Sat on the internet sobbing my heart out !!


I want to be slim !!
:( Sorry..

I just feel so low today..
Been to White Rose shopping centre most of the day,with hubby and our 4 yr old daughter, I sat through them having KFC (which i told them to have, as they should not have to go without) then went food shopping at sainsburys, then came home and made Nick chilli and rice and molly Fish Pie,and me i had CD mushroom soup.

I know i should be so happy to be loosing weight, and dont get me wrong i am really pleased to be nearly a size 14,
This is just me having a really S**t day !!

Im sorry to groan on, Why cant i stop crying?
Hi Cara....all I can say is that your doing so well so far....maybe feeling crap is because you think this is an awful lot to go thru just to lose weight, and that you wish you had never let it get as bad that a vlcd is wat you had to resort to? I know thats how I feel sometimes, and all I want to do is cry!! You did realy well to sit thru KFC...I couldnt have done it!!
You are normal CJ, on this diet journey I have cried more times than I care to admit and I believe that the diet makes you shed the layers without food - it leaves you raw and vulnerable and terribly afraid. I also think it is normal to feel deprived and resentful at times but my advice is to go with it. 'Its my diet and I'll cry if I want to'.... hang in there, you will feel better later on!:)
Oh Cara

So sorry you are having a low day, but been wanting to catch up with you anyway. Do you think you are tired today as that is the main reason I get low. How about a nice bath, massage in some nice body lotion and have an early night with book, mag, dvd or maybe even hubby!

You did so well today and it won't be long before you are wowing everyone at Christmas in some slinky little black number!

I'm sure you'll feel better after an early night.

Dizzy x
Awww - sending you a big hug CJ!

If it's any consolation, I frequently felt like crying when I was SSing .... I felt so low at times because I'd allowed myself tob get to a stage where I'd had to resort to a VLCD. But now that I've had to come off CD for a couple of weeks (finances) I'm feeling just as low because I feel so lost and vulnerable - I have to think about every single morsel I put into my mouth and I can't wait to get back to the security of SS.

Can't win can we??

Hope you feel better soon.
I think your right i am tired, Also missing my 15 yr old son as he has gone to visit my brother in Dubia for 10 days.
I am going to take your advise and go have a bath, Nick says he will gladly give me a massage (Thinks he is in for a promise) NOT!!

Thanks for everybodys advise..
God i hate the bad days on this diet..

start weight..13st 9lb
NOW............12st 2lb
Good for you Cara

Enjoy the bath and the massage!! Bet your probably a bit worried about your son so far away too. Sure your brother is taking good care of him. Sometimes I think it does teenage boys to be away from Mum for a while makes them appreciate Mum more. He'll probably be up for a hug when he's back.

Speak to you again soon

Dizzy x
Aww babes, it can be so difficult being the 'odd one out' when everyone else is eating. Sending you major {{{HUGZ}}}
Awww sweetie

I found that this diet seemed to make me more emotional for some reason. I swung between elation to the deep depths:confused: (more than normal that is:rolleyes:)

Well done for resisting all temptation. Just think of the many years you've got to come when you can join them. It's really only a short time of having to be this strong.
Hi CJ!

Sorry to hear your down - I too cried loads especially in the early days - I think it's the sheer frustration of allowing myself to have to take such an extreme approach to get the weight off....:mad:

Enjoy your bath and massage - you never know you may wish to fulfil a promise.....;) - they say it releases 'happy hormones'.....might be just what you need.....alternatively a good kip will help too:D

Hope tomorrow is a better day for you - just think of all the weight your loosing and how soon you'll be getting to your goal.

BTW - you don't look old enough to have a 15 year old son!!

Take care
Hiya CJ, been meaning to catch up for a few days, please dont think you are not normal, as the posts on here have said we have bad days and deal with them as best we can, mine is anger, I get very very angry sometimes that I am on this diet, and I take my anger out on my nearest and dearest too, You have the will power of steel to get through this diet and be proud of what you have achieved, I know you dont know anyone personally who does a VLCD, and you also dont see your CDC weekly, so you are doing so well.

To sit through a KFC would be absolute murder for me and I think I would commit murder to the person eating it too!!!

You will be fab, and you are doing so well, I have sent you a PM to cheer you up x x
Good morning Girls..
Just to tell you i feel loads better today..
had my massage and early night ;) ;)

Also had a lie in til 9.45am..

Not sure what im going to do today, think i will ring sam in dubia to see how much he has spent !! then just laze around the house.

Mich.. Everybody says i dont look old enough to have Sam, I was 20yrs when i had him.. He's a good kid,just costs me a fortune, designer this designer that !
Thanks for your kind words.:D

Thank you ALL for all your replys to my post, you are all great..

Hi C J

Glad to hear you had such a nice evening. Hope hubby enjoyed it too!

You definitely are a very youthful looking mum for your son. Better watch out his mates don't start hitting on you when you are down to slinky too!

Have a nice lazy Sunday.

Dizzy x

How did this saturday go? Has it been easier? Is your boy home now?

Just spotted you on so thought I'd say Hi!

Dizzy x
Sorry, catching up on this post a little late but thought I would add my 2penneth. I think you feel punished and deprived. Remember when you were little and did something naughty(i assume you did!) you were told ' right no pudding, or no sweets this week or you are not going to your friends for tea' and when you had been good ' you can choose some sweets, you have been such a good girl, or fish and chips for tea as you have been so good'. We are programmed to expect nice food as a reward and no food as a punishment. Trouble is as you watched your family eat their KFC you couldn't help but think, subconciously, 'but I have done nothing wrong, why must I suffer, why must I be punished, why do they deserve a treat and I don't?' Then to add insult to injury your chatterbox gets out his guilt stick and whacks you round the head with ' because you are fat, you are bad and fat and you don't deserve treats they are only for good thin people' No wonder you cried, i feel like crying myself now I've written all that. Blimey, I do go on don't I?

lots of love