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savoury foods


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hi, sorry if this has been asked before i've tried a search but couldn't find anything...

i'm loving sw and eating loads of fruit and veg which is brilliant but just wondered what people have for savoury snacks? which are low in syn's i've had a couple of jaffa cakes 2.5 each. lol i know not exactly savoury but hit the spot.. i (used) to munch on crisps ALOT and would like to find a low replacement.

thanks in advance xx
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sw crisps?? not heard of these..ooooo.. i'll do another search lol..

ya know i never even thought if munching on meat or veg dips ! i'm sooo used to pointing everything i even felt guilty eating a fruit salad today !! that would have been quite a bit on WW !!


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i'm back 5 mins later armed with sw crisps !! OMG these are lush and it worked.. must admit was a little dubious as they looked soggy but added a little salt left to cool and YUM woop woop crispy free crisps.. this is fab !! thanks guys ! i'll be stocking up on nibbles as my night times are the worst for bingathons xx


I see the light!

for a savoury hit thats low in syns, I like the large marmite rice cakes, they are 1.5 syns each, but obviously they not any good if you are a marmite hater!

Helen xxx
Woah!! I consider myself a seasoned SW'er, yet unbelievably I had never tried SW crisps?! Why?! Just made a teeny batch, and gave bf most, and am IN LOVE!! mustn't overdo them though!! Have looked them up and there's some debate as to whether they're properly free, however wouldn't eat more than a small potato worth of them, and wouldn't think twice about mashing or boiling 4 or 5 pots if hungry, so they can't be that bad!!

Tip: use the wok fry light!! Makes Chinese flavour crisps!! Am gonna try the 'better than butter' one next!!



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Mmm butternut squash crisps ! next on my list ! sw crisps saved the day for me again yesterday,, and as my micro plate only lets me fill 1/2 a potato i'm sure it'll be fine !! YUM

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