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Saturday hour x hour


longs to be average!
Boy was I tired when I got to bed last night - the BBQ was a hit as was the hot tub, my brother in law and sister in law are off out at the moment buying one for themselves. Which is delaying me doing the planting in their back yard. So just waiting for their phone call to get over there and get everything into the ground.

Off out to dinner tonight with some friends. We havn't seen each other for a year, so will be a good evening. But I had better drive as history dictates that Ray and I usually end up racing each other to the bottom of our wine bottles. As I have a hangover from all those Buds yesterday (like 2 of them - I am such a light weight now), don't really want tomorrow wasted by boozing tonight.

Anyways - have a good day y'all.
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Sounded like a good day! I am off on my hols today. 3 weeks in France. Am looking forward to it but I wonder how relaxing it will be with 3 kids! I didn't get to my goal weight, but that is only cos I lapse on far too many occassions, but I did get one of my goals, i have been a size 12 for a month now. I was a size 18 in April, so that is good. I am actually going to wear a bikini and 3 months ago I probably wouldn't have gone to the beach in a swimsuit, sarong, tee shirt etc. Hope you all keep well and keep loosing. I'll be back for a month when I get back to get to that goal. xx


longs to be average!
Enjoy your holiday Vikki. Am sure you'll have a great time.

It's pretty dead on here today? I've been to my brother in laws all day planting their garden up - have finally finished their makeover project. It looks pretty good, but is a little spoilt by the trampolene that has to be up. I also put up their hot tub (after they used ours yesterday, they had to go out and get one for themselves this morning) So job done, although have to go and put up a washing line tomorrow and two bird feeders, but that will only take an hour, then to my parents in law for dinner.

I am a little miffed with my sister, I had a rather cryptic message left on the answer machine when I got back, so called her. She said "plans have changed we're meeting at 3" so I asked what she was talking about, she replied Mums thing. This was the first I had heard of anything, which I told her, she was most apologetic and said she was supposed to have called me during the week but forgot, family is meeting tomorrow for dinner than back to hers for drinks after. Well a bit late now as we have already made plans with OHs family and don't want to upset them. So other than at my nieces wedding last week, I won't get to see my Mum anymore on this visit over. So a little annoyed about that. Am sure it will still all end up as my fault though! Oh well.

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