just have to dive in and force one of the groups to take in a crinkly!

I'm starting to find my way around the campus - which isn't hard I suppose as it's so small! Do you find it's a bit like Hogwarts in that there are mystery corridors that you don't remember being there the last time you went that way? :)

I seriously considering joining the Uni gym as I finish early on two of the days and I could be getting a work-out before going home. The Gold membership is only £110 for the year and I don't think there are any extra costs involved but I'll have to check.

I'm in on Tuesdays 9-11, Thursdays 10-12 and Fridays 10-12 and 1-3.

What subject are you taking?
Yep - I'm at Chi, too. I've just started my 2nd year in History. We took the Heritage Studies - is yours with Amanda Richardson? I remember that persentation well!! I am lucky there are quite a few of us crinklys on my course, and also the younger ones seem quite happy to mix with us - not always the case I know! I wasn't there for the rain, I was supposed to be but missed my boat (I'm on the Isle of Wight) so didn't make it.

I'm quite used to the corridors now, but it does take a while - yes it is a bit like hogwats! But I like the fact so much of it is so old, it adds character. We have 2 formatives looming before reading week, 2 more afterwards then in no time 2 3000 word essays and 2 exams!!!

I have a lecture Tues 9-11 too, shall we meet up one Tues?? My twins are in the creche at Chichester College and I will have to check if they can have them an extra hour one week. Let me know! I can't do this week, maybe the following??
Yes I've got Amanda Richardson for HS :)

It would be great to meet for a coffee: Tuesday after next would be brilliant!

I'll PM you nearer the time and we can work it out properly. :D

I'm thinking of joining the gym and getting a couple of workouts a week .... I'll check out how scary the trainers are first!! ;)