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Seriously Given Up :'(

Hey ladies, firstly sorry ive not been round lately, had a really crappy time!!

My son got really bad tonsilitus, he's had it for 2 weeks, ended up in hospital at one point on a drip as he couldnt eat or drink, just as he's on the mend ive got a huge water infection, i go away in 1 week and ive put on 2lb!!!

I honestly just feel like 'whats the point' I had such big hopes to get under 15 stone before i go away, now ive put on 2lb, i dont even want 2 go now, i know it sounds ridicilous but im just so dissapointed :cry:
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Hi Stef, What a shame that you have had such problems, does get you down I know especially with your forthcoming hols.

One good point is that your son has recovered well despite everything and no doubt with some meds from the doctor you will soon be fighting fit again..unlike many people who have their ailments that stay with them 24/7... as I well know..:D

I am sure that once you are feeling a bit better yourself you will be able to see things in a better light and enjoy your holiday as well.

Take care and all the very best to you ... :)
Hey, I just posted this on MFP.

Don't give up hun. Things have been against you recently and that has been completley out of your control. You need to concerntrate on getting better firstly, then enjoy your break away.
When you get back you can get straight back on it and easily get under the 15s for bonfire night or Christmas, whatever you choose.

You can do this, sometimes life just gets in the way xxx
Thanks ladies, I'm gonna try pick myself back up, i obviously dont want to put on more now, but just feel so gutted, i wouldnt of been as bothered if i wasnt going away in a week!! Thanks again xxx
Don't give up hun! We all have rough times. They're there to make us stronger and to strive more. Your break might help. Take time alone and think. Focus. Good Luck!
You can do this.... The important thing is your son is better :)

Now you can put yourself first.. O.K. It's a bummer that you haven't been able to get under 15stn for your hols but in the grand scheme of things it's not the end of the world..We've all been there (me for some time know!!) but jump back in to the saddle and onward and down wards towards Christmas :)

Enjoy your holiday.
Thanks ladies, feel much better today, Gonna forget the under 15 stone target i had and make a new one for christmas and focus on that :)

I'm just generally down going on holiday the weight i am but i guess my next holiday ill be slimmer :D


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