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***saturday hour by hour - we can do this ***


Stubborn tortoise
Same Jessica... we are off mid-afternoon to go camping with pals... back tomorrow afternoon. It will be an off-plan weekend, or at least tonight's meal will be, as a table has been booked at pub near campsite... but will make best choices I can and get right back to it asap. Thank goodness for bars, & the fact that 1000 is a bit more forgiving. The sun is shining... YAY!!!!!

Have a great weekend Jessica.



Have a good day you two, I am away to CDC this morning as due to personal idiocy and mismanagement of dates I have mucked up next weeks appointment. Ah well, weigh in a week early.

Scales this morning - 12 stone 6lbs.

I am having real trouble remembering I weigh 12 stone X and not 13 stone X. In two weeks I'm going to be mega confused when I'm into the 11's (hopefully).

In other news, going out to the cinema to see Wolverine. Oh Wolverine. Hugh Jackman, as Wolverine. Sexy SEXY times. Hopefully the new Gambits good and sexy too. Sigh. Drool. *slides off seat*

Then toddling around Primark today. Going to try looking for some size 14's and see if they fit :gulp:

Everyone else, have a good day, stay on plan and stay positive.

**go go go team Cambridge***

Morning all, Today I are mostly doing sweet FA. which will be very testing. I'm not so fond of bank holiday weekends as we live in a tourist area which means lots and lots of holiday makers out and about which makes the roads around here manic. Of course I don't dislike tourists but it does make getting out one hell of a mission.

hmmmm I do have some harmer (sp) beads to iron!!! Joy!


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Morning ladies. I'm soooo not jealous of all who are going away..... really, I'm not...... okay so I am :(

Sunny here but I'm feeling really sick this morning so won't be doing much. I've been feeling really sick the last few mornings acutally. If I wasn't having 3 TOTMs a month I might wonder if I was pregnant!

Good luck with the 14s Lexie, glad you're a little more up-beat today. Have a great time away Jess and Katy. I also live in a tourist area Mrs Scoffalot- bloody traffic on a bank holiday! Grrrrr


Mostly its the Hugh Jackman/Wolverine thats got me upbeat. I haven't been this excited since 300.
My DD wants to see wolverine, I actually quite like xmen.

Lisalulu. You never know, I'd have to test just incase.

Lovley and sunny here which is brilliant as I have so much washing drying and ironing to do, I am amazed how 2 adults and 1 child can mimic mt. kilamanjaro in washing overnight.


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morning all,

Lovely day here so must get out in the morning incase it changes! Allready had 1/2 a shake which is unusual for me but after having 2 meals to eat eat between 7-10 pm yesterday I thought I'd space them out a bit today.

Katy & Jess have a great time away!

Lexie-good luck with the clothes shopping!

Lisa- hope you're feeling better soon.

Scoffalot- enjoy having a nice day with no busy plans

Here's for another good day girls! x

Sarah Lou

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Miss Scoffalot I'm in Devon too so i am pottering around at home.. can't cope with the crowds and traffic at the moment..

have a lovely time! to all those who are going away and have a good day for all those at home.. :)


Mummy of 2!
Hello i havent posted for ages! i only have 12 days of SS left so im trying to be 100% to the max! i weighed 11st 1lb this morning so really hoping to be getting close to the mid 10s by the time im finished SS :fingerscrossed:

Hope everyone has a nice day. im jealous of you guys getting away. we are too poor to do anything but sit in the garden as we have my daughters first birthday coming up and holiday. wish i could join you in a stroll around primark:( good luck with the 14s;)

i ♥ hugh jackman too !! i wasnt fussed before then i heard him on radio one last week and he is really quite funny and im a sucker for a funny man:D

I really miss living in Devon! but not the traffic :rolleyes:
Miss Scoffalot I'm in Devon too so i am pottering around at home.. can't cope with the crowds and traffic at the moment..

have a lovely time! to all those who are going away and have a good day for all those at home.. :)
I know how you feel. The town is going to be manic. I had done the food shop yesterday just in the nick of time before the grockles bought morrisons out of beer lol. ohh well, it's only another 3 days in the house lol, roll on tuesday ;-)

I sound soo misrable :sigh:


Loving losing
Afternoon everyone...

