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Sarah83's Tasty Food Diary


I will be a yummy mummy!

I have been off the site for a while - decided to have a naughty month off. Haven't weighed to see the damage yet - will do on Thursday at my in-work slimming club.

But I've enjoyed my time off with lots of drinking and meals out, a get away for wedding anniversary and just last week a lovely week in Tenby with lots of tasty food and drink, but lots of walking too!

So here I go again, determined to get the weight off this time - I can do it!! Will make sure I try and keep my diary up to date even if I'm naughty

Please feel free to comment on any of my menus!

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I will be a yummy mummy!
Monday 31st May - EE

Scrambled eggs on 1 slice HEB wholemeal (from 800g loaf - supermarket didn't have any 400g loaves - grr) with ham

Chicken and mushroom pasta and sauce - thought it was bland so added some Reggae Reggae sauce, but still not too keen so only ate half of it. Would have been about half a tbsp of the sauce, not sure how many syns so will count as one

Slow cooker curry made with chicken, Jersey Royals, Red lentils, green beans, onion, garlic ginger, spices and tinned toms.
Served with rice and SW chips (YUMMY - forgot how tasty they were!!)

Snacks: 2 x Tomato and herb mugshot, hard boiled egg, then lost the plot a bit and ate a load of jelly sweets, guessing about 10 syns
HexA used for milk in coffees

Total Syns: 11

Syns Remaining for the week: 94
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I will be a yummy mummy!
Tuesday 1st June - EE

Quorn sausage and baked beans on 1 slice wholemeal from 800g loaf (HexB)

Pasta salad with mixed leaves, cucumber, tomatoes, pepper, celery and 1 tbsp EL Salad cream (1syn)

Spaghetti Bolognese (sauce made with Extra lean beef mince, tomatoes, onion, garlic, mushrooms, carrots) with 42g Cathedral City Light (HexA)

Snacks & Syns: 2 dashes of milk in coffee (1), strawberries and grapes, pack of Bernard Matthews Turkey Ham, mini Twister (2.5), 1 chocolate cup sweet (like you get from pick and mix sweeties) - not sure of syns, maybe 1???

Total syns: 5.5

Syns remaining for the week: 88.5
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I will be a yummy mummy!
Wednesday 2nd June - Green

Omelette with 42g Red Fat Cathedral City (HexA) and baked beans

Pasta salad with cucumber, spring onion, tomato, pepper and celery with 2tbsp Extra Light salad cream (2 syns)

Can't be bothered making the planned leek & potato soup so going to do:
Quorn sausages (greasy pork ones for OH!!) with Jersey Royals sauteed in olive oil (Hex B) with carrots, peas and green beans

Snacks & Syns: Been a bit naughty today and not had any fruit - had a really busy day in work with no time to eat! Did have half a slice of corned beef when I got home though (1syn)

Total Syns: 3

Syns remaining for the week: 85.5
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I will be a yummy mummy!
Thursday 3rd June - EE

1 large slice wholemeal (HexB) with 1tsp Clover Light (1syn) and 2 'fried' eggs

Salad with mixed leaves, Jersey Royals, celery, tomatoes, celery, pepper, cucumber and spring onion. 1tbsp extra light salad cream (1syn)

Beef chilli (1) & rice

Snacks & Syns: oops - sun meant we HAD to go to our local's beer garden. So had 2 175ml glasses of wine @ 12syns

Total syns: 15

Syns remaining for the week: 70.5
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I will be a yummy mummy!
Oh No!!!
Just had my first weigh in for about 4 weeks and I've put on 3lbs.

Guess it's not so bad considering up until Monday I was completely off plan and had a weeks holiday within that time too.

But we did so much walking on hols and I've been 100% since Monday so am still a bit disappointed.


Guess it would have been a lot worse if I hadn't done all that walking...


I will be a yummy mummy!
Friday 4th June - Green

Breakfast: Quorn sausage omelette and beans

Lunch: Didn't have any - was too hot all day and couldn't face eating

Dinner: Still feeling really fussy food-wise so have changed my day to Green and went for SW chips with HexA cheese and HexB bread for chip butties. Was sooo yummy, better than a takeaway any day! Served with half tbsp brown sauce and half tbsp EL salad cream (1syn)

Snacks and Syns: Some grapes this morning, and had a lovely walk in the sunshine in my lunch break, complete with a DELISH fruit pastille lolly (3), 2 apples. So far have had 1 vodka, might have more when shopping's delivered as run out of lemonade!!

Also forgot I tried the SW microwave crisps - yummy were really like proper crisps and I know strictly speaking not syn free as classed as food abuse but I'm definately not going to go overboard on these - too much effort to thinly slice loads of potatoes just for a snack!!

Total Syns: 6.5

Syns remaining for the weekend: 64

Should stick to it 100% this weekend - don't have anything on to scupper it and will enjoy a bottle of wine on Saturday with some of my remaining syns.

Having coffee with a friend tomorrow morning (would usually have bfast but going to have before I go), then a SW BBQ, then Sunday planning on going on a lovely long walk with a SW picnic, while cooking dinner in the slow cooker - yum yum :D

I know I can stick to this if I try hard enough!!
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I will be a yummy mummy!
Aagh it's too hot!!!
It's world environment day today so to save energy we've switched the air con off in the office.

