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Sarah's food diary :)

Hiii I am new to slimming world and an on-line member but don't attend classes.

I was hoping I could post my food diary here and get some feedback on what I should/shouldn't be doing:)

So here is my first logged day :)

10x Strawberries
1x Banana
1x Toffee and Banana Mullerlight

1x Plum

Bachelors low fat chicken and herb super noodles.

2x Frylight fried eggs.

Chopped Toms
Cheese HexB
Chicken HexB
2x DelMonte Fruitini Pineapple Slithers :)

(No syns today saving them for my pub trip tomorrow)
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Day 2

1x Plum
1x Banana

4xoriginal Ryvita HexB and low fat cottage cheese.
2 x foxes butter crinkle crunch 5 Syns

Jacket pot
Chicken HeX B
Cheese Hex A

1 x bowl free homemade vegetable soup made from root veg and oxo cube
(here starts my free drunken binge)
2x fry light fried eggs
1x Hienz spaghetti]
1 x bowl free homemade soup.

Milk Hex A
Diet coke
diet R whites

Trip to pub

2x PInts of Carlsberg 20 syns
1x Vodka and diet coke 25 ml 2.5 syns
1x vodka 35 ml 4 syns

Syns= 31.5

15 saved from yesterday
15 from today
1.5 deducted from tomorrow
Woke up too late for breakfast

Leftover pasta from last night.

4x ryvita original HexB with cottage cheese, tomato cucumber, and ham. HexB
2x foxes butter crinkle crunch (5syns)

Milk HexA
Diet coke

Also has 3 Belgian chocs at 2.5 syns each and then it all fell apart.

went over and had a kitkat
and a piece of bread and butter
and a chocolate on the tree.
Unfortunately it didn't stop there.
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Red Day
Yesterday I fell off the wagon alot.

I had for breakfast
2x asda great stuff pineapple sticks

1x muller light
tin of asda sp chilli 1 Syn

35g wholemeal pasta (hexB)
chopped toms with mushroom
42g Mozzarella (hexA)
Milk (HexA)
two lamb steaks fat removed fried in fry light

Then I went off the wagon
and had a pint of Carling 10 syns
and 2 slices of jam on brown bread pushed me over my syns :|

Hopefully better luck today
Today has been better so far
having another red day

Two fry light fried eggs
MullerLight and a Banana

2x ryvita original crackerbreads
(hexB)with tuna and quark
will have other two as a snack later
Hi Sarah,

Are you doing well starting just before Christmas. I found this place a couple of nights ago and I am hoping it will help keep me on the straight and narrow when I return to my programme after Christmas.

I maybe asking a really stupid question but what is Hex A Hex B??

I did Slimming world in the past - worked a bit but I couldn't stick to it. Weight watchers was good for me but I found I was hungry so much of the time.

Good Luck :0)

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