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  1. Samalama

    Samalama Full Member

    I had been a member of minimins for a long time but never posted until yesterday when I realised that this was the place to come to share with others who really understand what it means to undergo a weight loss regime!

    I was a big Slimming World fan and that did a great job for me a few years ago but I find the SW is very hard to cheat on and after I hit a goal and went on holiday it was really hard to get back on the wagon and I pretended I was following the plan but of course I wasn't... just indenial.

    I've had a couple of health problems over the last 12 months, a lumbar issue in my back and then a ligament tear in the knee and what with a couple of other holidays and Christmas and before you know I piled on 2 and a half stone... urgh! The weight also seems to have piled on in different areas than before and I thought it felt worse when I went on a new bcpill so I just took myself off that to see what that would do to my body... I'm 42 so I think it's time my body took a break from it and see what the menopause may bring.

    A colleague got me onto My Fitness Plan so I thought why the heck not give Calorie Counting a try. For my height and weight ... and I have checked and double checked this.... I need to eat 1260 a day to get a 2 pound a week weightloss and the first week I lost 3 pounds but this past week I STS

    I'm also concerned about bloating and I'm trying to increase my water intake but have decided to now cut out caffeine, fizzy drinks diet or not and chewing gum.

    For the main part I have 4 drinks a week tops, usually 2 glasses of wine and 1 large vodka and 1 beer so I don't feel I need to give that up.

    The weekends can be hard, my hubby does a great job at being supportive and we plan the meals appropriately but Fridays is usually my rubbish food day.

    Today for example consists of:

    Starbucks Cappuccino Skinny
    Bran Flakes with skimmed milk

    Tomato, butternut squash and lentil soup with 2 slices of wholemeal toast with laughing cow light.

    Tonight - one 250ml of red wine, half a shop bought pizza with lettuce, coleslaw and beetroot

    Water and peppermint tea

    This gives me just shy of 1260 calories and not a lot to show for it but I live for pizza on a Friday night LOL otherwise I can usually eat a lot of food for 1260 calories in a day.

    My goal really is to be the same size I was back in 2008 when I was able to fit into this lovely PINK dress and I want to wear it again! I then want to maintain the weight and look to lose more but I thought it was best to pick a realistic goal in the first place.

    Thanks in advance for reading and sharing my journey with me.
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  3. Squeezyweezy

    Squeezyweezy Gold Member

    Hi Samalama,

    welcome to calorie counting. You are definitley in the right place. I have tried EVERY diet under the sun and this is by far the best. Its easy to follow, you can treat yourself and you are in complete control.

    If you read some of the other diaries you will see that there are a few of us that live for our naughty treats at the weekend, so you are not alone.

    MFP is pretty great. It seems to take all the hardwork out of counting the calories, and there are some great people on there. I'll look out for you and add you as a friend.

    Look forward to chatting to you, lots of hugs xxx :D
  4. Bostik

    Bostik Gold Member

    Good luck! :)
  5. Legomom

    Legomom Gold Member

    Pizza!! :) yum. Good luck!! I'm sure you'll be dancing around in that dress in no time!!

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  6. Samalama

    Samalama Full Member

    Thanks for the support ladies and for reading!

    Had to go to the Osteopath today OMG it was hell but worth it my lower back has been killing me all week. I have to ice it and keep it moving this weekend and then I can go back to the gym next week. My osteopath was great at giving me some good at what my limitations are with the back and my dodgy knees so hopefully I start to work out.

    I'm a little confused as to how doing a work-out means I get more calories to eat, I know that some of you talk about exercise and net calories and the what not but not really sure I get that? Also can you bank calories as long as you eat them that same week?

    Today I tried the Covent Garden Hearty Vegetable soup the little carton - 99 calories but I didn't like it, too peppery and just not nice.

    Food intake today has been:

    30g Bran Flakes with 100ml Skimmed milk

    Hearty Veggie Soup with 2 slices of wholemeal and extra light laughing cow x 2
    1 snack bag of pretzels

    1 6oz filet steak
    1 small baked potato with WW creme fraiche
    lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and green pepper
    1 glass of red wine

    I still have 144 calories to use hmmmm what to have
  7. lindseydodd408

    lindseydodd408 Gold Member

    I read somewhere that your body will only remember a calorie defacit for 12 hours, so banking is not a good idea.

    MFP recommends that I eat 1350 net cals a day. If I eat that much but then do an aerobics class that burns 400 cals, then I'm only on 950 net cals for that day. This is not enough energy to keep my body working effectively, if I do this too often then my body goes on lock down and I don't lose any weight.

    You need enough fuel to keep your fire burning!

    Good luck x
  8. Squeezyweezy

    Squeezyweezy Gold Member

    Basically what Lindsey says.

