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Saturday "Let's do it hour by hour!"

Morning folks!

Wishing you all a great Saturday!!! Hope all the sick puppies out there are feeling better today!

Have a busy day ahead - visit to the vet with our cat, trip up to Crawley to a craft store, and evening at the in-laws where I will be unveiling my new diet to them.

Am preparing myself for the "you can't do that for 6 months!" routine!! I know they will be supportive, but also know they will be worried about the severity of the diet. Wish me luck! Will be armed with my packet while they have their roast meal. This will be the first occassion I have sat with others while they eat. I feel OK about if though so it shouldn't be a problem. WIll probably be more uncomfortablefor them actually!!

Anyway - starting on my water!

Hope you all have a good day!

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Hi all, I have my weigh in today!!!! Its a couple of days early because i begain cd a day before i said i would ( i started on sun not mon) I cannot believe how much energy i have, its sat and its early and im awake! funny though that i still find it hard to crawl out of bed on a work day lol. Its been a mixed week. I havent found it hard to drink the water even though i thought i would, but there seems to be double the amount of cooking programmes on.
Hope everyone has a great day.... Im off to the hairdressers after WI
Chat later
Georgie xx
Hehe - Georgie - I know what you mean about waking up early for work as opposed on the weekend. I was up at 5:30am this morning, bright eyes and bushy tailed - yet 6am during the week is a real struggle!! Wonder why!? ;)

Good luck with your WI!!! Let us know how you get one!

Morning All,

Sitting in bed with my lap top catching up. On my first litre.

Good luck BL with your entertaining. Why dont you have a bar at the table, thats what I did once. Cut it up in to 10 pieces and ate slowly, it seemed to take others minds off that I wasnt eating the same as them. You could have a choc muffin for pud.

Hello Georgie, good luck with your weigh in, glad you are getting on OK. Keep us informed.
all tooooooo quiet on here !!!
Morning all, hope everyone feeling ok? Feeling a bit better today, antibiotics seem to be doing there thing! apart from a little tiredness I think I'm nearly there! yippee ;) How's everyone found their week?
So glad you are feeling better. My week was not too bad, had a bit of an upset Wed, but now all in perspective and moving forward. Have you had a good week.

I have written on the forum Families/relationships about another issue, wouldnt mind anyones opinions.

Too long for our forum.
Morning all, hope everyone feeling ok? Feeling a bit better today, antibiotics seem to be doing there thing! apart from a little tiredness I think I'm nearly there! yippee ;) How's everyone found their week?
Hi Bex!!

Had a great week and glad its the weekend!!! 100 % all week, so looking forward to WI on Monday night.

Glad you are feeling better!!

Just come back from the vet - have been treating my sick cat Vincent. She ( yes she - lol - don't ask!) has recently been very poorly and after every know test to man she has been diagnosed with pancreatitus. She also has IBS (Irritable Bowel SYndrome) which is common with pnacreatitis. SO....little tart is on a new posh diet! She is going to be dining on Venison and Peas.

Ya know - its really sad when you envy your cat's diet!! LOL

See ya later - have a good day!!

Good morning one and all :wavey:

I had a nice restful morning in bed and then had a lovely pampering shower - am off out shopping with hubby in a little while, going to try find a nice desk that I can put the computer on in the dining room - only want a small one but not seen anything I like up to now.

Rest of the day is going to be doing jobs round the house, we've been doing diy so it's time to do all those finishing bits - only problem is it's spread over a couple of rooms so it looks like we're going to be busy.

BL I'm sure you'll have a great time tonight, I hope your family are supportive but you can understand their worries as they want what's best for you.
I'm jealous of your cat too!!!!
HIya Katie!!

I can totally understand my inlaws concerns - plus, mum in law is a nurse, so she is all about the caring! She's lovely she is. Plus - they just are so acepting of me, they don't see why I see I have a problem, bless them. BUt I know they will be supportive.

But I know them - they will keep saying, are you sure you can;t have some roast? Can you have Macaroni and Cheese on your diet? 'What shall we prepare for you next time....,etc. Bless em. I just love them to bits I do!!

I like the sound of your day - it sounds both fun adn productive!
It must be really lovely to have wonderful inlaws.

Just had a vanilla lattee.

Just thought (after just returning from the TD) I used to be very careful in what I put in the tumble dryer in case it shrank. Now as I put some things in I am thinking "I hope that shrinks I liked wearing that"
It must be really lovely to have wonderful inlaws.
Oh yes, it is lady. But I paid my dues the first marriage - I had the most horrific monster-in-law.:badmood:...she was your worst nightmare. As was my brother in law and sister in law....They were all fine and we all got along really well - then we announced we were getting married, and the :hitthefan:.

They boycotted the wedding and the brother even threatedned to come down and blow up the cars in the drive:doh:.....I could tell you stories 'bout them that would make your hair stand on end....was a scary time actually!

In the end, I told my mother in law to kiss my :massmoon:. She never had a kind thing to say to or about me until she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Sorry - too litle too late.

So yes, my ones now - they are as good as best friends as they are inlaws, so I am doubly blessed.

It helps that I am right between my husbands age and theirs....my husband (toyboy :rotflmao: ) is 10 years younger then me, and my inlaws are 10 years older then me!! So its a great blend. They mean the world to me. :)
BL - oooohhh a toy boy. How lucky.;)
Hehe - waht is it they say ... You are only as old as the man you feel? hehehe

I am still jst on water today. Going to have a savoury drink now. Thinking I will save 2 soups and a bar for dinner with the inlaws and then a shake later on, or maybe before. As long as I am not hungry I am holding them off.

I know I say it all the time, but I just cannot believe I am not hungry!!! WHOOO! Love that!

Also been playing my guitar a lot today....I have had writers block on a song I have been been composing, and I broke it today! Yessss!! Onward we go!!

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