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serious help needed please

hi, i am thinking of starting lipotrim.
i have gained 6lbs of the 10lbs i lost from being on holiday for the week. it has been a slow process losing the weight and i am now running out of patience!
i was thinking of lipotrim to try get rid of the bulk of my weight then going back to atkins to lose the final few pounds and to maintain on atkins. am just so desperate to get rid of the extra weight. please help. :cry:
i have already had 2 slices of toast this morning. i feel that this holiday has had me totaly lost in food and now i cant stop.
i just want to be a skini mini and its not happening!
was thinking if i abandon all food maybe that will help.
i just dont know what to do! :cry:
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looks like lipotrim is out as i havnt got a chemist that does it!
am now looking in to exante. i am so desperate to get rid of this blubber! :cry:


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Hun dont give up. If you abandon food your body will go into starvation mode. I cant comment on lipotrim as i know nothing about it. Your holiday ended and so should your bad carbs. Start from lunch, back on programme and dont drink! This is seriously your downfall. If you can drink water and plenty of it and follow induction it will soon fall off. Be strong babe. xx
i am going to give atkins another go starting tomorrow. have no meat left in the house and car is fooked so cant get out till tomorrow.
just feel so down. had a great holiday and am now on a real downer. i hate feeling like this.
the weight took years to go on so i cant expect a miracle and have it come off over night. i will try again xxxxx


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Aww don't dispair!!! Cheer up :)! Just stay focussed, begin from where you are now - and now where you've been, I've done Lipotrim and it works, but its expensive and boring, you made the better choice in choosing Atkins again, keep your head up, we're all in this for the long run :) xxx


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I would imagine that 6lb gain was mostly water, once you get back on plan it will come off as quick as it got on!
agree with all the above

you CAN do it hun , we are all here for you ,i know its hard after a holiday , but tomorrow is another day , and don't beat yourself up for eating carbs , you are only human , i will be the same i bet once my holiday comes around

you will probs get atkins flu again , when your body dumps the carbs , don't forget plenty water to help the along , you'll soon be back xxxxx


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hey f&f! listen hun,im so tempted to go back on lipo just for 20lb but when i think of the crap i went thru with puttin the whole 3st plus more back on after it its just not worth it!
when i compare atkins to lipo they are both the complete opposite! with atkins u can eat! plus,i have a problem with food so if u had a problem with food or drink lipotrim defo wouldnt work in the long run cause u wud have to get some sort of counselling to help u with bad habits,if anything lipo made mine worse cause i binged all the time as if i was a starving dog!! if u like having ur few drinks do what i have been doing every weekend since starting atkins---vodka and 7up free! 0 carbs! the point im trying to make is ur better off sticking to a plan with food babe,unless u have excellent will power and disipline to keep off the weight after lipo. another thing is when u go to lipo forum on this u will c alot of the threads are based upon i ate this,i made a mistake, im so hungry etc! so chin up doll,u can do tis! take it 1 week at a time :) x
hey, you KNOW atkins can work and your not going to have to starve yourself to get there, STRICT induction, MEAT AND GREENS, no MIMS or made up foods like cheeseburger pie, no alcholol and enough water to drown a fish and it WILL come off,

its easy to be complacent on induction where there are so many lovely recipes around xxxx
thank you everyone. i am going to stick with atkins. have done an online shop and got all my meat and greens being delivered tomorrow :D
not going to touch booze for a while! :cry: even though the booze didnt stall me i need to lose weight more than i need a friday night drink!


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im tellin u vodka and 0 carb spritzers eg coke zero,7up free! they wont do any damage! i cant go one saturday without mine!! :) good woman! good luck 4 de next week!!!
make your own thread..post your menu's and exercises and wine (or no wine)

and let us nosey beggers be the judge, if your going off track we can pull you back in ASAP!!! xx
Hey come on love, you've been on holiday FFS. Stick with us and you'll win darling.
Hey your'e home!!!!!!!!!!
Sweetheart, if you had gone away and not gained then you would have had a pretty cr*p holiday! Head up, shoulders back and bash on, it will come back off and more!/ You know what to do because you've done it once before just minus the drink until you get back on track :8855:
Chin up, we're all here for ya FAF x x x


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Honey - sorry to hear you were so down. Just get back into the swing of things and stick with it :D xxx


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You'll be ok darling.... I know EXACTLY how you feel and was feeling the same last week. I was pretty much off the wagon but I've got my head together and I'm back on a strict induction as of today.

You CAN do this babe. Think postitively. xxx
ive started the day with an atkins day break bar. when the meat gets delivered later i shall have a fry up with greens. might even boil some broccoli and work on getting bigger boobs :8855:
Does broccoli give you bigger boobs? - I didn't know that she says runnning out of the door still in PJ's to buy broccoli :D

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