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Sarah newbie going it alone!


I will be a yummy mummy!
I've been on Slimming World on and off for about the last three years - but this year is FOR REAL!
I'm skint so not going to class, so need as much help as possible!
I'm pretty good with the rules - it's sticking to them that's my problem!

Anyway I've been inspired by some of your food diaries so thought I'd add my own, might make me a bit stricter if I have to share where I've slipped up!

So please get in touch if you want to comment on my 'habits'!

So far I have lost 9lbs in 5 weeks which I'm pretty pleased with - I'm aiming for a stone every 2 months. I WI on the Boots scales every Saturday morning.
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I will be a yummy mummy!
Last week...

Here we go, I'll start off with last week (I'm a geek - I write everything down!):

Monday 8th Feb - Green (total syns - 6)
Breakfast - Egg fried in frilight on one slice of wholemeal toast (from 800g loaf) (Hex B) with 1 tsp low fat spread (1 syn)

Lunch - Home-made veg soup - leek, potato, tinned toms, green beans, spinach & lots of herbs

Dinner - Spaghetti arrabiatta and salad (shallotts, garlic, chilli flakes cooked with passatta, some sweetner and balsamic vinegar)
1 tbsp of olive oil (Hex B) used half in the sauce, half to make a salad dressing with shallots and balsamic vinegar.
28g Cheddar Cheese on top (HexA)

Snacks: Banana, fat free yog, Blue Ribband bar (5 Syns)

Tuesday 9th Feb - Green(total syns - 8)
Breakfast - Oat so simple and milk (Hex B & A) with sweetner

Lunch - Vegetable soup (as above)

Dinner - Mushroom rissotto (made using 1 tbsp parmesan - 1.5syns and some low fat creme fraiche 1 syn)

Snacks - banana, fat free yog, cheese toastie (made with Hex A 28g cheddar and 2 small slices wholemeal HexB and slither of brown sauce - 0.5syn), slice of corned beef from fridge (???) - 4 syns, oh and 2 cola bottle sweets (1syn)

Wednesday 10th Feb - Red (total syns - 12)
Breakfast - Ham and 28g cheese toastie (Hex A & B) with half tbsp brown sauce (1/2 syn)

Lunch - wholemeal roll (Hex B) with ham and 1 tbsp pickle (1 syn) and a salad with fat free dressing

Dinner - Chicken and veg casserole, cauliflower, brocolli and green beans (didn't eat too much of this as didn't feel great)

Snacks - banana, fat free yog, wotsits (5.5 syns), 10 cola bottles (5 syns)

Thursday 11th Feb - Green (Total syns 3.5)
Breakfast - beans on 2 small slices wholemeal (Hex B)

Lunch - Spanish omelette made with new potatoes, spring onions, peppers and spinach

Dinner - Beans and cheesy mash (mashed potato made with dash of milk from Hex A, 28g low fat spread between 2 (2.5syns each) and 56g each of cheddar (Hex A & B) on top and baked until golden. Really good - needed comfort food

Snacks - banana

Friday 12th Feb - EE(Where it all went wrong... )
Breakfast - 2 small slices wholemeal toast, 2tsp low fat spread (2 syns) and marmite

Lunch - baked sweet potato & 57g light philadelpia (HexA) - not sure if I'm allowed this if being strict

Dinner - stir fry with chicken marinated in soy and 5spice, garlic, spring onion, mushrooms, noodles and 1tbsp sweet chilli sauce (1.5syns)

Snacks - Banana, Fat free yog, lean chicken slices.
Then the evening started with an innocent Blue Ribband (5syns) then OH convinced me that we should go through a bottle of Prosecco and a bottle of Cava (!!!) then because I was hungry and rather tipsy, we had a thin based Goodfellas Delicia Pepperoni pizza between us at about midnight - Oooops! :cry:


I will be a yummy mummy!
Plan for today

I will be weighing in later on this morning (long lie in after last night's exploits!!)

I was hoping for about 2lb but may have dashed that now!

I had a look back at my diaries and a couple of weeks ago I lost 4lbs in a week on EE so going to go EE all week this week too, Also need to make sure I eat more fruit!

Here's plan for today:

Saturday 13th Feb - EE
Breakfast - Grilled bacon, fat removed, made into a toastie with 2 small slices wholemeal and some sliced tomato

Lunch - SW chips and syn free chip shop curry sauce last night (saucy secrets book) with loads of vinegar! Then some strawberries

Dinner - Chicken breasts wrapped in bacon (fat removed), served with either sauteed (in fry light) or crushed new potatoes, a creamy mushroom and pepper sauce (made with low fat creme fraiche - 1.5syns per tbsp) and some veggies

Snacks - Syn free pancake (from the recipes page) with lemon and splenda - yum!
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"......Snacks - Banana, Fat free yog, lean chicken slices.
Then the evening started with an innocent Blue Ribband (5syns) then OH convinced me that we should go through a bottle of Prosecco and a bottle of Cava (!!!) then because I was hungry and rather tipsy, we had a thin based Goodfellas Delicia Pepperoni pizza between us at about midnight - Oooops! ".......

