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Saraian is back where she belongs!!!


My name is Sarah and ive been overweight for most of my life, have tried slimming world before and didnt get on very well with it. I was approx a size 12-16 in my teenage ears and for me now that would be slim - back then i wa the fat girl at school and their taunts still ring in my ears.
At 24 years old and having two kids my weight has balloned too 18st 2lbs. But after joining WW and a few ups and downs in the last8 weeks i have finally lost stone! and really happy - notnoticed much in inches but im hoping mayne in a couploe of months i wll do.​
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Though i have to say ive done okaytoday and had a couple of toffee bars (WW) and they were yummy with some tea for breaskfast, not ideal! but i was having a lazy morning with th kids!
Just had my lunch - salmon and roasted vegetables - was gorgeous and might have it later as it hardly any points whatsoever and need to use all points up! might add some potatoes too.
Im really hoping next monday wi that i will finally be in the 16st category!
Morning ladies, ive not had any brekkie yet, just having a cuppa to start my day until i grab some cereal. Just waiting for sister in law to turn up as im off for the last day of my course (learning about kids with autism) so will be strange to not be going any more after 3 months!
Hope todays a positive day for me food wise and i can get the weight off i want for thursday. aiming for 3-4lbs, i said 5 but i think thats a bit too high lol


Im just me!
S: 13st13lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st11.5lb(5.9%)
well done hun thats very good ,i bet you feel so much better now tho dont you? xx
S: 14st5lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 24.7 Loss: 4st1lb(28.36%)
Congrats on losing a stone that is brilliant!! And you are very close to your 10% - hope you get the loss you want this week!!
Me too. My OH has gone to a gig but I have had such a hard week at work I dipped out. Normally would eat myself into a stupor but being v well-behaved and reading all the posts on here instead :)
Its defintely keeping me on the ball and watching doctor who with oh, forgot how good it was!
The gums going down a treat! cravings are gone yay!
Ah, what a wonderful invention. I don't have a telly at all at the moment but I watch DVDs on my laptop and I'm desperately waiting for the most recent series of Dr Who to come out at Blockbuster online. Part one is out and it's on the top of my rental list :)
Yes, I do have my internet, thank goodness, and it's quite well-behaved tonight. Couldn't get a signal at all yesterday and had a bit of a tantrum :)
Morning all, well the chewing gum worked a treat last night and stopped me from snacking yay. Didnt have a good nights sleep though as babes kept waking up and grumbling and moaning, so i knackered and could quite happily go back to bed! fat chance though as both kids are up!
had my brekky and chilling out cor morning as im off swimming with the kids this afternoon. Should be fun even though i have issues with wearing a cossie!
Well done Sarah. Enjoy the swimming - you're a braver woman than I am.

I see from your ticker that both your little darlings have got birthdays coming up - are you having a joint party for them or two separate celebrations?

My own little baby was 21 just over a week ago (!)
Swimming was fun, stephen is having a ball when he goes swimming, poor immy getscold too quick!
No joint birthday for them as im having a joint christening instead for them both. Both kids will have something small on the actual day and present opening.
I admit i wore a vest top over my swimming cossie to hide lumps and bumps!


nearly there!! :)
ok im going shop in bout an hour to get chewing gum and mints haha
i love the way tic tacs are only 1 point!!

well done on the swimming i should really start going back with my little lad he loved it the last time i was there!! its so awkward here though the pool is about an hours walk (i dont drive) so have to get a taxi home cause dont like him been out in the cold after been in swimming!!

really should go back actually haha hope ur doing ok this morning, i just tracked what i have ate already and even added in some saved points there to try limit the damage haha

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