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Scatty's Food Diary

Ok, so after a few days of kinda/sorta following the points system, the plan for today was to stick religiously to my points. I am 23 points a day.

Tuesday 12 Jan 2010

Skimmed Milk 1 Pint: 2 points (to be consumed during the day)

Oats So Simple with 180ml skimmed milk: 2pnts

2 slices of WW bread: 2pnts
1 tsp of marg:0.5 points
1 packet Snack A Jacks: 2pnts

2 x WW choc chip cookies: 3pnts

1 low fat hot choc:1pnts
Jacket Potato:4pnts
1 tsp of marg:1pnts
100g of low fat philly with chives:4 pnts
1 portion of steamed carrots, brocolli, cauliflower:0 pnts

21 pnts
Points Saved:2 pnt

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awww thank you.
Hey Scatty!
Looks like you had a great day hun!!! And you managed to save some points too! I'm doing WW on my own too, I started just over a week ago and so far so good! lol Hope you have a good day 2moro too!
Love Vicky xxx
Thank's guys - just updated - only saved 1 point though. :(


Wednesday 13th Jan 2010

half pint Skimmed Milk : 1pnts

Oats So Simple: 1.5pnts (made up with water)

WW Vegetable Soup: 2 pnts
2 slices of WW wholemeal bread: 2pnts
1tsp of marg: 1pnt

1 portion of mashed swede/carrot/potato:2pnt
WW Baked Beans:4pnts
Tesco Spicy Bean Burger: 3pnts


Snack a Jacks Salt n Vinegar: 2 pnts
WW Choc Chip Cookie ok of 2:1.5pnts
Snack a Jacks popcorn:1pnt

Saved: 1pnts
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Tell me about it Guenevere!
actually today not as bad as yesterday, I was constantly starving yesterday. I supposed I could have had a bigger dinner but I wanted to save some points because I am really craving curry at the moment so I reckon if I am really good and save some points I can have a curry (home made) at some point at the end of the week.;)
Thursday 14th Jan 2010

Milk: 1 Pint of Skimmed milk (to be consumed throughout the day for hot drinks etc):2 pnts

Breakfast: Oats So Simple made up with water: 1.5

1Tesco Herb & Garlic Pitta:3 pnts
2 Cauldron Falafel's: 2 pnts
cucumber& green pepper salad: 0pnt

Sainsbury's Light Hot Chocolate: 1pnt
Snack a Jacks Popcorn: 1pnt
WW Choc Chip Cookie pack of 2:1.5pnts

Tesco Mexican Bean Burger: 3pnts
2 Cauldron Falafel's: 2 pnts
1 portion of mashed carrot/swede/potato: 1 pnt
WW Baked Beans: 4pnts

Saved: 1pnts
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Getting married July 2011
hey scattykookie,

I am starving today...I forgot to have lunch and had a goats milk yoghurt! Probably should have some lentil soup now, but it's really close to dinner, and I'm going out later....oh I dunno what to do.

I have the same curry plan for later in the week! I have the green chillis, garlic, ginger, lime leaves etc, and the reduced fat coconut milk....I"m going thai, green. It'll probably be 20 points with rice. I'm using BBC Good foods, makeover green curry by Angela Hartnet. What one are you thinking of?

Love Guen
^^Hi there,

I spent most of the afternoon out today, first was a mum and baby group followed by a couple of laps around the local park with the pushchair, then I walked home - don't know how to work out activity points so I am not counting them in todays. I was absolutely famished by the time I came home.

I have noticed that most of my veg is frozen and there has been no fruit included in my diet since the start- something I need to remedy.

As for the curries, I love indian curry's like the ones my mum used to make when I was little. As such, I don't really tend to follow any recipe for curry. I have used BBC Good Food pre WW and have to say some of their recipes especially for baking are excellant - I made a chocolate birthday cake and apple pie using the recipe's on BBC God Food and both came out lovely.

I think I might try a 0pnt veggie curry and then use up some of my points on my rice (basmati rice, cooked with lightly fried onions, herbs/spices and some peas/potato/chick peas), I dunno yet for sure but I love chick peas, potato's and peas basically all the stuff you have to point!
Friday 15th Jan 2010

Milk: 1/2 Pint Skimmed: 1pnt

2 crumpets :4 pnts
10gm Flora light(approx 2 tsp): 1 pnt

WW Choc Chip Cookies : 1.5pnts
WW Peach Yogurt: 1pnt
Snack a Jacks Popcorn x 2: 2pnt

Lunch: Nowt been busy with LO

Large Jacket Potato 340g : 4 pnts
Tesco Mature Chedder Cheese 30g: 3 pnts
Tesco Light Choices Beans 210g: 2.5 pnts

Total: 20 pnts
Saved: 3 pnts
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YOu need to find some lower fat crumpets, i get ones that are one point each :)
Saturday 16th Jan 2010

Milk : 1 pint Skimmed: 2pnts

2 slice of toast (WW danish bread .05 pnts each): 1pnt
2 tsp of flora light: 1pnt
Oats So Simple made with milk allowance: 1.5

falafel and salad sandwich with no dressing, using cauldron falafels and ww danish bread: 6pnts

ww choc chip cookies x2:3pnts
Muller Light Mandarin yogurt: 1.5
Snack A Jacks Popcorn: 1

Jacket Potato 225g: 2.5 pnts
10g Flora Light: 1pnt
50g Philly light w/chives: 2
Steamed Veg : 0 pnts

Total: 22.5 pnts
Banked 0.5 pnts

Been very hungry today and really craving stodge, I think it may be totm for me.
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I get Waitrose own ones as its near my house.but other ones are low too if you chek the packs

I am having the lightly salted popcorn - don't have the exact values but it's not a big a packet as the normal snack a jacks and the online points calculator values it at 1 point. I don't know if they do sweet versions of the popcorn now, a few years ago I think they did because I vaguely remember buying them to take with me to the cinema but I haven't seen any in my local tesco's

this is the calculator I use - but I suspect it is rounding things up to the nearest point and not all that accurate - I might need to invest in a proper WW one.

Weight Watchers Points Calculator
I get Waitrose own ones as its near my house.but other ones are low too if you chek the packs
I have the Warburton ones they are 100 cals and 0.1g of sat fat and showing as 2 pnts on the online calculator - I shall have look in tesco's or sainsburys for some lower fat ones. :)

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