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Total Solution Sarah's journey - no food till Christmas!


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Well, it's day 2 of Exante diet - Total.

Feel more human today than I did yesterday but still a little hungry.

Am enjoying the shakes and LOVING the bars (and tolerating the soups!)

I have just looked at the Inspiration Slide Show and it certainly is an inspiration! Just got my son to take a pic of me and was horrified, but hopefully it will be up there in the inspiration slide show sometime in the future, along with my after photo!

Anyway, am hoping that this forum and you lovely people will be the thing I turn to when the going gets tough (and not the biscuit barrel!)

Am really enjoying reading all your stories and tips, and hope that my journey may be of interest to some of you out there - maybe this will be my therapy???

Hope to catch up with you and make some new friends along the way :)
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Yay I get to give you the first welcome to your new diary! :)
Good luck - for me day 2 was the worst day and I woke up day 3 feeling fab, and have done ever since! (Ok, ok, I'm still only day 12 but still....)
Look forward to hearing more about you


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Wow - thanks LED. I'm looking forward to day 3 then :)
It's quite daunting thinking of 6 months with no food, so think I might break it down into 'stones off' - seems more manageable. Thanks again!

Sarah x


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Hey sarah welcome lovely and wishing you the very best on this journey ...good luck for tomm and well done for getting though the 1st day and today x
Are you planning on doing the 'add a meal' weeks? I'm going to give it a go - it means its never more than 4 weeks til your next meal, not so bad!


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precious said:
Hey sarah welcome lovely and wishing you the very best on this journey ...good luck for tomm and well done for getting though the 1st day and today x
Thanks very much - the encouragement on here sure is great! :)


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LastEverDiet said:
Are you planning on doing the 'add a meal' weeks? I'm going to give it a go - it means its never more than 4 weeks til your next meal, not so bad!
I wondered about that - might make the long term more bearable. Will decide on week 4 I think!


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Well, got through preparing my first meal for the children and managed not to lick my fingers or sneak any left-overs!
Also, I think the hunger may be disappearing.....hooray!
Start of day 3; had strawberry shake for brekkie but feeling really weak today - think I may have done too much yesterday.
Boys dropped at school so I am taking my peppermint tea back to bed - need a 20 min lie down.
Think I will up my water intake this morn - maybe that will help!
Day 3 ctd....Feel so bad today - tummy upset, been sick plus nausea all the time. This wasn't supposed to happen!
Am so close to throwing in the towel :-(
Thought I was drinking plenty of water (at least 6 x 1/2 litre glasses)......
Let's see how rest of day pans out :-(
Hi Scoop
Wrote you a message this morning but it doesn't seem to have appeared - sorry you're feeling so rubbish today! I felt really weak on day 3, went into town and thought I was going to pass out, but then day 4 woke up feeling full of energy and have done ever since! Didn't get sick though, so maybe you've picked up a bug as well?
So hard to know what to do... if it is your body adjusting to exante then you will feel right as rain within then next day or two, but if its a bug the VLCD might not help things!
Hope you're feeling better soon x
Thanks for your good wishes Jarvoslit!

LED - thanks so much for your response. Am feeling a little better this eve so don't think it's a bug. I have eaten a slice of ham, however, and that really helped with the nausea. Am hoping it won't have kicked me out of ketosis!
Hopefully it's just another stage to go through until the 'normal' stage arrives :)
Thanks again for your insights.
Sarah x
Oops! Sorry - Jarvisolat (correction!)
Good morning scoop!
Hope you're feeling better today? The ham definitely shouldn't have got in the way of ketosis so hopefully today you'll have the 'in the zone' energy boost!
Thanks for your good wishes. Another day begins and I'm trying something different to combat the sickness.
Had 1/2 shake this morn and then nibbled at a bar across lunchtime. Will have other 1/2 of shake later and then split my soup into 2 servings this evening - so far so good.
I think the 'richness' of the meals is too much in one go so spreading them out seems to be helping (and it feels like I am having more!)
I am surprised at my reaction because I used to be able to eat multiple choc bars in one sitting without any problem!!
Slight spanner thrown in the works today as my Mum has been admitted to hosp (she'll be OK) but it means I am away from my shakes etc, but I have resisted the treats of the hospital shop - hooray! Just drinking lots of water!
Onwards we go....!
Have discovered something great - mushroom soup but COLD. It's delish!
Am gonna try the other soups cold over next few days to see if it improves their flavour ?

Today has been a rollercoaster of a day but have stayed 100% total, so am very proud of myself. Emotional upset would have seen me demolish a packet of .....anything sweet & bad for me.... but I rode the storm.....with water!

Separating the sachets into 2 separate drinks certainly helped combat the nausea today, plus I had 2 extra 'mini meals' to look forward to - bonus!

So, a good end to a trying day. Looking forward to day 5 tomorrow ?
Now on day 5 and things are tickety-boo :)
Having 4 mini-shakes per day and nibbling at my bar over an hour or so is certainly the way forward for me (not to mention gallons of water - OK, litres, but feels like gallons!
Energy is through the roof and no lethargy - wonderful!
Am feeling better in my clothes - they fit more comfortably and, dare I say it already, maybe one or two of my skirts and tops are a little loose - unbelievable after only 5 days!
Can't wait for the Sun eve weigh-in. Have already had a sneaky peak (naughty Scoops!) and its good!!!!!!

Right, let's get those boys from school!

PS Did I mention that I am in a good mood ?
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Hey scoops sounds like you are doing well so far :) xxx

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