:) hiya sarah..your friday looks bit like mine lol...tho to be fair on me mines been a hormonal thing this weekend..:sigh:

I had maanged to get my weekends under control....but have felt really off since my birthday 4th feb-i had take away n cake n bubbly....but felt ok and got back onto plan...but then hornones struck and havnt managed to get back on plan til today...dunno why it happens just wish it wouldnt...i lost 6 lbs week before my birthday....now thinking il have put that much back on lol...ive no excuse tho..ive no other half to tempt me lololo...
tho it has to be said...NAWTY-SARAHS-OTHER-HALF!! there that told him for you lol :p

have to say its fun reading peoples food diaries...i like yours cos you so honest! soo hope you dont mind me poking my nose in yours each week lol...

tc and have a good week x

ps my food diary is "blufizz munch memoirs"


I will be a yummy mummy!
Thanks Blufizz
Yes last night was not good at all!
It's wine that's my true downfall...
Should be ok today, but out for the day tomorrow (prob lunch and wine included) and have a M&S Valentines meal for 2 tomorrow night.
Then back on track Monday (I promise!)

You have to enjoy your birthday tho - so don't feel so bad. I truly believe that dieting is all about your head being in the right place - I just need to get back to that place!

Thanks for replying, I'll check your diary out too
totally agree..took me over a year to go back to sw....and tho had ups n down the weights coming off and im feeling so much better :)

im sticking to lots of soup and fruit this weekend...and lots of sw chips...feel need comfort food lol...
What did the cury sauce taste like?


I will be a yummy mummy!
Yay - just weighed in - 2lb off!!!

So that's 11lbs since 2nd Jan
Just had the curry sauce now - really nice. Did feel like it was missing something though, so might add some vinegar next time and more garlic - needed more of a twang.
You've done really well - you've lost loads. Know what you mean about comfort food tho - and my sw chips were just what I needed!
hey well done you :D

considering your going it alone-which i know is blooming hard lol-thats brill...good for you girl!

Did you make the curry sauce recipe up yourself or from a sw book?
I need something free to dip my chips in cos im using too many sins on ketchup lol...

ive managed to get back on track over the weekend and the hormones have slunk away lol....made some speed soup up and huge pot of meat-free chilli...should keep me going til wed am wi lol..

have a good week :)


I will be a yummy mummy!
New week - Damage Limitation

Hi sorry for delay in replying. Haven't managed to get on.

Right... Sunday was a total write off with smoked salmon scrambled eggs (OH had on toast, I had a grilled field mushroom and cherry vine tomatoes) - doesn't sound so bad does it?

Then lunch - oops! Went to Pizza Hut for a romantic lunch and as well as the bready, meaty starter, and Quatro Staggione pizza (oops!!) we managed to make our way through 2 bottles of wine.

Well... the rest of this week is definately about damage limitation!


I will be a yummy mummy!
New Week - Damage Limitation

So far so good

Monday 15th - EE
Breakfast: Ham omelette and baked beans
Lunch: Jacket potato with baked beans (hmm bean overload perhaps?)
Dinner: HM Beef burger, sf chips, huge salad. HEx B bread roll, Hex A cheese & ketchup and xtra lite salad cream (about 1 syn's worth)
Snacks/syns: FF peach yog, melon & grapes, couple of slices lean chicken and splash of milk in coffee (1/2)
Total syns: 1.5

Tuesday 16th - EE
Breakfast: Ham and cheese toastie on 2 small slices of wholemeal with 28g cheddar (Hex A & B) & 1/2 tbsp brown sauce (0.5 syns)
Lunch: Batchelors savoury chicken rice, with ham and salad
Dinner: Beef chilli (made with shallotts, garlic, peppers, xtra lean mince, cumin, paprika, chilli and passatta), with Batchelors Mexican rice
Snacks/Syns: Carrot sticks, melon & grapes, 2 syn free pancakes (while OH was eating about 20 thick American style pancakes with maple syrup :mad:), splash of milk in coffee (1/2) and 6 cola bottles (3) - think this is right? So much for no naughty treats this week!
Total syns: 4

I figured if I don't eat any syns this week (apart from with meals and coffee etc), so no naughty treats, then I might be ok... fingers crossed!!!
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I will be a yummy mummy!
Wow Nicholas, that's an amazing loss you had last year - you'll def be able to do it all again if you put your mind to it. I'm trying to lose a stone every 2 months - and I'm sure SW is the only diet that would work for me - I get too hungry and tired of measuring otherwise!!
Hi Sarah,

Just came across your food diary and it looks great. Well done on your weight-loss so far!

