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Saying goodbye to the Red Wine


The red wine has to go, I have no doubt that it is slowing my progress!!!

Its been my friend for many years, but its time to part company.. at least for a while.

Now dont get me wrong, Im NOT going Tee total.. I like to drink too much, and its my only vice (well apart from food:cool:)

So I will be indulging in another fav of mine, Bison grass vodka, which would usually be with apple juice, but thats a no no too, so it ll be with Slimline tonic, loads of ice, and fresh limes :crazy:

Hubba is also today saying goodbye to the lager, it too is a no brainer when trying to lose weight:sigh:

wish us luck, I ll let you know how we get on :p

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Brave move! Good Luck! Keep us updated!
a brave move indeed, I will miss my dear rioja after a hard day at work.
The beauty of the vodka is that as its £16 a bottle , I wont be able to glug it like the vino x


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I've done the same hun! It has happened gradually over the past 16 weeks. At first 17 syns for 2 glasses of red was a sacrifice I was willing to make but over the weeks I have realised that I can't possibly use ALL my syns on my beloved red stuff :eek: So the booze has been cut down to mainly weekends with the odd glass of red but vodka & tonic is the new drink of choice for me too ;)

My bellies have definitely decreased as a result :D

Let us know how you get on xx
As a newbie who only started last Thursday I feel devastated to read this :sigh: I can't possibly give up my red I'm willing to give up the food but the red's a no no. I'm trying to lose baby weight after giving birth to twins (7Ib 4 and 7Ib 11) 5 months ago, I also have a 3 year old so a couple of glasses of the old red are my life savour at the weekend :D I hope and pray I can shift this weight without giving up my friend red :p Good luck red-squirrell!!!!!
Good Luck honey! :D I love my red wine too, but I tell you what, when you do have the 'odd glass' now and then it tastes so much nicer as you're not drinking it as regularly. Good luck and enjoy the vodka (That sounds lovely) xx


good luck. Think your right, it must make a difference. Im not a bit wine drinker, but absolutely love my lagar and of course the bags and bags of crisps that just have to go with it:sigh: will have to cut it down or out now,good luck keep us post as to how your doing kateyb x
Hi all, well weekend number one without the red wine was a great success, and to be fair I also feel a little fresher in the morning than I normally would on a Sunday morning, so another plus point I think!

The only slight blip we had was that we got the munchies late on, and we had no syns left........ BUT we didn't go to mad we just had a pack of those new snack a jacks ( bit like quavers) so they were 6 syns, both have to be really good today.

Sunday is the time I will miss the red wine tho, around 4pm when I start preparing the evening meal, it's usually then that I would have my first glug of wine ha ha ha followed by 'a few' more, it's the way I roll ha ha

The hubba will be missing the lager around about now as he's watching football, again it the 'law' to drink lager whilst watching football.... Apparently x

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Hey ladies
Sorry to intrude, but there's a bottle of red (First Cape) that is 9 syns for the whole bottle, so if you still want to have a cheeky red, then you can. It's just lower in alcohol, say 10% or so.
Ali , briar you are just tempting me!

Gettingfit, thanks for the heads up on the offer, but this bison grass one is just well.... Lush lol x

It has a slight taste to it and is delicious, you should try it one time, it's so good with apple juice ice and squeeze of lime, but in the interest of losing weight, we re just having slimline tonic and a little splash of apple juice mmmmmmmmm

Girls enjoy the vino, I look forward to a glass, but not for at least a week.... Wish me luck!


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I've said goodbye to the red for a while. It's so hard tho.:-( I have started on spritzers instead (Rose or White) or gin and slim. But gradually cutting down the drink regardless. But doing well. I.e. We normally have a rather raucous evening when Eurovision is on... With drinking games starting early on. In actual fact I only has 2-3 g&ts the entire eve...so pleased with self!
I find myself offering to drive also to reduce drinking... But it is the collapse-in-front-of-a-film-get-me-a-glass-of-red which I miss so much!!! Sat down to watch the kings speech in bed with the bf and we both had pints...... Of water. So it can be done xxxxx

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Not as much difference as I would have hope just yet.. But this week with no social engagements to speak of may show different! X

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The low syn first cape wine is 5.5% i think, my oh bought it by accident once (before diet). I found it disgusting, very sweet - tasted more like fruit juice. Not worth it imo, would rather have less of the nice stuff!
Good luck, I am saying farewell to my dear friends koppaberg pear cider and rose wine. why are all the best ones the most syns!

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