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Sarah's Diary - Lost 4 lbs!!! :):):)

Hello everyone,

I am a newbie and really don't know what i'm doing with regards to posting etc so i hope this works. I have been lingering for the last couple of days since being introduced to the site by one of my lovely old school friends.

Last year in January, i started WW and loved it. I started at 202lbs and had low self esteem and no confidence. My goal was to be slim by my holiday with my partner in September 2008. I lost 3 stone exactly, but after i came back from my holiday i found myself not caring about what i ate again because i didn't have a target anymore. I've put 24lbs back on since then.

I have been back on WW since last Monday and i am feeling great already. I lost 3lbs in my first week back on the diet!

This site has inspired me so much, i have been reading through threads and i must say, i think you're all amazing!

Thank you for reading :) i really hope this works lol

Sarah x
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Hi Sarah, and welcome to minis and the WW forum.

For me, the whole maintenance thing is so tough which is why I am going to stick around on here - then I have everyone on Team Loser to answer to if I don't stick to plan - and with Rach as team captain, I'm too scared not to ;) (just kidding, obviously, Rach - you are a little sweetheart but I don't want to let you or the team down)

Good luck - and you will be super slim again soon xx
everyone this is my really good mate Sarah who i used to go to school with.. and surprisingly enough, i watched lose loads of weight and when i saw how far she got, I decided it was time I got back on the wagon! :D

really glad you've managed to make yourself a diary :) and 202lbs? i never remember you being that big! you must carry it well!

what day are you weighing in? we'll have to get you in a team too.. Rosie makes it sound scary.. infact she makes me sound scary but you know i'm not.. most of the time! :D
Rachael... i didn't know you decided to do it cuz of me!! You didn't say! Wow :) aww i feel quite good now! Hehehe!

I was 202lbs and i really don't think i think i held it well at all... i uploaded a photo of me at my 21st birthday party, the day before i started my diet. The same one is stuck on my fridge lol!

Also... i just wanted to say it's really nice to meet all of you :) x x x
theres a sub-forum at the top of the main ww page (where it lists all the threads) called Teams.. i'll pop you down for a team.. we're waiting to see how many dropouts we have this week :p
Jess her name's Sarah :p and if you mean she's like me.. then no she was fortunate.. shes much cooler than I am LOL :D x
Cooler than you Rach lol i don't think so :p

I'm off for a very long walk today with my bf so hopefully i'll lose a bit this week!

I've also been trying to get hold of a Wii Fit but with no luck :(

I'm a little worried this month as i'm a little low on cash after Christmas, and healthy food seems to be so much more expensive than convenience food. :S i'm going to try my best though and try not to annoy the bf too much when i'm checking all the labels on everything i put in the trolley!

x x
theyve got some in at gamestation up here.. you want me to pick you one up? xxx
£70 i think.. not sure will double check when i head in.. if ur skinnt you can just pay me back as and when you can afford it hun :) will get in touch with my mate and see if shes got any in.. it was day before yesterday i saw em so could well be out of stock again! x
Aw wow that's really nice of you thank you so much! :) hehe let me know hun :)
The bf gets paid soon hehe i'm sure he won't mind giving me the money for it! I have been searching far and wide for a while after all :D x x

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