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SATURDAY - "Lets do it hour by hour"

1 redbush tea
1 decaf
1 fag <shamefaced smiley>
It is difficult to give up everything all in one go. By the way what is rebush tea, does the liquid count towards your water?
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Well, I have had 1.50 Litre so far, a Vanilla/Coffee "frappacino", tooo many fags :eek: and 1 cup of coffee.

I have walked in to town to do my errands, and now putting feet up with another pint of water.

Soon off to town again for another errand. :rolleyes:

Feeling better now - had a rough morning but the suns out and things look brighter at the moment.:rolleyes:

Treated myself to some skin firming cream. For what its worth. I asked if they had it in a 50 gallon drum. :D
So far today I've had a strawberry shake and am on my 2nd pint of water. Off to the supermarket in a few minutes to pick up some bits of shopping and about 48 bottles of water - can drink tap water at home but not at work as the tap water there is horrible.

I'm a bit of a cream buyer too - anything that could help is a bonus in my opinion :)
Well just had vanilla lattee and no 2 litres of water.

Done my shopping on Thursday thank goodness.:)
Just back from my last errand and life is cruel - walked in to the OH eating piles of sliced cheese and toast!! What a ferookin liberty!!!

So I am going to go have a bubble bath, use my new mositerising firming cream and then have some soup.

Some people!! LOL
Right, after my walk in to town and back, then my other errand which involved six flights of stairs, I just had a nice long relaxing very hot bubble bath. Whatever energy I had left? It's gone! LOL I feel like a noodle.

So I am now venturing into the culinary delights of LL and going to make my first recipe of crisps.

Fingers crossed I don't ruin them!!

Only thru about 2 litres so far - need to get glugging!!

How everyone getting on?
Just had a toffee bar, 2.5 litres of water down - I do find water hard.

Good luck with your crisps.
It is difficult to give up everything all in one go. By the way what is rebush tea, does the liquid count towards your water?
Redbush tea is a tea but not a variant of black/green tea. I think it's African in origin - they certainly drink it in No1 Ladies Detective Agency :D

It's caffeine free - and as I am insulin resistant it's better for me than reg tea.

I like it - it's definitely a 'tea' but no so like black tea that you think you are drinking odd 'real' tea. If that makes any sense give yourself a shiny!

Anyway - I have been shopping - so have not had anything yet - and still on my 1st litre of water :whoopass:

Still, have had 2 more lovely fags though :smoke:
Well I'm only 2L down today so I've got a lot to get down me yet. Only had one pack so far so will have a soup in a while and then a soup and some crisps later this evening.

Exercisewise well I've done a wander round the supermarket and then since coming home I've been extra good and mopped through the whole of downstairs and that's about it - haven't made it to the gym or anything, am hoping to make it back there this week.

What I do find mad is that I enjoy preparing meals a lot more when I'm not eating - have happily been topping and tailing carrots and shallots for everyones tea yet to be honest if I'd have been eating I'd have probably thought lets get a takeaway or something!
2 pints into my third litre. Gonna be up late and a lot tonight!!!

I made the crisps - Thai ones. It took a long time to cook them, much longer then 1.30 minutes, and the ones in the center of the plate did not cook at all...so I had to remove the outer ones and do those ones over.

It made 20 small (50p size). I could have done with 60!! THey were actually quite tasty. And I was so so very ready for them!

I was really hungry - had made them and they were cooling, and my best friend from back home called so we spoke for an hour while I was staring at them the whole time (no nutirional value in this batch I am afraid :break_diet:) But yummy.

Feeling all toasty warm after my hot hot bath this afternoon and my new moisturising cream. I have yet to feel cold on the diet - sat here in bare feet and a vesty type shirt. But my thermostat has been broken since a hysterectomy in 1993 - still have hot flashes :rolleyes: Bet I don't in 6 months!!

So yeah! Now time to glug glug glug!!!
BL you're not drinking too much are you? There's only 2 pints in a litre.

How did you cook your crisps? I do mine in the microwave and they all cook at once generally -- don't think the 10 minute thing works with the crisps or the biscuits the same as it does with the soups and the shakes, think the nutrition value is the same with them.
Hi Katie

No, I just drink 2 2-litres bottles a day - sometimes an odd extra pint or so.....maybe I worded it wrong! You know us yanks - not so good with metrics! :crazy: lol So I am just doing to 2 bottles a day. I need to get some one litre bottles because I do sometimes confuse myself!! lol

As for the crisps, I made a paste of the soup with water - it was not a dry paste, I reckon I made have put too much water in, but it wasn;t runny - It was about the consistancey of tinned custard I guess. Maybe a little softer. (in my best Homer Simpson voice: mmmmmmmm custard:worthy:) hehe Then I cut baking paper round like my microwave turntable and put teaspoon fulls in a circle and then around the center as well. The recipe said 1 minute and 30 seconds - I guess I probably did them a total of two minutes the first go - let them cool and found the centers still moist so put them back in for another 20 seconds or so. That cooked them just right. I also added a fair amount of tabasco to the mix? In the end they were good, just a bit of a hassle, but will know next time. Did I do it wrong?
Well I am feeling freezing and tired so I went to be for a kip, woke up and watched "You been framed" always cheers you that programme.

Need to get more water down. Watching "The One and Only" at the mo, but not too impressed.

Bit boring on the tellie tonight. Will go and have some soap when prog. finishes.

Might try the crisps not sure though.
Steady on :rotflmao: I know we want to lose weight but really that is going too far......
Oops must put my fingers on the right key.:eek:

PS the dog is helping just knocked my water over so there no so much in the glass.:chores016:

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