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Serial Synner!!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by MissD47, 5 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. MissD47

    MissD47 Member

    I started off really well doing SW from home. I got through an entire month with very few cheat days. I lost 11lb and started to feel more confident. I really want to lose another 12lb at the most but chocolate is getting in the way. Is there a syn free substitute that i can use instead? My weight loss has slowed right down and in the last few weeks, I've gained. I keep chocolate in for my children/packedlunches/treats..
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  3. steph1212

    steph1212 Full Member

    I like to have strawberries with a vanilla muller with chocolate sprinkles poured over the top!! Takes away the urge for chocolate. If however you want/need chocolate then the mini kinder bars are only 3.5syns! X
  4. pflorida

    pflorida Silver Member

    Apparently dark chocolate is meant to be good as well as the snack size mars and snickers! I've just brought some cadburys hot chocolates that a lot of people have recommended as they come in some really nice flavours!
  5. jessiepie1982

    jessiepie1982 Full Member

    Weetabix minis with choc chips you can have as heb. I eat them dry with no milk and it feels a bit like a treat !
  6. ACH

    ACH Full Member

    I can't be trusted so I don't have them In but if you have them in for your kids why not have someone in the family hide them and get you one out per day or something and leave it on the side so you know your within your syns and can only have what they have got out for you. Sounds extreme I know but needs must haha
  7. abisaurus

    abisaurus Silver Member

    tub of quark, tablespoon of sweetner, options hot chocolate sachet, give it all a good mix and you have a HUGE chocolate dessert at only 2 syns.

    The chocolate truffles or forrero rocher are also really nice and only about 1 syn each (though can be quite moreish)
  8. abisaurus

    abisaurus Silver Member

    or make fruit kebabs, use grapes, strawberries etc dip them in melted chocolate, put them on to a skewer and leave to set in the fridge. Youre still hving chocolate but youre boosting your SF element so not quite as guilty. Syns would depend on the amount of chocolate you use.
  9. MissD47

    MissD47 Member

    Ah you guys are amazing. Some really good ideas here, thank you all so much. I love the idea of making a big chocolate pudding. The weetabix will also be on my shopping list, I could maybe snack on them through the day instead of them all at the same time in a bowl, will that still work? Also I bought in quite a few flavours of Muller Light, are they all free?
  10. abisaurus

    abisaurus Silver Member

    you can have your hexb spread out through the day (like using milk in coffees) just as long as you get the amount right.

    Muller lights are all free but the greek yogurt and dessert ranges have varying syn values.
  11. Debridger

    Debridger On track to target

    Fruit kebabs are hood, I took some to taster, but I threaded 'naked fruit' on mikado sticks, so 0.5 syns each
  12. MissD47

    MissD47 Member

    I got the Raspberry sprinkled with Dark chocolate, are they the wrong ones?
  13. yoyo1986

    yoyo1986 Full Member

    Mikado sticks are my fave if im feeling naughty, can sit there and eat 20 of them for 10 syns, makes you feel like you have had a good pig out but stay within your syns!! Xx
  14. MissD47

    MissD47 Member

    Ouch, they are so nice and definitely on my shopping list! Thank you :)
  15. Anti222

    Anti222 Full Member

    I was just about to say the same thing! I bought a big box of them yesterday and have to hide them from my OH because they are MY treats! I managed to just have 4 yesterday for 2 syns (although I had to give my OH ONE :grumble: but I made it clear he gets NO MORE!) by licking all the chocolate off first and then eating the biscuit. They really hit the chocolate craving hard and are wonderfully low in syns!
  16. MissD47

    MissD47 Member

    Haha I read that wrong, I thought you were going to say 'by licking all them, they are mine'. I'd hide them too, I can't have anything to myself. I'm way too short to hide them on the top shelf, so it will have to be a handbag job, let's face it, nobody dares go in a woman's handbag, I call mine 'Narnia'. For half a syn each, I've a feeling these will be my new best friends!

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