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Sachet swaps

rainbow brite

Has anyone here taken some sachets back to the chemist and asked for them to be replaced with other flavours?

Just thought I'd ask here before bugging my pharmacist as I really can't stand the chocolate or vanilla so don't really want to have to force myself to drink them.
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yes my first week i took the soup back and last week i took the flapjaks back they should change them no problem x

rainbow brite

Brilliant, thanks for getting back to me on this one :)
They will change them no probs at all xxx
I swapped my soup with a friend and when I told my pharmacist she said I could have just taken them back and changed them.

Now I know this I may be tempted to try the soup and the flapjacks next week lol

rainbow brite

I swear they douse the flabjacks in Marmite lol! Okay so I highly doubt they do that but I thought they tasted like it! Hope you like them though :)

Yeah, went to the pharmacist today and the man was very nice. Well, when I say I went that's a little white lie... my grandmother did it for me because I was too scared to ask! o_O Such a wussy! Anyway, he just asked why I wanted to change and then laughed when she said it's because I could barely get them down without gagging. Subsequently she came out with a whole bag of strawberry! (and 4 flappyjackys)

Not as painful as I'd imagined it would be! :D
I couldn't get the flapjack down at 1st without glugging a pint of water to wash it away. Still have them now 4 when I can't make shakes at work. I always liked all the shakes think they're scrummy but think with anything if you're gonna stick at it it might be worth tolerating them and you'll probably get to like them just to give you more choice? ps Chemist always swap mine without question. Good Luck xx
I find the flapjacks really useful for when I am at work. They are an acquired taste - and easy to eat discreetly.

Are the flapjacks as filling as the shakes, and do they give you the munchies for something else to chew? I suppose by the sound of it its a 'thank goodness thats over' kind of a meal lol
they wouldnt let me have flapjacks in the first week, was that the case with anyone else?
Flapjacks are an acquired taste and not one I will be acquiring sadly as I had so looked forward to chewing something - Afraid I have had to stick to Strawberry during the day and Soup at night. Boredom of the flavours is now starting to settle in but already know I will stick with it to the end as head is in the right place despite the moaning!!
No u don't get flapjacks in week 1. When u hit ketosis you don't feel hungry anyway so chewing a flapjack won't make you hungrier. You have to remeber to drink extra water tho to make up for missin out on a shake x

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