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hey, just thought id share what i do each week. for every 1lb i lose i put £10 in my savings jar. ive lost 36lbs in total now so theres £360 in there. when i get to target im spending it all on new clothes.
on wi 1 i lost a stone so had to put £140 in there that week,lol. didnt expect to be putting that much in but will enjoy it when reach my target.

x x
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Jeez!! What on earth do you do for a living?!?! LOL! I'd barely be able to put more than £5 a lb in- and thats only because my losses were so small!!
Haha, that's a great idea, though the stone loss must have been a bit of a blow to your bank account ;-)

That's a lot of new clothes you'll have at the end :) Exciting! If I weren't living off a student loan I would totally be following your lead...

Brilliant idea Jenny! Wish I'd have thought of that! Although I would have been broke by now!

Think I might start that next week as my clothes are hanging on me, and I'm going to need to go on a spree soon.
lol irishmum, i dont actually work. like to call myself a lady of leisure, although housewife is what every1 else would say. hubby looks after us bless him. told him i wanted a tenner for every lb i lost or when i get to goal id need a load of money in 1 go so he went with the tenner idea, dont think he thought id lose much weight.lol.
i think even if u put £1 for every lb lost its still an achievement and when ur at target u can see how much ive lost. even it just buys 1 outfit or some shoes.
im such a saver though.
Wow women some new clothes your gonna get ..
unfortunalty i'm struggling to pay for the LT every week and just moved house so really skint right now but hopfully my BF might buy me a new outfit when at goal to show me off lol

debz x


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What a brilliant idea - though not sure I could manage a tenner per lb -maybe a £ per lb - got some catching up to do then lol


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That is fantastic I was just amusing myself by thinking about what my husband would say if I asked him for a tenner per lb lost. hahaha
He would look at me then roll the eyes then ignore :D hahaha

If you think about it, I dont lose big anyway so he would only end up paying £20 per week.

Saying that, we already cost £36 on this diet anyway :)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Jenny, that is a really cool idea and a great incentive to keep going as you can see the money jar mounting up every week. Think I will do something similar and aim to treat myself to new duds for Christmas.
Im so doing that brilliant idea!
lol good show ... so what you buying me with this money then ? lol

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