saving points


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Its my understanding that you can aggregate all your weeks points and then use them how ever you wish. e.g i have 20 a day but if i times that by 7 i have 140 a week and can divide them however i want, so i can have thirty one day but ten the next etc. so if you wanted more on saturday it would mean taking some off the next day or the next few days


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heres a little bit of info i found from the ww website

Unused food POINTS values or Bonus POINTS values gained from exercise may be banked to be used during the current week only, for a special occasion or treat.
You can save and bank up to 8 POINTS values in 1 day, up to 4 from food and 4 from exercise, up to a maximum of 12 POINTS values in a week
Remember that your bank will reset on your weight tracking day and any unused spare POINTS values will be lost.


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Ah thanks for that info, i'm just going to stick to the plan religiously but if i do have an event then i know i have saved and bonus points to use that week.