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  1. Sammysmiles

    Sammysmiles Full Member

    Well, here I am again a couple of years after losing by following Exante. I was kind of successful the first time but was on and off plan. I only had a little to lose but now I have quite a bit.... Eek!

    So I am 12st 10 and would like to be 10 stone or 9.7 would be amazing :) How many pounds is that, 38 pounds? Or 45. Seems like such a big number.

    im on day 2 now and I'm a serial weigher. Going to try and stay away from the scales until next Monday but I'm hoping to be in the 11's if possible but hey any loss is better than a gain right?

    So, day one was fine but today is tricky as I'm starving!! Previously you could only have one bar a day, has this changed at all? Does anyone know?

    drinking Coke Zero to stave off pangs but looking forward to an early night. Plus we find out if my youngest has gotten into our primary school of choice tomorrow, hope the news doesn't send me diving into the biscuit barrel.

    come on willpower, kick in!!
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  3. Denisesuzanne

    Denisesuzanne Full Member

    Keep away from the biscuit tin lol you can do this I did lighter life a few years ago and put it all and more back on and I don't want to gain again. I started ex ante 3 February and have lost 3st 8 to date so it does work its just first few days that are hard think of how you will feel Monday when you are smaller
  4. Sammysmiles

    Sammysmiles Full Member

    Wow! You've done amazingly well, I hope I'm as successful. I'm trying to take it day by day but looking forward to weigh in as it's a good way to spur me on.

    What's your secret?
  5. becky slim to be!

    becky slim to be! Full Member

    Hello and welcome! Good luck with your journey and hope your little one gets into the School!

    35Ib isn't actually that much and can be achieved so quickly by sticking 100% to TS! Good luck :) xxx
  6. mrs-m

    mrs-m Member

    Best of luck, Sammy. I'm on Day 4 today and feeling OK so far. Touch wood!
  7. Sammysmiles

    Sammysmiles Full Member

    Day 3 here Mrs M, why are the mornings easier and the evenings so hard? I'm going to be going to bed at 7 pm at this rate ha ha. Told my husband that I'm on yet another diet, he just rolls his eyes but I'm so determined, I don't want another summer of floaty maxi dresses and cardigans :(

    Becky, how are you doing with Exante? The pounds don't sound too bad, it's when you put into stones it feels huge. I just want to see 11 on the scales as I'll feel better I think?

    He didn't get our choice of school, I cried this morning as he has a disability and I chose the safest school for him to get around etc and they've given him one with nothing he requires to move around safely. Why does everything feel like a battle some days?
  8. Sammysmiles

    Sammysmiles Full Member

    Took the little one to a farm today and took my bar and a litre of water with me whilst the boys had chocolate and crisps followed by a KFC on the way home!

    I did succumb to a couple of chips but apart from that I've been really good :)

    Wish it was next Monday and weigh day already!
  9. Sammysmiles

    Sammysmiles Full Member

    Okay had a sneaky weigh in this morning and I've lost 5 pounds :) really happy with that number.

    Day 4 today, slow cooked some gammon last night as I'm making pea and ham soup for Good Friday. It smelt so good as I shredded it, must stay away from the gammon!!
  10. Lara1986

    Lara1986 Gold Member

    Well done on sticking to plan so far.. I have just started exante too - have about a stone and a half to shift - ambitiously hoping to do that in 6 weeks!! But even a stone in that time would be ok.

    Anyway I'll keep an eye on your progress, keep it up!!!
  11. Lara1986

    Lara1986 Gold Member

    Also sorry to hear about your sons school :-( is it possible to appeal the decision? Sounds like you have good grounds.
  12. Sammysmiles

    Sammysmiles Full Member

    Eeek, fell off the wagon a little yesterday. Had a couple of sandwiches on our picnic after a 4 mile walk :(

    Back on it today though, onwards and upwards. I feel annoyed at myself but will still weigh in on Monday and hope for a loss.

    The 11's may not be in sight now ?
  13. Sammysmiles

    Sammysmiles Full Member

    Lara, when did you start? I bet you'll have the first stone gone in 2 weeks :)

    Been on the loo all morning, boy do I know I've cheated ha!
  14. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Good idea to still weigh Monday Sammy. It will help get you back on track. Hope today is going well x
  15. Sammysmiles

    Sammysmiles Full Member

    Thanks Susie, I was 100% yesterday even though my husband and little one made home made pizzas..... Correction, I made them ha ha but didn't eat one slice. Just had my bar.

    Just had my chocolate shake with a shot of coffee along with some water. My danger times are mid afternoon to early evening so as long as I keep myself busy I should be okay.

    Another party to go to this afternoon but I'm going to sit this one out as I can't control myself around alcohol and BBQ food :)
  16. Lara1986

    Lara1986 Gold Member

    Couple of days ago!! Not used packs today as at a friends house but keeping it low carb!
  17. Sammysmiles

    Sammysmiles Full Member

    Oh dear, I've messed up big time! Used MFP to put in what 'extras' I've had and 3 days in a row I messed up!

    How you can mess up 3 packs a day I don't know but at least for the last 2 days I've been 100
  18. Sammysmiles

    Sammysmiles Full Member

    Whoops, pressed send by accident!

    So, I've been 100% for 4 days out of 7. What a tool I am!

    Going to weigh in as usual tomorrow then go completely 100% next week.

    I'm not hoping for a great loss at all and I only used MFP because when I weighed this morning I had only lost 2 pounds after my earlier weigh in when I'd lost 5.
  19. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    New start tomorrow x
  20. Sammysmiles

    Sammysmiles Full Member

    Thanks Susie, yes tomorrow nothing but Exante will pass my lips :)
  21. Sammysmiles

    Sammysmiles Full Member

    So weighed in this morning as it's day 7 and I'm 5 pounds down.

    I'm happy with that seeing as though I have been naughty.

    12st 5 now, let's see what this week brings :(

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