The windows are open but there's no breeze and it's boiling. Think I'm going to fall asleep... ...
Also means I really don't fancy the salad I made myself for lunch, normally would have eaten it by 11.30 but still don't feel hungry and it's nearly 1.30... just hope I don't get distracted by any snacks...


I will be a yummy mummy!
It's still way too hot and I'm totally not in the mood for food, might change when we fire up the BBQ later!!

Saturday 5th June - Original

Breakfast: Nothing :( had 2 Americano's in a local cafe with my friend with HexA milk

Lunch: Fish finger sandwich - yum yum yum
Made with 2 Birdseye value fish fingers (3syns) and half tbsp ketchup (0.5) with 2 small slices really fresh Warburtons wholemeal (HexB). yum yum yum

Dinner: Having a BBQ comprising of chicken tikka skewers, salmon, SW coleslaw (1syn) and salad
For pud had strawberries and raspberries with Anchor Light squirty cream (0.5syns) and 1tsp of an Italian Hazelnut and chocolate spread from Carluccios - guessing syns the same as Nutella (1.5syns)

Supper after a nail biting BGT final: Cheese (HexA) on toast (HexB) with sliced cherry tomatoes

Syns: 3 vodka, lime and sodas (7.5syns), 1 bottle dry white wine (24syns)

Total syns: 38

Happy with that though as deliberately left syns from the week to enjoy a drink or many tonight!!

Syns remaining for the week: 26
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I will be a yummy mummy!
Oh no not a good day

Sunday 6th May - EE

Today DID NOT go to plan at all... we were supposed to be going for a nice walk up the mountains but when we got to the train station there were no trains!! Change of plan went for a walk which ended up at a pub... ... needless to say I wasn't a very good girl...

Breakfast: This was supposed to be a big brunch to keep us going: 2 'fried' eggs, beans, ham, mushrooms and toast (HexB)

Lunch: Pub lunch - could have been good but decided to go for what I fancied instead - chicken kiev with Jacket potato and salad, with a small blob of coleslaw, salad dressing and butter on the jacket - was really tasty though!! Also had 2 glasses of red wine... beer gardens are too tempting for me

Dinner: Nothing at the mo - although may have something later if I'm feeling peckish

Syns: Too many, definately over the 26 I had left myself for the week

Although don't feel too bad as did manage to walk about 4 miles


I will be a yummy mummy!
Monday 7th June - EE

Breakfast: Not feeling hungry this morning - a Fibre Plus bar when I got to work (HexB)

Lunch: Didn't eat the salad I made


Snacks & Syns: 2 dashes of milk in coffee - 1,

Total Syns: Loads and loads and loads

NOT a good day :mad:
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I will be a yummy mummy!
Today will be a GOOD day

Tuesday 8th June - EE

Breakfast: Beans on Toast (HexB)

Lunch: Turkey and pasta salad with lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, sweetcorn - delish

Dinner: Making a lasagne using my SF bolognese, Britmum's white sauce recipe (from her yummy beef lasagne recipe) and roasted butternut squash as per Jamie O's original recipe. Hope it's yummy, the white sauce tasted fab so thanks to Britmum!! Will be 1 syn and 1 HexA

Snacks & Syns: 4 dashes of milk for coffee (2), grapes, apple, picked at leftover BBQ chicken chunks and the butternut squash after I'd roasted it, also managed 7 Mikado's tonight (3.5)

Syns so far: 6.5

Syns remaining for the week: 83.5 / 90

Am completely discounting yesterday so going to do my weekly syns from the remaining 6 days.
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Gold Member
Glad you are back on plan today :) Think it's all about planning and trying to stick to it. If you don't have what you make or plan, then try to grab for something free/superfree as otherwise you will be tempted to go for a synful day! Good luck!


I will be a yummy mummy!
Thanks Meli, my problem is I'm an emotional eater with 0 willpower so if I'm too tired, stressed, bored, upset etc I'll decide I'm 'allowed' a treat.

I will get over it eventually just need to keep these blow outs for special occasions rather than a random Monday night!!


I will be a yummy mummy!
Wednesday 9th June - Green

Breakfast: 2 'fried' eggs on HexB Toast

Lunch: Salad with leftover roasted BNS and salad cream (1)

Dinner: Going to make a proper mushroom rissotto (OH's fave) with some olive oil (HexB), white wine and cheddar (HexA) - boo used up all my parmesan last night - worked out about 2 syns a portion and totally delish!!

Snacks & Syns: grapes, 7 x Mikados (3.5syns), glass of wine (6)

Total Syns: 12.5

Syns remaining for the week: 71 / 90
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I will be a yummy mummy!
Thursday 10th June - EE

Breakfast: Beans on toast (HexB)

Lunch: Tomato and herb pasta & sauce (running out of food in the house - didn't really have anything else in...)

Dinner: Rest of the lasagne from Tuesday (1syn & HexA) served with sauteed garlic button mushrooms and Potato wedges - stuffed now!!

Snacks & Syns: 3 dashes of milk in coffee (1.5), bits of turkey ham while I was cooking, apple

Syns: 2.5

Syns remaining: 68.5 / 90
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I will be a yummy mummy!
Oh no apparently my naughtiness this week did account for something - I stayed the same.

Really need to get my head into gear now. I'm away for the weekend visiting my dad and he'll do all he can food-wise bless him, but it's the wine I'm going to have to stay away from...

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