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Second Wi on refeed


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YAY iv lost another 3lbs woop woop im so happy cos that takes me to 10st 12lbs and thats exactly what i wanted to be by my holidays so i smashed my own little personal goal with 6 days to spare!!!
GO me its my birthday wooohooooo

Im going out friday nite and gonna hav a couple of drinks to celebrate, its my mates birthday too! Ill be carting myself down to the chemist sat morning cos i wont be around monday for my normal WI!

YAY tanx guys for putting up with me xxx
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weighs a lot less
happy birthday hun and well done on your loss,have you introduced carbs yet ??


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Sorry its not my birthday lol i was just singing to myself ''Go Sarah its your birthday'' lol but tanx x

Oh im in brilliant form today, cant wait for friday gonna dance my 10stone 12 ass off all nit woop woop


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Sorry lil i never answered your question, em i had a crispbread earlier is that a carb??

Im having a stirfry for dinner with a few noodles are they carbs??
Oh god how stupid do i sound lol


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Well done and enjoy the night out. You will be a cheap date....lord knows how quick you will get pissed after not drinking for so long!!!! Enjoy!


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Ha ha tell me about it two vodkas and ill be on the floor! Paddys nite was the last nite i had a drink


Says it as it is!!!
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Well done lady ...ye snoodles and crispbreads are carbs hun...make sure your outta keotosis before the weekend xxxxx


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Well done Ladylipo and Happy birthday to you.


Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
LOL LIPO you are confussing people who don't know the song xxx


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Lol i know nic woops Sorry guys :eek:

Yay so iv had carbs now woo hoo go me!
Im so stupid sometimes blonde or what, oh im having my hair done this morning then off for a bit more shopping then going to see my poor old gran whos not long outta hospital!

Tanx again everyone for your support this week xx
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wow its good you lost that much on refeed! I have times i dont even lose that on fully blown LT! xx


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I know what you mean, iv lost 5lbs in two wks on refeed so happy i didnt gain! I had times where i lost **** all on full LT too sucks ass lol

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