    Im on 1650 calories a day and today I did a work out that earned me 800 calories. This leaves me with 850 NET calories. That won't be enough to fuel me, so I always make sure my NET cals are about 1500 - 1600. It just means I can eat a bit more to bring up my net. Has that made it any clearer? or am I just rambling crap? I do that alot. :D
  9. Samalama

    Samalama Full Member

    OK so I get the net calories and exercise thing, now all I have to do is do some exercise :)

    So clearly I think my body is in starvation mode but I'm really going by MFP tells me and I feel I have to stick to it and remember this is because I am not doing any exercise right now! However tomorrow I have the girls coming round becasuse I don't want to go out and being at home I get to control what we all eat and drink but they want my cocktails eeeek! I make really good Appletinis and Cosmopolitans but I think I'm going to have to stick to just 2. Hopefully the Hubby won't be going out and this way if I know he's in the house I won't be tempted to drink too much... he's my conscience!

    Yesterday was an OK day I didn't eat/drink all my calories again just by about 100 but time got away from me and it was as much as I could do to shove a glass of red wine down me before 9pm!

    Sunday's diary was:

    Bran Flakes

    Baked Beans
    Wholemeal Toast
    Laughing Cow Cheese

    Fruit Pastille Lolly - really low calories!

    Roast Chicken - breast only
    Lots of salad
    Small helping of new potatoes

    Glass of Red wine

    Today is going OK but we'll see how I go when I get home.

    Going to make fajitas tomorrow and the girls will have the tortilla wraps but I'm only going to treat myself to one and just eat the filling myself which I am making from scrap my recipe. They're not going to know what a healthy meal they are really eating!
  10. Squeezyweezy

    Squeezyweezy Gold Member

    Sounds like things are going well hun. Your diary looks yummy. I love fruit pastel lollies, didn't realise they were so low in calories. I shall be adding those to my shopping trolley tonight!!

    As for the cocktails, Im not the best person to give advice as my absolutley favourite cocktail is an Appletini. I may be coming round tomorrow night to sample yours. Its all very sex and the city!!!
  11. nurseberyl

    nurseberyl Full Member

    Hello honey, whats your name on MFP? I am hannahemilie if you want to add me x
  12. lindseydodd408

    lindseydodd408 Gold Member

    Don't get too paranoid about going over, it happens to all of us, sometimes you just need a bit of munch! In my head a day I'm under or on MFP limit its a great day... but any day where I'm under the 2000 net cal maintenance limit is still a day where I've created some defecit, so still a good day. x
  13. Legomom

    Legomom Gold Member

    I hate exercise but walking is a great way to get some extra cals!! If I walk to the off licence and back then I generally earn myself two glasses of vino ;)

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  14. Squeezyweezy

    Squeezyweezy Gold Member

    :rotflmao: :party0036:
  15. Samalama

    Samalama Full Member

    Oh god really crap news.... my hubby has been made redundant after 6 months in the role, he was out of work for over 12 months before this... it's actually the 3rd time he's been made redundant in 5 years, poor guy and poor us :(

    Well I didn't feel much like eating after that but hubby is making me eat a dessert and custard so that I keep my calorie intake LOL

    LMAO Legomom I just saw your post you crack me up.
  16. Legomom

    Legomom Gold Member

    Ugh redundant husbands!! That's so poo love. Mine got laid off a few yrs ago it was horrible!!
    He'd left the company he'd been with since 17 for another that promised better training and prospects but they folded within 6 months. He had to go back to the old company and start from scratch :( it's taken almost 5 yrs for him to get back into his old job role/salary.
    But my hubby works in theme parks so it's not the most transferable skill set lol I'm sure your OH will have better luck finding something new!!! But oh my ain't they hard to live with when they r out of work?? Lol. Mine was anyway!!!!

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  17. nurseberyl

    nurseberyl Full Member

    Ah sorry about your hubby. I hope he finds something really soon.
  18. Samalama

    Samalama Full Member

    Well last time they hubby was made redundant was 2 years ago almost to the day he got the heave-ho this time - he was out of work for 18 months and just too damn choosey but we'll be OK it's just a tiny stress that we could do without. Mine is actually OK at home it's just he's there the whole time 24/7 but luckily our house is split over 3 floors so we manage not to wind each other up. He's also really good at doing cleaning and cooking so honestly it's not as bad as it could be and he still gets up at 5.45 every day when he's not working, he's pretty focussed.

    I'm just not sure how insane he will drive me if he's out of work for another 18 months!
  19. Samalama

    Samalama Full Member

    Thank hun :)
  20. Samalama

    Samalama Full Member

    So food wise turned out to be a bad day yesterday because I didn't eat enough :sigh:

    Bran Flakes
    Skimmed Milk

    Jacket Potato
    Tuna Salad

    I will be making up for that tonight for sure but not going too over board.. famous last words.

    It was my WI day today and I've lost 2 pounds so that's some good news :)
  21. Viking82

    Viking82 Full Member

    I also have a pink dress to get back into :D it looks lovely, but I haven't worn it in years - better check the fabric isn't perished...

    Good luck today! Hope you make ip the calories, and Best to your hubby and hope a new job comes up soon.

    Well done on the 2 lbs! That's great!

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