I am also the same as you. I have been on and off slimming world for 3-4 years but never seem to stick with it and this time i am going it alone as i also don't want to pay for the classes at the moment! I always do well for a while and then just give up (not good). I also find wine my downfall! Drink way too much of it and then end up eating bad cause of it!

But we can do it this time, keep up the good work, you are doing great and you will be at your goal in no time x


I will be a yummy mummy!
Sunday 28th February

Sorry been a bit rubbish at going on here - need to be more disciplined!
Fab news yesterday - 4lbs off! Which brings me to 1st 2lbs in total since Jan 2nd.

Anyway food for today, still sticking with EE:

Omelette with hot smoked salmon

Leftover SW KFC Chicken from tea last night - 3 pieces (3syns) with salad, some light mayo and xtra light salad cream (1.5 syns)

Syn Free Cottage pie with cheesy mash (Hex B)
Hex A being used on milk allowance (drink lots of coffees on a Sunday!)

Pudding - fizzy strawberry jelly terrine with strawberries and grapes and 2 tbsp squirty cream (1syn)
Then some Total 0% mixed with a hazelnut options & 2 tbsp squirty cream (2.5 syns)
Oh and 2 vodka, lime and sodas (5syns)

Total syns for day: 13
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I will be a yummy mummy!
Monday 1st March
Happy St David's Day

'Fried' egg, beans, grilled tomato and quorn sausage

Jacket potato with baked beans

Penne with tomato, basil and bacon sauce. Added some leftover salami - 3 slices for 14g or 1.5syns between 2 (shall count 1syn)
Hex B for xtra virgin olive oil Hex A for cheese

Muller Light Vanilla, carrot sticks, banana,
Last piece of leftover SW KFC Chicken (1syn)

Coffees - dash of milk x 3 (1.5syn)
Blue Ribband choc bar - 5 syns

Total syns: 8.5
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I will be a yummy mummy!
Tuesday 2nd March EE

Breakfast: Spaghetti hoops on 2 small wholemeal (Hex B) (1 syn for LF spread)

Lunch: Spanish omelette with red onion, pepper, ham & sliced tomatoes

Dinner: Oops... ended up having a Chinese and lots of white wine!! Not good at all. Was pre-celebrating my b'day on Saturday

Snacks/Syns: 1 Cadbury choc finger (1.5)
2 dashes of milk for coffee (1syn)
Carrot Sticks
Chinese food & wine - lots and lots and lots

Oh well, hopefully will not totally ruin the week...
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I will be a yummy mummy!
Wednesday 3rd March - EE

Well after yesterday's disaster :mad: , back on track today...

Breakfast - 2 small slices wholemeal (Hex B), LF spread (2syns) and marmite

Lunch - Pasta with red onion, garlic & passatta

Dinner - Left over cottage pie with veg and new potatoes (Hex A for cheese)

Snacks - Toffee mullerlight, Carrot sticks, banana, apple
Maybe some jelly for pud tonight with 2 tbsp squirty cream (1syn)
1 thin slice corned beef and brown sauce (1syn)
Dash of milk in 2 coffees - (1 syn)

Total syns for day: 5 Syns
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I will be a yummy mummy!
Thursday 4th March - EE

Breakfast: 2 small wholemeal toast (HexB) with Spag hoops and 1tsp LF spread (1 syn)

Lunch: Salad of lettuce, onion, pepper, cucumber, new pots, peas, green beans and hard boiled eggs.

Dinner: Syn free Malai chicken curry out of my SW Curry Feast book. Wasn't great - all the yoghurt curdled so had to take the chicken out of the sauce.
With rice and some potatoes sauteed in fry light

Snacks: Strawberry Muller light, carrot sticks, banana, apple
1 think slice corned beef and drizzle of brown sauce - 1 syn

Total Syns: 2

Saturday is going to be my naughty day - it's my B'day so being treated by my hubby to lunch and a spa day at a nice hotel, with a 3 course dinner there and overnight stay! Plus hotel breakfast next day.

Will be ok at breakfast and will def stick to it then. But Saturday is my DAY OFF!
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I will be a yummy mummy!
Friday 5th March - EE

Breakfast: 2 small slices wholemeal (Hex B) with 'fried' egg (1syn for LF spread)

Lunch: Ham pasta salad

Dinner: Pork Stir fry with mushroom, spring onions and sweet chilli sauce (1.5syns) and noodles
Snacks: Piece of chocolate birthday cake in work - prob about 7 syns! (Would usually resist but couldn't really say no to my own bday cake!)

Ooops, then I went and drank a load of cava (over half a bottle!!)
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