Just been into town with DH - got up early to beat the crowds and it was well worth it. Went into Primark to look for kids stuff really but looking around, I just can't wait until I can fit into real sized clothes. Everything is so cheap in there! Still, won't do holiday shopping yet as don't go to Ibiza until August so hopefully i will be looking in there for my t shirts etc. I dream of being able to have a choice of places to buy things from instead of thinking 'god, i wish I could fit into size 18 or less (currently about a 22). It will happen I am so determined this time.

Have major issue with food tonight as have a college reunion, seeing people I haven't seen for 25 years, but where curry is being provided - omg, will try not to succumb but may have to just cos it is, part of the evening. If I do, I will just have to accept it and move on. I am not going to drink though as think it would just make me ill after 4 weeks CD.

Have a lovely weekend those who are going away and hope you feel better soon Lisa.

Enjoy the sunshine...

Have a great weekend everyone :) Wish i was getting away but gonna have a quiet one instead :) going away 4th june so trying to keep 100% till then cos ill have to give up CD for the hol. Have a lovely day! :D:D:D:D


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Thanks for the get well messages ladies. Have had a nice hot shower, done my hair and put a bit of slap on- feel 10x better now. I also weighed myself before my shower (something I've been trying to refrain from between WIs) and am so so so over the moon. I am back to the weight I was before I lost a close relative just over a year ago. This was my first personal mini goal and getting there has given me such a buzz. I have had a few people comment on my loss this week, apparently I even have the beginnings of a waist!! I finally feel like I can succeed at CD.

The sun has just come out from behind the clouds, so we're off to check out a park near us thats just been re-done and I'm thinking of taking the kids to buy a rabbit this afternoon. I'm such a bad impulse shopper. Sam will have a fit when he gets home from work tonight......

Hope you're all okay x


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Hello all,
Haven't posted for a week or so - been mad hectic at work so haven't been online much.

Hope everyone's enjoying the weekend and feeling positive about staying focussed. :)

Will try to get online more frequently this week - it's good for me! lol

T x


is going to do this!
Hey everyone :) Well today is Day 5 for me, this week has been so SO long, the cravings I had yesterday have disappeared thankfully, but been replaced by TOTM and horrible stomach cramps, feeling awful :(

How are you all getting on? I'm so nervous about WI1!

Keep sticking to it people, you can all get there! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. Anyone else finding watching TV hard at the moment? I've never noticed there were so many food adverts before! The Lurpak one is currently driving me mad...
Also, I think my family is conspiring against me :( Suddenly this weekend there are chocolate digestives in the biscuit tin, spaghetti bolognese for dinner, + apple pie for dessert! We NEVER have stuff like that! It's not even a special occasion! I haven't snapped though, and I won't.
One of the main things I'm learning from SS so far is that I'm much mentally stronger than I thought I was :)



Didn't get to cinema, queue was far too long so husband vetoed it. Then mum had some bad news meaning that I had to go lift £300 out bank for her, all because of wee sis being a selfish wee *expletive*. She was really upset and crying when I took her for coffee, and if it wouldn't upset her more I'd pan my wee sis face in. So couldn't really go clothes shopping.

Now home.

Ah well, theres always next week


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Aww Lexie, what a shame that your wee sis spoilt your (and your mums day) I hope she pays you back! Think of it this way, you'll have lost more weight by this time next week so fingers crossed for the size 14's then!

Luci- I'm sure that TOTM on CD is harder because you really want to eat and just can't, I've realised too that I'm stronger than I thought I was and that I really can survive without cho***ate!

Lisa-glad you're feeling better, A rabbitt for the kids?! That is an impulse buy! My hubby would go mad!

I've had a good day today, little one's tea time soon so better go!


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Didn't buy them a rabbit. We were torn between rabbits and ducklings (which would have to of lived with MIL on their farm....) when we spotted some tiny cutie black and white kittens. They had all sold, but I've got my heart set on a kitten now. The kids are my new best friends cause I'm buying them a kitty!

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