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How do you go on when u start using LT & ya's & the chemist scales are the same reading then as time goes on u no ya losing weight,the chemist still shows a loss but nt as much as ya,s differance being bout 3 to 4 lbs,now i know at differant time of day we can fluctuate ,but from my house to chemist is only 10 mins away,15 if traffic,Well its happened a few times to me,dnt understand it any advice....thanks:character00201::badmood:
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aaaah now that is definitely something i can relate to. my sister reckons its a scam!.. lol... thing is when i used to go to the pharmacy and get weighed they always did it in KG and then converted it to pounds. and for some reason i was always at least 3lbs heavier at the pharmacy than i was at home and at my docs. i know that my docs and home scales are exactly the same because i have literally weighed myself at home and walked to docs (2mins away) and i have weighed exactly the same. but when i went to pharmacy i was 4lbs heavier (after the conversion) perhaps the problem is that they are doing the conversion wrong. i think there is something wrong with the chart or their maths. ive looked at a chart at my work place and that chart is definitely wrong!... the best advice i could give u is decide which pair of scales you wanna go with and stick to that. even tho i go to the pharmacy for my weigh in i trust my home scales and so i always refer to my home scales for my proper weigh in! i have asked my pharmacist about it and have also proved to her that she always does her conversion wrong and she just SHRUGGED! and she said thats what my conversion says... but obviously its wrong! they dont really care i dont think. the other thing is maybe the scales at the chemist need calibrating? have you discussed with your pharmacist? my pharmacist is just a total cow about the whole weigh in thing and makes me feel bad about it to be honest. but i know i have lost alot more than what it shows on her scale coz all the scales show less than just hers... so there must be something to it.
Thanx 4 that,thought it was just me:8855:,keep going we'l get 2 our desired weight even if they say were 3 or 4lbs heavier:8855::8855:
exactly! thats the best way to think about it! you know your losing weight tho dont you!... this week i have thrown away 3 pairs of jeans and 5 tops that i have hardly ever worn because they are almost falling off my and look silly even wearing them with a belt!... so i definitely know that my chemist scales are definitely not saying what my body is saying!!! yay!... good luck hun. ooh i bought these paula radcliffe weighing scales and they are really good!
What i do is weigh myself at home and stick to that reading as the pharmacies scales also show a heavier reading! Dont worry ya havent gone bonkers it happens to us all. Why cant they just set it in stones and lbs!!
I only ever weigh myself on the Pharmacy scales. I think if i started to weigh myself at home, i'd be weighing myself vertually every day. I figure that if i've lost or not lost, i'd rather find out at the pharmacy.

The scales @ the Pharmacy are fab! They do blood pressure, pulse, body fat as well as weight and you get a nice print out to keep with all those stats on, which is nice for comparing everything. :)
now thats a good idea bohemian! and thank you xxx.. lol.. yeah your right bing must have a posh chemist, my scales at home are alot more grand than the ones at the pharmacy. the ones there are the old fashioned but digital ones that are rubbish!... i kept a pair of jeans so that i can do one of them "ads" later on and put them on and show that two of me can fit inside them!.... lol... god i look forward to that day!...
I cant wait to go shopping at the end of dec. I am seein the other half for a couple of days starting 2nd Jan so I wanna get some shopping done just before then!.... i still feel like as if i wouldnt fit smaller clothes even tho i threw a load out... isnt it horrible ! i still feel big when i look in the mirror!... maybe some retail therapy will help!
my chemist scales are like the ones ud av at home,just switch a button,there are not as fancy as ya's:scale: :scale::scale:
I found if I didn't seem to have lost weight on the scales, I had lost inches!

So if you measure your waist monthly, you get a bigger boost!

(total inch loss on waist for me so far is 9"!)
when i first started LT my scales and the chemists scales were the same but as time has gone on my scales are now about 2kg in difference. I now weigh less at the chemist than what i do at home. i just go off the chemist scales now. great losses for everyone tho well done.
I'm still like that fatbridetobe...I won't get rid of any of my clothes at the moment, even though they are too big because I just don't believe I will fit into anything smaller! My other half has offered to buy new clothes for me but I don't want to...not yet anyway.
Charlene, your weight loss is fantastic, I bet you are so proud of yourself....you should be!
And as for scales...I banished them from the house a few years ago and have never allowed them back in!
thanks Bohemian, i am very proud of my loss. even with the blips iv had i was amazed at last mondays weigh in when id lost 8lb !! i want to lose the other 6lb for xmas but if i dont reach that i will be happy with 4lb. My plan was to lose 12lb by the monday b4 xmas. im really chuffed thank you.
Your weight loss is great too, 32lb thats brilliant! well done you!!
Im a compulsive weigher also FBTB, every morning i pee then i weigh lol
grrrr i went to the pharmacy today and they had a new pair of scales and she said to me that i weigh 16.10st.... and i was like BULL!! coz i weigh 16.2. just last week my weigh in was 16.4 so how could i hav put on all that weight. weighed myself at home and i am defo 16.2
hate the pharmacy

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