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  1. moshermum

    moshermum Full Member

    Beginning Day 2

    So here I am again. I had a previous diary from last year, where I attempted exante TS, but was caught short by getting rather ill and being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, it was really annoying because I was doing so well, I had lost well over a stone and was feeling great on the diet, but I got really scared when my digestive system went very wrong. I now have medication, so although I need to keep an eye on things, I am really hoping everything will be OK and I can get to a comfortable weight. I have linked my old diary here, as I'm hoping it will help me keep track these first few weeks and be mindful if I start to feel rough, I dont want to get ill again.

    Anyway, just starting day 2, yesterday was fine, and I'm enjoying the new packs, it gives a bit of variety from soups and shakes. I just need to get back in the swing of the water.... and the trips to the loo.

    As I said on my other diary, I did LL with loads of success, so again I'm hoping I can do it again. I don't want to go as low as I did with LL, but I'm not thinking that far ahead as there is a long road ahead.

    Anyway, good luck to me and everyone on TS who reads this - thanks for your support

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  3. mishelly77

    mishelly77 Full Member

    Hi moshermum

    Just read your previous diary. You did so well that I'm sure you'll be fantastic this time!

    How are you getting on?

    I've not done a vlcd before but I'm on day 4 and finding it is easier than I thought it would be :) Love the porridge and shakes, soups aren't great and the meals are nice but consistency taking some getting used to....

    Looking forward to getting slim but not sure I can visualise myself slim, lol.

    Anyway, good luck and hope you don't mind me following your progress?

    Mich x
  4. lynneonextante

    lynneonextante Lynne will be thin!

    Good luck MM. I'm sure you'll be in a bikini, never mind shorts by September!
  5. moshermum

    moshermum Full Member

    Hi Mich
    Thanks for the reply, yes lets follow each other, I'll have a look for your posts. I am just starting to feel the cold more, I always find that a challenge. When I lost all the weight on LL I still saw myself as fat, even though I wasnt. Its a weird thing.

    Texture is a weird thing on this diet, I remember having an urge for a crunch... but the bars were like sawdust. I had the spag bol today, it was quite nice considering.
  6. moshermum

    moshermum Full Member

    Thanks Lynn, dont think I would do a bikini at my age, but being able to wear shorts without being so embarrassed would be lovely
  7. .Minnie

    .Minnie Full Member

    Hi moshermum youre doing well keep it up x
  8. moshermum

    moshermum Full Member

    Day 3
    I had a really bad night, last night. I was fine all day and didn't feel too bad or tempted to eat. When I went to bed, my tummy started gurgling and I felt so empty. The hunger pangs were brutal and the idea of more water swishing around my empty system just made me feel sick. I tried so hard to get to sleep, but gave up and read my book for a few hours. It was 4.30am before I slept.

    I woke up feeling a bit better and wasnt even hungry. Today I am freezing, I'm not struggling with the diet, just the cold and the headache! I hope I will be in ketosis soon as I know I will feel much better then. This first week is always the hardest.

    Anyway, I still have one pack to go today and I am wrapping up warm.

    Pleased I've survived 3 days!
  9. lynneonextante

    lynneonextante Lynne will be thin!

    Hi MM. I struggled to sleep last night too AND have a headache today! It will all be worth it when you get those shorts on next summer!
  10. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Keep with it MM. In a day or two your body will adjust & you will start to feel better.
  11. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Gold Member

    Good luck MM

    Just keep going. You'll come out the other end feeling much better. Promise :)
  12. moshermum

    moshermum Full Member

    Day 4
    Feeling much better and slept like a log last night. My tummy is gurgling and I have a bit of the squits today (sorry tmi) I do need to watch my bowel habits though because last time I did exante I got quite ill. I'm not sure if it was connected or not, which is why I am trying again cautiously.

    I am beginning to get that feeling of more energy, I love that, when you get passed those first few days and suddenly you feel like you could run a mile (not that I could).

    I tried the Carbonara today, it was a bit runny and although it tasted OK, it made me feel a bit sick, so I dont think I will be having another one of those in a hurry. I'm not sure about the meals, its nice to have a different texture but.... well anyway, I will probably change my mind tomorrow.

    I havent weighed myself yet, I dont want to get into the habit of daily weighing like I did last time, so I am going to be strict with myself and only weigh once per week.

    Thanks for the support
  13. .Minnie

    .Minnie Full Member

    Well done MM you're doing so well. I am trying not to weigh as I'm afraid it could take my mood either way. Glad you had a better day x
  14. moshermum

    moshermum Full Member

    I know weighing too much can send me both ways too. So I am going to make sure I do it weekly and focus on the monthly loss, as I know even within each week there can be good ones and disappointing losses.
    Well done to you how long have you been on it?
  15. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Gold Member

    Good effort MM!

    I'm with u on the carbonara front... Need to find a way of cooking it better. Mines always ends up like cheesy soup with some bits of pasta floating in it!
  16. .Minnie

    .Minnie Full Member

    Good morning :) I am only on day 4 and last night was hanging on by the skin if my teeth but I'm still here thank goodness. You've been doing so well, how are you today? x
  17. moshermum

    moshermum Full Member

    Well done for hanging in there, it will get better, I promise. Just distract yourself when you feel the urge to eat. You can do it!
  18. moshermum

    moshermum Full Member

    Day 5

    I've been absolutely fine today. I ordered some bars as I had originally got the winter warmer pack and was missing the bar option. I got the double chocolate ones - yes the texture is weird, but I like them. Its nice to have half and save half and I feel like its a treat for some reason :?

    Anyway, I am feeling better each day, my tummy has settled down, so I'm hoping the UC wont flare up. I have to take a vitamin D supplement as well as the packs as I have a deficiency (awaiting a bone scan for osteoporosis)

    Think I am definitely in ketosis now, as I have such a dry mouth and feel I have more energy. I still have a bit of a headache, but that may just signal I need more water.

    I'm feeling very positive and I have still managed to stay off the scales so I'm looking forward to Friday morning and my weight in.
  19. .Minnie

    .Minnie Full Member

    Fantastic, you're doing really well and I'm looking forward to the grand unveiling Friday :) I feel human again, gnawing hunger gone, ketostix nice and pink! Thank you for the support x
  20. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Gold Member

    Well done MM! I'm glad uv stayed off the scales. Roll on Friday for a nice surprise :)
  21. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Good news that you are in ketosis now. Things should get easier now. Probably right about needing more water. Does your fluid intake effect the UC. I'm sure you will be in for a nice surprise when you do get on the scales

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