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Scan Bran virgin - what to eat it with?

It is a HEXB. :) I think you can have 5. One syn each otherwise. The best way to get them down is with LOADS of spready cheese. Or in a scan bran chocolate cake.
I love making the scan bran choccy cake with banana thrown in (synned ofcourse) nom nom nom x
it resembles compressed grass / cardboard and has a taste to match..
very hard but also very absorbent.. so dunked in something works well or crumbled up into something..

it is quite versatile in as far as peoples ways to hide and disguise it into something remotely appetising..

it is also a required part of some of the HeB's that would otherwise be lacking in fiber to make it a valid HeB, such as 28g of fruit 'n' fibre and 1 oat/scan bran..

a woman in our group adds one to poridge to add fibre to it..


all for my little man x
I tried it for the first time today, had two broken up into beans and laughing cow cheese, and then my other three with laughing cow cheese and salmon, was suprised how nice they were are even my consultant said they were hideous! x
ohh wow, you can make cake with it. urmmmm. Is it kinda like the dark rye rivitas as there nice. Will go hunt it down tommorow when i go into town. As if i can make healthier cake the girls will be happy lol
Cake recipes...


I have only tried the carrot cake and it is amazing - like Christmas cake. I cut it into 8 and freeze it. Only 1.5 syns a piece. I have it with cottage cheese mixed with orange zest. Sounds manky, but I love it!


I see the light!
the only way they can possibly be eaten as they are, is with a good inch of chocolate spread on the top - but I guess that isn't the idea of them really!!! I crumble and mix into things, so you eat it without realising. They not too bad with tinned toms on them so they go all soggy. But I have to say they take some winding down with plenty of water.

Helen xxx
I don't think Scan Bran is SS, is it not just FF?

Anyway 1 tbsp of Nutella melted in microwave mixed with 5 scan bran that you have blitzed in the food proceesor, form in to wee balls and pop in sweetie cases and chill until set SW Ferrero Rocher... and you get lots for 6 syns and a HEb

i have 5( hexb) with 5 laughing cow light cheese triangles( hexa) cherry toms sliced and cucumber and freshly ground black pepper :D
That is how I use my heA & heB each day Natasha.... very filling and I like them.... the Oat version are nice too....90p per packet at class
Purplesky... can also be purchased at Holland & Barrett who more often than not have buy one get one 1/2 price deals across the store.

I can't believe I am admitting this (and I know it makes me seriously odd) but...

My name is Sockmonkey and I like scanbran. As it comes, on it's own, completely plain.

I just had to get that off my chest.
trying to speed things up a bit.

I've never has scan bran before but am going to buy some when I go to class in a minute. What's the best way of eating it? Is it a HEXB?
Ive more to lose but reached my thre stone last week. Have you tried scan bran cake or wurley cake. Not completely free but make a nice sweet.

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