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Scheduled 'day off' - change of heart & plan

Next Saturday (and probably the day before) are going to be planned days off for me as it's my daughter inlaw's to be hen day/night. It's strange because though I'm doing it I'm not eagerly looking forward to it (the eating and drinking I mean, not the day).

I had originally planned not to go as I don't feel like I can go and not eat/drink as to be honest I don't know any of these people except for the bride to be and possibly my daughter might come along.

I'd told my d-i-l that I wasn't going to go but as the day has got closer well I just feel cruel, she's only ever going to have this one day and I hate to miss it or for her to have any feelings that I didn't want to be there when I really do want to be there to see her, I mean this is my son she's marrying and I want every bit of it to be happy for them both.

Not really sure what my 'issue' is, or even if I have one -- just feels really strange as if I've ever done a vlcd and had a planned day off then I'd really looked forward to the food/drink whereas this time I'm not - maybe this is because this time it feels right to be doing the diet.

Anyway it's 2 days off (need Friday to get some carbs for the alcohol) and then that's it, back on it until the wedding on the 6th November ---- seriously hoping (and yes believing) that all will go to plan!
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On A Mission!
There are times when you have to remember you still have a life, even if you are dieting, and this is one of those times.

Have lovely evening and celebrate!
Thanks Lynn, you're right ---- my biggest wedding problem is going to be finding something that I want to wear for the wedding, think it's time to start the shopping marathon, will probably take weeks!
I am on a vlc diet too (Allaboutw8) and I reckon I will be for at least another 5 months. Even before I started I planned some days off - as Lynn says you need a life. I had a day off for my birthday, am having a week off while I am on holiday and at least 2 days off during Christams and New Year. My niece is getting married in January so I will have that day off too. I do not intend to stuff my face full of rubbish - but I do want to feel normal at least some of the time on this diet.
I am glad you are making the decision to go. Have fun, enjoy your day and come back with renewed morivation to lose more weight for the wedding. Take care xxx.
This is so strange for me, in fact it's probably a first in 41 years so here goes..... I don't want to eat! There said it - wow.

Normally if I'd been having a planned break I'd be making excuses in my head to start it the day before but this time it all seems different.

My plan had been to eat today and eat & drink tomorrow but I knew earlier this week that I just didn't want to do it. The new plan is that I'm staying on track apart from that I'm going on the hen do and am going to just drink diet coke - it's not as obvious as water :) I know that it will probably knock me out of ketosis as I'm highly highly unlikely to get Coke Zero but it's better than the original plan and hopefully it won't affect the scales on Monday morning.

Here's to my first ever alcohol free hen do --- or in fact my first ever daughter in law to be's hen do!
I know that it will probably knock me out of ketosis as I'm highly highly unlikely to get Coke Zero
I'm glad you are going on your hen night. Don't worry too much about the coke thing. You may well be knocked out of ketosis but it is unlikely to take the full 3 days to get back into ketosis with just diet coke - more likely one day. Have a great time and pat yourself on the back - the new and improved you has entered the building!!
Thanks ladies - well I went and I had a great night and more importantly so did my d-I-l to be :)

I'm probably well out of ketosis as I must have had about 7 diet cokes, but I'm so not bothered about that as I did it all without food and alcohol, got to say that I do feel pretty proud of myself which I never usually do!


On A Mission!
The idea that citric acid can take you out of ketosis may be something to do with the ketogenic diet recommended for epileptics, where epileptic children are advised not to drink diet sodas, as the citric acid contained in them can interfere with the Krebs Cycle, which is also known as the citric acid cycle. Its a complex chemical reaction involved in getting into ketosis in a nutshell.

It appears to be established that once you have been in ketosis, then citric acid will unlikley have much effect on taking you out of it unless you are very sensitive to citric acid.

In other words, dont worry about it too much. From my own personal experience when i go out to have a drink i drink diet coke and it hasnt taken me out of ketosis yet. But its simple to test, if you stay in ketosis after drinking diet coke then this is unlikey to be a problem for you.

Some people do drinks large quantities of diet coke on a daily basis, and those people may have an intolerance to it, in which case they might have problems getting into ketosis to start with.
Hi Lynn I'm not worried about the ketosis, I never check myself for ketosis as I just assume that if I'm sticking to it then I'll be in it. Now that today is over I'm back on it fully until the wedding in three weeks, hoping for another 10lbs going before then.


On A Mission!
Thats so exciting with the wedding coming up! What are you going to wear? do you have your outfit yet?

I remember my sons wedding, it was one of the best and worst days of my life lol. I did all the catering for it for 200 people, and i was so exhausted I wanted to just lay on the floor and sleep lol. Took me a week to recover lol
Wow, I'll take my hat off to you (if/when I buy one) for doing that, I couldn't do it!

Nope no outfit yet, have looked on a few websites but not seen anything, am going to try and go shopping a couple of evenings this week and see if I have any luck.
I have to say I am very very proud of you for doing what you did, knowing your own mind and not being influenced to eat and drink when you do not want to is a huge step forward - I applaud you :)
Thanks everyone - got to say that I was more than happy that I'd abstained when I got on the scales today for my weekly weigh in and saw a loss rather than what could well have been a substantial goal!

Hi Irene - thanks for your message - hope you're well xx

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