Saturday Night Double Birthday Meal Out

Chris Judson

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Good Morning All,

So Saturday night i have the brother-in-law's and cousin-in-law (if that title even exists) Birthday meals out luckily being combined into one night out.
The plan is to eat out at luckily because I have been doing Slimmingworld for so long now, you kind of get an idea of what you are going to have before you go. So here's my plan in theory

Starter - Lamb Spicy sheek kebab - Lean mince lamb mixed with fresh herbs & spices cooked in the tandoor
Main - Chicken Tikka Shashlik (tandoori cooked chicken served with onions and peppers
Desert - Usually none, but assuming there will be Birthday cake of some variety
Side - Steamed Rice - 2.70 Plain & simple
Drinks - probably 1 pint of either kingfisher or cobra larger (we arent driving so i cant guarentee there wont be more than 2!!)

Let me know your thoughts/opinions
Sounds good. Tandoori is clay oven baked (I think). As long as no skin its great.

I went out on Saturday to an Indian restaurant. I had 13 syns to play with and just did damage limitation I ordered a chicken curry that was tomato based (balti) which is a fave anyway. Just had half a poppadom so I didnt feel left out lol (1 syn) and rice.

I wasn't going to have wine but its rare im not the one driving so took advantage and had 2 glasses.

I'm hoping to make this right by having speed days until Friday.
@DinoDana yeah so i stuck to plan on food, but then failed epic-ally on the beers (3 or 4 pints)(cant't really remember), then there was birthday cupcakes afterwards....wasnt great but we got some good body magic in as we walked to the restaurant and back