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Seriously pissed off...rant alert

Ok I need to rant, am currently off work with awful pain in my hip travelling down my leg, this I'd my 4th week off with it and I thought my oh kind of understood well how stupid was I!!! We have 2kids 1year old and 5 year old which I do everything 24/7 for. I had let the ironing build up and tonight got my oh to take the 4 BIG baskets down so I could iron. After about an hour and 1 basket I started feeling dizzy so I stopped and rang my aunt who going come morrow and iron for me. Our 1year old fell asleep on my knee and I couldn't get up to bring him to bed so oh did then I was getting up to make cup tea bit toast and take my tablets when my oh made the comment he said; history repeating itself while mocking me bent over, I asked him what he meant and he said your just like your ma ( my mum
Has extremely bad back to the point where If she hurts it again she be in wheelchair) then he went on to say you don't want to do anything and can get about alright when you want to!!!

I could of split him on the spot what a dick!! I never spoke just made my tea and took it to bed am just sooooo cross as I do everything with kids and round the house. When he slight bit sick you would think he was dying, really hate selfish people and that's what he is!!

Sorry think that my rant over still cross though
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Hope you feel bit better for getting all that off your chest. I know I do when I have a rant on here. It also means that I then have time to calm down before telling hubby what he's done which means I'm more likely to make sense.

I don't know what to suggest to make things better for you but I'm sure others will pop by soon with good advice.

Hope you feel better soon :)
Women have got many faults
Men have only 2
Everything they say and everything they do !!

(only joking all you menfolk out there but it might cheer a few of the ladies up )


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Go on strike !!! Do the bare minimum and then see if he thinks you do nothing.

Let's see how he feels if his clothes are not washed or ironed, if his meals are not on the table, if the house is not cleaned, if the shopping is not done, if *nice time* is withdrawn...............

If he was mine he would not survive for a day.
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STRIKE!! Only do for you and your kiddies, I have done this and my oh was soon eating humble pie when he ran out of clothes or had to go shopping for his own bits n bobs!
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Wow - I would be mad too. Tell him its about time he got off his arse and helped. How ridiculous that your aunt has to do the ironing - get him to do it!!
Thanks girls I have tried the doing nothing but it dosent take a fizz on him I hate the way he can't how much pain am in or dosent care . Still cross this morning!! I pay my aunt to do it as she dosent work and needs the money.


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poor you, clearly he has no understanding of your pain or your mums predicament.

hopefully you're seeing the doc about your pain and getting that sorted.

makes it even worse when you're already feeling low to have to put up with that kind of stuff.

hope things get better soon x
I'm afraid that most OH's are unsympathetic to back pain. I have suffered for years with facet joint syndrome, for which i've had 2 ops, and it wasn't until my OH got wry neck earlier this year & had to take the same heavy duty painkillers for a few days as i do on a regular basis that he began to understand how painful it can be.

It might be worth having a chat to him to explain how much pain you are in, and how his comments upset you. Often i find that its a case of thoughtlessness rather than an outright attempt to upset you.

Also, bear in mind that back pain can be mentally tough, and can lead to depression. If you have been off work for 4 weeks, and in almost constant pain, doped up on drugs, you may be feeling more sensitive than usual, and whilst it doesn't excuse what he said to you, its actually likely that he is being his normal self & you are reacting differently to it than usual. Nothing wrong with that, and completely understandable in the circumstances, but you do need to explain to him that he needs to be more sensitive. Men are generally fairly bad at seeing stuff that is obvious to women - their brains don't work the same way as ours.

Hope you feel better soon hun xx
Thanks girls my aunt came today and ironed for me and me my boys and oh went to a family fun day spent the whole day at it and had lovely day. Just when we were bout leave we noticed a reflexologist and my oh did go over and ask him bout sactica and if he could help me, I didn't want to get it done in middle of fun day so my oh paid him to come to our house and sort me out. He spent 2 hours in which I was in agony and he coming back cause said I was so messed up it would take a few sessions. So I suppose there is a heart in there after all.


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Women have got many faults
Men have only 2
Everything they say and everything they do !!

(only joking all you menfolk out there but it might cheer a few of the ladies up )
We have three! - you forgot everything we think;)

We're not all like that - only about 95% are:eek:


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ah thats nice then, reflexology is great, hopefully it'll help you out, pleased you had a fun day x


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Little tip I was told when I had recurrent Scitica, when standing don't place both feet flat on the floor, put a pile of phone directories and rest one for on them, if washing up then open the door and put your fott on the shelf.
If you've had this for four weeks , have you seen a physio? You need to do some stretching to release the nerve. But you need to do it safely!

Oh and pay your Aunt to do yours and the kids ironing and leave HIS to him, ditto the washing!

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